The Dreamboys take care of you as you enjoy free-flowing booze, mouth-watering food, drag queen sing-alongs and some incredible prizes.
Episode 04
Dabbing out episode 4 dreamboys
Dreamballs Bingo features The Dreamboys on a bingo brunch.
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It’s gettin’ hot in here with the steamy fourth episode of WhichBingo’s Dabbing Out. Charlie Shakespeare visits PowerHaus in Camden Lock for The Dreamboys’ new daytime event, Dreamballs.

Charlie chats to Jordan about the show before being taught a signature Dreamboys dance move.

Dreamballs is the latest unmissable offering from the Dreamboys. It’s an exclusive Dreamboys daytime event with a brunch and bingo game! At Dreamballs, they know how to make sure everyone is having a ball as it were (oo-err madam), and Britain’s favourite game has been supersized in more ways than one. Bingo like never before with gigantic prizes, competitions, classic tunes, and an afternoon of indulgence.

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