Hijingo is a multi-sensory bingo experience, combining live entertainment with stadium-grade lighting, ground-breaking sonic effects and mind-blowing motion graphics.
Episode 08
Hijingo Dabbing Out
Hijingo is the first and only permanent, immersive bingo experience in the UK.
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In the previous two episodes of Dabbing Out,

Charlie explored ‘traditional bingo’ in the capital.

Now, going back to finding new forms of bingo that are anything but traditional,

he visits the most futuristic bingo event of them all, Hijingo.

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In Episode 8, Charlie meets the creator of Hijingo, James Gordon, before entering their truly unique Bingo Hall at their permanent home in Shoreditch.

The first and only permanent, immersive bingo experience in the UK, Hijingo is the future of bingo, complete with bright lights, great music and theatre-like drama.

Founded by Adam Breeden of Social Entertainment Ventures and James Gordon of Rebel Bingo as the best social concept bingo in the country, Hijingo promises to have players’ adrenaline pumping as they become immersed in a high-stakes game of bingo that is out of this world.

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