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  • Leapfrog platform available to only a few exclusive bingo sites
  • Access Big Top Casino via any mobile device
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About Big Top Casino

Opened in July 2015 this is another site to download from Daub, the team behind Lucky Pants Bingo and Bingo Extra, but on the Leapfrog platform available to only a few exclusive bingo sites.

Don’t let the download put you off, it’s as safe as houses, but if you only want to play slots you can play the instant version.

This is a nice looking site and is manned by a very friendly team of chat hosts. The bingo rooms are not very busy, but you will find a range of unique slots. There are also some fun promotions to encourage you to play.

In early 2018 this became just one of a handful of sites to retain a no deposit bonus for new players, plus to have a ‘no wagering requirement’ policy. However, winnings from bonus are paid as bonus and can never be withdrawn. The Bbs have to be saved up to convert to cash at a much lower level than face value.






Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Slots
  • Casino
  • Instants

Extra feature on some of the slot games is ‘Reel Bingo’. As you spin some of the reels will have yellow stars and they will fill a 15 position card. Where the star lands in the reels marks it off on the card. The prize depends on the stake chosen and you get 50 spins to fill the card. Became available to mobile players too in March 2018.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £20
  • Processing time: 3 days
  • Bingo wagering requirement: No wagering requirement
  • Slots wagering requirement: No wagering requirement

See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Bonus Bucks (BBs) are purely for play purposes only and cannot be withdrawn at any time.

On bingo BBs are used once you have played down your cash balance.

Only funded players can convert their BBs into real cash (withdrawable with no wagering restrictions applied) at a specified conversion rate provided on ‘Your Rewards’ page. BBs are not worth their face value – the conversion value differs with your loyalty level.

One withdrawal request in any 48 hour period and will forfeit any Bingo Bucks held. A withdrawal can be pending for up to 24 hours.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card may be requested.

Help and support

  • Live Help
  • Email: via on-site form on taskbar
  • Email:

Big Top Casino on mobile and tablet

You can access Big Top Casino via any mobile device on the relevant mobile browser.

The menu button at the top left of the screen has all the content on Big Top Casino available for you to access.

Overall Big Top Casino is very simple and basic, however, it runs great on the mobile browser, with super fast load times and with no crashing.

iOS App Store – There is presently no iOS app available for Big Top Casino.

Google Play – There is presently no app available from the Google Play.

Android – Presently Big Top Casino does not provide an alternative way of download an app to your android phone.

Reviews for Big Top Casino

Big Top Casino User Name: delboy636
User Rating:
Wednesday April 18th, 2018

There are no wagering requirements on this site or their other sites now (Jackpot Cafe, Jackpot Liner and Kingjackpot). You can now convert your BBs to cash, but there’s a catch. Here is that catch: 1. you have to have a minimum of 50BBs to convert to cash. 2. If you have 50BBs and want to convert to cash you will only get £1 in cash (not £50 cash), I personally think that is wrong because 1BB when playing bingo or slots with them is the equivelent as if you would play with £1 cash. In plain terms playing with BBs 1BB = £1, but to convert 50BBs = £1.

Loyalty Status: you have to keep depositing and playing to keep your loyalty status, I managed to get to Gold status once then the following month got moved back to Silver because I didnt deposit enough.
Withdrawals take 5 – 7 days to reach bank account, where some sites only take 2 – 3 days.
Free Bingo: Its always the same winners, the same winners that are Platinum or VIP members that put thousands on each week.
My overall score is 2/10.

Big Top Casino User Name: Willsowls
User Rating:
Saturday June 3rd, 2017

The site looked good, but play without the bonus. As the offer on bonus for wagers are too high. Thinking when i place my third deposit I claim 20p. A bad move as when I was £50 up that 20p I would have wager £92.00 or play bingo for £30.00 on bingo.
I spoke to customer service, but while they could see my point but could not help. The slots pay out poor returns. As I never did reach my goal to get my money back. 20p for the sake of £50. Best avoid this site.

Big Top Casino User Name: gazza64
User Rating:
Sunday April 16th, 2017

Avoid. Players paying money deserve to know that there winners are so called randomly chosen. One player won 3 times out of 5 in there monthly mega bingo,and there are 150 players on there board playing. Also same players over and over win in there mega games which tells me the odds dont match up,and the so called randomly picked winners of there games are favoured and and not so randomly chosen,more like just chosen.
If you question or say anything they ban you from chat. Loyal players are badly treated ask any of them if you decide to join. I have been with them a long while and have seen how these sites work, plus pots on bingo are about £2 most of the time.
There are plenty of good fair sites about and i would stick with playing them as i do now.

Big Top Casino User Name: decydooxxx
User Rating:
Saturday January 21st, 2017

Why give 30bbs for bingo when you cant play it on tablet or mobiles

Big Top Casino User Name: BigTop
User Rating:
Friday January 27th, 2017

Dear Decydoo,
Thank you for your comment.

At the moment, the bingo games are not available on the mobile version. However, rest assured that our Software Developers are working intensively to have bingo available on the mobile devices very soon.

Nevertheless, if you have a PC or Laptop, you will be able to play your BBs as the bingo games are available on the Download version.

However, if you do not have access to a PC or Laptop, please do contact our friendly Customer Service Team, who will be more than pleased to give you an alternative offer.

Big Top Casino User Name: wizard210380
User Rating:
Sunday January 15th, 2017

the site is really really bad. no respect for players at all and when they find out we’ve been on here looking we get banned from chat. they don’t let people talk at all they delete everything they don’t want up there witch is most comments from all the players not just me, but they block people straight away so they cant speak at all on chat so they can hide whats going on on the site. i’m not joking the same people win every game all day long no matter how many players there are in a game or how many tickets were bought in a game. should be closed down or look into it is the exactly same for jackpotcafe and kingjackpot and jackpotliner. there sister sites and all linked together through mega bingo and jackpots. the players just get treated really bad by the cms and by the management acting like big brother in the back ground.
there is no money to be won on these sites as they keep putting on more and more updates on update after update and giving the players less and less on every update but still with the same winners lol. i would advise people to stay off them and go on some other site. its a complete joke how they run these sites and someone with authority should look into these sites. been a member for three years everyday on all four sites was brilliant first two years but the last eight months to a year its been a nightmare to try and play they took all the money away and cut the site by three quarters and theres no respect for the players and they still expect players to bet the same amount of money for less money.

Big Top Casino User Name: BigTop
User Rating:
Wednesday January 18th, 2017

Dear Wizard210380,

We are really sorry to take note of your disappointment. Above all things, we really value our customers and have a lot of respect for them. While we can appreciate your opinion and views, we ought to maintain a nice and fun atmosphere in the chat rooms, thus why we do not encourage particular debates or comments on the chat board. On the other hand, any feedback and suggestions you may have can be sent via email to our support team who will then escalate same to the relevant departments.

A ban of your chat can be explained by the CMs. As per our records, we note that conversations you started took a disruptive turn and hence why your chat privilege was suspended. Whilst one person may share an opinion, debating of same on a common bingo chat board may not be the most appropriate for players seeking for relaxed type of conversations while being able to follow the chat games. The duty of the CM is to maintain that atmosphere of harmony at all times.

The next point, you evoked; “same people win every time”

The theoretical return ratio, is not on an individual basis but rather on the total customers contributing at the time of the game.

We also understand that, one typically takes into account the amount wagered and time spent on the games, however, your bet frequency & amount is not in direct proportion to the odds of triggering wins as you could trigger a big win on your 1st stake due to the random nature.

From where we are, on a daily basis, we see both sides of the coin; extremely happy customers as well as the unlucky ones. As much as we would have liked each customer to have their desired outcome on a game, the nature of the games do not allow for this.

Many enjoy satisfactory wins and manage to successfully bank while others may not be on the same winning streak. We trust you can testify of same. This is the risk of playing. We, on our side, cannot promise a win but can certainly enhance your experience through the entertainment we provide you in the rooms, through our reward schemes and promotional offers.

And as being a Regulated company, the site faces regular audits to ensure that we promote fairness. The company being in business for such a long time is an undeniable proof of the satisfaction of the Regulators, without which we would not be doing what we are doing.

As regards to our updates, they are geared towards the enhancement of our systems and/ or forms part of promotional reviews. It is our aim to provide you with a variety of creative games and gifts throughout the year. Here again, should you have suggestions and feedback, please make them known to the support team for they are most welcomed.

Should you wish to discuss the reason of your ban and your concerns, we invite you to send an email to

Big Top Casino User Name: Janetteperu
User Rating:
Tuesday November 17th, 2015

Not a good casino, they allow self excluded members to deposit ! Do not play there.

Big Top Casino User Name: Janetteperu
User Rating:
Thursday November 12th, 2015

I am waiting for my deposits to go back to my account as Big Top casino let me open an account with same name, same addres, same date of birth as I use in their sister casino. I have requests to gave me my deposits back – awaiting an answer.

Big Top Casino User Name: delboy636
User Rating:
Wednesday April 18th, 2018

You can have an account with their sister sites with the same details.

Heather Marsham
Big Top Casino User Name: Heather Marsham
User Rating:
Tuesday December 1st, 2015

Why would you expect them to give you your deposits back? Did you self-exclude from all four of their sites?

Big Top Casino User Name: wizard210380
User Rating:
Monday February 6th, 2017

i tried that after they closed my accounts by forcing me to do it with all the bans they kept giving to me on a daily basis after i wrote a review on here they closed all my new and old accounts and kept the money from both accounts even tho my old accounts were deleted they have forced me of the site for having a opinion and writing a review after writing a review i was banned immediately the next morning they closed them all down with in a few days with no real answer why they did it

Big Top Casino User Name: missysmith93
User Rating:
Tuesday September 8th, 2015

Big Top Casino is a really good site. I won straight away, but I don’t understand why you have to show proof of ID – you never used to, but apart from that thumbs up all the way this is a really good site and I will recommend to others thanks.

Heather Marsham
Big Top Casino User Name: Heather Marsham
User Rating:
Thursday September 10th, 2015

Not sure why you say you never used to have to provide proof of ID. ID verification has always been required on all sites in this group. I’ve been a member of all of them and had to send ID in every time.

Heather Marsham
Big Top Casino User Name: Heather Marsham
User Rating:
Monday September 7th, 2015

I closed my account with Big Top Casino just a couple of days ago I joined when it opened in July, but it’s quickly gone downhill. The prize pots have dropped from five pounds to two pounds, when it is still five on the three sister sites and the prize doesn’t increase later in the day as it does on the others, but the ticket prices are still the same.

The big prizes are 50.00 and 100.00 on the sister sites, but only 25.00 and 50.00 on Big Top and again, the ticket prices are the same.

I had an issue with the 2nd shot bingo promo whereby if you are among the players who have the least amount of wins you might be invited into the 2nd shot room on Sundays. When I pointed out that there were players in 2nd shot, week after week, who had had the highest proportion of wins the representative refused to admit anything was wrong with it. Mysteriously, when I tried to send another complaint email, their email inbox refused to accept it.

So yes, play there by all means and while you are still considered to be a newbie you’ll probably have loads of wins, but it doesn’t last, be warned.

Big Top Casino User Name: wizard210380
User Rating:
Sunday January 15th, 2017

your right the money has dropped massively in the last year and you dont win enough to keep playing anymore on what your spending to play so no point playing. prizes are a joke now as well been cut aby three quarters of the money yet the same amount to pay for them to be in it.

Big Top Casino User Name: BigTop
User Rating:
Monday January 23rd, 2017

Dear Wizard210380,
We understand that you may not be very happy with the site. It is however a fact that bet frequency & amount is not in direct proportion to the odds of triggering wins as it is possible to trigger a big win on your 1st stake due to the random nature.

Our platforms are subject to regular audits in view of ensuring fairness across our sites.

We reiterate that all updates that occur are extensively worked on, aiming at enhancing our systems and our promotions.

Our Support Team operates 24/7 and shall be glad to answer your questions and address your grievances accordingly. You will find the site’s contact details at

Big Top Casino User Name: Bee2121
User Rating:
Monday August 31st, 2015

I tried out big top casino this week. I Have to say the games are great to play. The download to play was easy and the games are fun to play. The slots pay very well and I won 336.00 after depositing 60.00. As I didn’t chose a bonus when I signed up I was able to withdraw my winnings without a wagering requirement. When I used live chat to answer some questions I had, the live chat host was extremely helpful and friendly. I have played a lot of online bingo/slot sites and I have to say big top casino ticked every box for me. Well worth a visit.

Big Top Casino User Name: rachdanika
User Rating:
Thursday August 27th, 2015

A new site to download from Daub , but on the Leapfrog platform available to only a few exclusive bingo sites.

A 20.00 free no deposit bonus is available that can be played on bingo or slot games. Last but not least I love this game, I love it

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