Bongo’s Bingo  offers a unique and immersive bingo experience that combines raves, audience participation, dancing and wild partying.
Episode 01
Dabbing Out Bongo's Bingo
Bongo’s Bingo is the definitive alternative bingo experience.
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Play Dabbing Out – Episode 1
In the very first episode of WhichBingo’s Dabbing Out, Charlie Shakespeare visits Bongo’s Bingo at The Steel Yard in London Bridge to start the series with a Bongo’s-style bang!

Bongo’s Bingo was founded in 2015 when Jonny Lacey, otherwise known as Jonny Bongo, and his friend Joshua Burke decided to take on a new challenge: to breathe new life into traditional bingo and transform the UK’s nightlife. Since that first event in Liverpool in 2015, Bongo’s Bingo has brought the perfect mixture of playing and partying to every corner of the globe, with bingo events taking place in nearly 50 locations; everywhere from Dubai to Ibiza, and from Amsterdam to Australia.

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