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Strictly Come Dancing Semi Finals

Strictly Come Dancing Week 10 Review

How Has It Gone So Fast?

Guys! Blackpool has come and gone. We only have one more themed week left and then it’s the SEMIFINAL!

It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since the launch show. I was sat Sunday night thinking of all the other celebrities we’ve seen and who, one by one, have been knocked out of the competition. But let’s not dwell on that. There’s still four more glorious weeks of Strictly magic to enjoy.

Always a Tough One

Blackpool is ALWAYS a tough week to follow. There’s so much hype and build up around it. Everyone brings their A-Game to Blackpool. Whenever I danced at Blackpool throughout my competitive years, it always took a while to get over. In theatre we call it the post-show blues and it’s hard to get the same fight and enthusiasm back straight away…and yet I think they did!

Kym Marsh Absence

Obviously our Kym was missing as she has COVID. The rules are she can miss one week but not two. Such a shame as she had Couple’s Choice this week which is always a good one for the celebs. More free and more fun. But I’m sending her the best wishes and can’t wait to see her back next week.

My Tango Star

The one who brought it back stronger than ever was Molly. I LOVED this dance. After being in the dance-off once again last week, she came back fighting and was brilliant. Nearly the whole dance in frame. Very much my type of dance. She was sharp, passionate and had beautiful footwork on some very difficult steps. I’m so impressed and hope she can keep it up!

Charleston or Quickstep?

A little mention to Will here, who came out with a smashing Charleston. The music and style was not your traditional Charleston at all. It was so fast, so hats off to him not only for doing a fantastic job, but for having to practise that for a week! His stamina must be incredible!

Did The Right Person Go?

Again, I was shocked with Fleur being in the dance off. For a non-dancer the Rumba is one of the harder dances, if not THE hardest dance. I thought she really pulled it off.

Ellie T has been an absolute star in this series. She has been Miss Personality and one of the most improved celebrities. I have LOVED watching her journey and her partnership with Johannes is one of my favourites. However, it was her time to go unfortunately…even though I’m very sad about it.

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