WhichBingo Compliance Statement & Policies

Updated November 29, 2023

As the UK’s leading online bingo affiliate, WhichBingo would like to remind and reassure all our visitors and affiliate partners that we take compliance with ASA and UK Gambling Commission regulations very seriously.

This page outlines our commitment to to all applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice and guidelines, including but not limited to:

In order to maintain our commitment to the above guidance, WhichBingo observes the following policies in regards to the promotion of offers.

Significant Terms & Conditions

We actively work to ensure that any offers or promotions available on the WhichBingo website are not misleading in any way, either purposefully or by omission of material information (i.e. significant terms & conditions).

Examples of significant terms include:

  • Eligibility restrictions
  • Deposit requirements
  • Wagering requirements
  • Restricted odds / games
  • Withdrawal limits

By default, each offer or promotion featured on the WhichBingo website has the following disclaimer present: “New Customer Offer. T&C’s Apply. 18+. Please Gamble Responsibly.”

When provided by our affiliate partners, we change this default disclaimer to the specific terms and conditions for each offer, including a direct link. These controls ensure that WhichBingo can always maintain the regulatory requirement that all significant terms are at least one click away for the user.

Email Campaigns

WhichBingo maintains a database of member emails that are double-opt in, which means each member has first had to sign-up and select that they wish to receive promotional offers, and secondly validated their email address before we send them anything at all.

Whenever we send an email promotion, we always:

  • Ensure ‘WhichBingo’ appears in the “From” field, so the recipient knows the offer comes from us, and not the operator(s) being featured.
  • Ensure our logo appears at the top of the email, further ensuring the recipient knows the email came from us, and not the operator(s) being featured.
  • Include an ‘Unsubscribe’ link which is activated with a single click.
  • Include a message that explains to the recipient why they’re receiving the mailer and a reminder of where they opted-in.

Banner Creative

WhichBingo do NOT run any traditional banners on the website, therefore operators need not worry about banner creative going out of date as we simply don’t use any.

The majority of images found on WhichBingo are logos and do not contain any references to specific offers.

Social Media Promotions

WhichBingo do NOT conduct any paid advertising on social media on behalf of any operators. Therefore operators need not worry about any compliance issues in this area of concern.

Push Notifications

WhichBingo do occasionally send web push notifications to players who have opted-in via their desktop or android browsers.

Any push notifications we do send will include the small ‘WB’ version of our logo and our URL to ensure it is 100% clear that the notification was sent by us and not any operator mentioned within the content.

Any push notifications sent on behalf of a specific operator will need final approval from the operator before anything is sent out. Due to the limited space of a push notification, it is essential that the landing page contains the full terms and conditions of any offer being promoted or we will not use it.

Video Promotions

WhichBingo produces regular video content that is published both on the WhichBingo website and YouTube channel. Many videos are reviews of specific websites, and as part of those reviews we may include information about offers and promotions.

Where this is the case, WhichBingo makes every effort to mention the significant terms and conditions, and also actively reminds viewers to check the full terms and conditions.

From October 2017, all our videos will be produced without mentioning specific offers in order to ensure they are fully compliant and future proofed. We will also be going back and re-editing older videos to remove any mentions of offers that may have expired.

In addition, all our video guides uploaded to our YouTube channel are restricted to over 18’s only.

Other Types of Promotion

WhichBingo do NOT engage in any of the following kinds of promotions or marketing channels:

  • SMS marketing
  • Pop unders
  • Media buying (other than advertising WhichBingo itself)
  • Buying ads via a programmatic ad-exchange
  • Challenge / tipping style pages

Responsible Gambling

WhichBingo has been a long time advocate for Responsible Gambling. In recent years we have partnered with organisations such as GamCare and the IGRG to promote our ‘Most Socially Responsible Operator’ category at the WhichBingo Awards.

We have links to GamCare BeGambleAware.org on the footer of every page, as well as a dedicated Responsible Gambling page.

We are also helping to promote Responsible Gambling Week (1st – 7th November 2021).