Blingo Hip Hop Bingo offers a mashup of bingo, bangin’ hip hop/RnB beats, lip sync battles, dance off’s and more.
Episode 09
Blingo Hip Hop Bingo
Blingo Hip Hop Bingo features Grandma Flash and the Blingo crew.
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It’s Charlie Shakespeare’s final bingo night of the series, and they don’t come more ‘2023’ than at Blingo!

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Charlie meets Grandma Flash and the Blingo crew at Infernos on Clapham High Street, before enjoy the show with some friends.

Join Grandma Flash and the Blingo crew for a hilarious night of bingo, beats and bling.

Expect lip sync battles, dance offs, more bling than you can throw a zimmer frame at and an out-of-your-seat bingo experience driven by an all killer, no filler Hip Hop, RnB soundtrack.

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