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4.4 stars
4.4 stars
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Fabulous Bingo
Fabulous Bingo
Fabulous Bingo

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    About Fabulous Bingo

    Fabulous Bingo is the sister site of Sun Bingo and based on the fashion magazine of the Sun on Sunday newspaper. While still quite heavily influenced by the fashion capitals of the world, the site got a makeover in June 2015 when it became much more gender neutral to make it equally appealing to men and women - previously it was heavily skewed towards the female of the species.

    The site labels itself 'The Fashion Capital of Bingo' and it does have some good quality games, but the rooms can be lacking in players unless linked.

    The speed of withdrawal is excellent.

    New player offer

    All new players with Fabulous Bingo will enjoy a 200% welcome bonus - deposit £10, play with £30.*

    Deposit anything up to £50 to get the full benefit of this bonus package.

    *New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.


    Fabulous Bingo regularly gives away shopping vouchers, spa breaks and holidays. To take part often all that is required is a £10 bingo spend or £30 slots spend.

    Play the Guilty Pleasures daily free game to win bonus, cash and free slot spins.

    Regular BOGOF deals and Superlink games with great jackpots.

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    57 players have reviewed this site

    1. sillyme67 sillyme67 says:
      I think it is very unfair how much negative reviews Fabulous Bingo gets. I personally think it is a good site with plenty to offer. There are 4 free bingo games everyday with full house either 30 or 50 pounds. There is 4 free link bingo Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm till 1pm. There are free daily spins to win money. Points to be earned. Bingo tickets start from 1p. There is a Session bingo 4 times a day. There are Slots, Scratchcards, Roulette and Blackjack. Superlink bingo every 30 minutes. Plenty of chat games and quizzes in the New York room. Good Promotions to win vouchers eg. Spa Pamper weekends, Shopping Vouchers.
      The hosts are exceptional and deserve a lot of credit. They make everyone feel very welcome and make the chat very entertaining. The members are friendly and very witty, you get a good laugh with their conversations. A great community feel to this site. Like any kind of gambling If you set a sensible limit of what you can afford to lose and accept that a win is a bonus then losing doesn't feel as bad. So give Fabulous bingo a chance.
      • WhichBingo Anita WhichBingo Anita Site Administrator says:
        Sillyme67 is the winner of a WhichBingo mug! Well done Sillyme!
    2. funnybuuny1 funnybuuny1 says:
      Omg, bad site. I joined a couple months ago, have put a fair amount on rather not say - have i won? no not at all. The hosts are ok, but the wins are very poor. Yes there are a limited few that say they put 10 on an win 100s, yet like me who put 100s on cant get more than a 20 win an then it takes it back. Then when we moan were asked if were comfortable with what were spending, so they turn it around.Its not the point, the point is why with what i put on have i not won. Not even won a 25% of my deposits. I
      I know this has not played right an also know my rights an where to take this further too. That's what consumer rights is for.
      Don't go on this site if you don't like your money. Host said to me dont chase my losses - sorry but i think am entitled to a explanation of how i can spend nearly £650 an get no good win at all. Stir clear its up to you but like i said all that money an not even a 25% return you decided all best..funnybunny1
      • sweetpea sweetpea says:
        Totally agree - really disapointed still looking for fair site with mostly good reviews .
    3. mesonya mesonya says:
      I been a member for quite a long time now and besides winning a little bit at the start never won since. They send you a bonus when you haven't been on for a while - that's just to get you back on site as you will not get any good wins with that.
      As others say stay away. Yes i do think these sites need looking in too. keep your hard earned money, or just flush it down your toilet because that is what it will do take care, an don't bother, As for the sites being the same, they are very much so..
      • sweetpea sweetpea says:
        Been on Fabulous Bingo recently, mostly no wins and could not believe how many unhappy members. The site has completely changed.
        Shame, was a nice site. Does anyone answer these reviews? Beginning to think there is not one online bingo site that is any good.
        • WhichBingo Anita WhichBingo Anita Site Administrator says:
          Hi sweetpea. We love that we can give bingo players a voice about each bingo site they play at, but unfortunately we cannot force the brands to come back and make a reply. Some do and some don't.
          But don't despair there really are dozens of good bingo sites to play at - keep looking and when you find a new favourite be sure to come back and tell us.
          • sweetpea sweetpea says:
            Thank you Anita for your reply. would love to find a good bingo site, but cant afford to keep putting money on till i find one. Some people recommend, but when i read reviews mostly bad, but thankyou again for your reply xxx
    4. lyns lyns says:
      Well how bad is this site. Put 100s on an got nothing. They told me what i wagered an what it says i won ...what lies i have never won the amount they say i have. Its the most shocking site ever ,,, you win pennys.
      Customer support are ok, but just fob you off saying you won this amount since joined - lost loads. Do your self favor stay well away from this, an heart bingo an jackpot joy. There real bad, but fabulous bingo is the worst. am so disgusted.
      • ubbingob. ubbingob. says:
        It is getting worse, the slots are awful ,its not just bad luck, it is just not right, ive lost thousands. Yes, my choice, but there payout rates are just not right. Im done with the site.
        Been a loyal member since it opened, but Fabulous Bingo just do not reward loyalty. New members stay away, find a fairer site where they will reward loyalty. They cannot even be bothered to reply to decent players reviews on here, who have lost a lot of hard earned money.
    5. ubbingob. ubbingob. says:
      well,what can i say about Fabulous Bingo. There's only been one slight improvement recently and thats sometimes a chat host will pop in the slot room, but they never really stay long and rush off to bingo.

      What makes me laugh is that sometimes when theres only 16 players in bingo, there could be 3 chat hosts in there, but when theres 70 plus people in slots room and no host at all. Does not make sense as most of gamesys sites now always have a host in slots.

      Also ive noticed in last 3 months Fabulous seem to of stopped or cut down there loyalty bonuses. Just so rare now. No matter how much you deposit, just dont get them no more.

      The slots are getting a lot worse. Payouts are just awful. I dont play bingo here no more as the prizes are just awful ,apart from links with the other gamesys sites, so,now im going to go back to my old bingo site, another more popular and bigger gamesys site.

      ,p>One last thing, the daily free game, Guilty Pleasures is one hundred percent the worst ever. If you get free spins, they just do not pay. Sorry Fabulous, but after 3 years, now had enough..good luck to all...be lucky.r.i.p fabulous.
    6. fluke1 fluke1 says:
      Been a member of Fabulous Bingo since day opened - closed my account yesterday. All bad reviews here are so true and they have lost many a good customer. Slots never give a win more than your stake and wins few and far between. No hosts. Yesterday lunch time there was 23 players in total playing slots - that not tell them something. Just a money eating site to support Sun Bingo site. stay away.
    7. lucyloo lucyloo says:
      Been on Fabulous Bingo a few times and I have to agree with some of the comments. Not very good payouts and do see same winners. Although I have won twice I had to deposit a bit, but still in the red. Other players are ok, but not very welcoming to newbies. Cmon Fabulous, this could be a truly fab site if you sort a few things out.

      Having read other reviews I have to agree the payouts are still poor . I only joined recently but don't know if I will stay with it. Have been on other sites which are much friendlier to newbies and payouts are far better. Fabulous could still do so much better if it wants to compete with the others. It does look like the site has slightly improved in some areas since the first reviews were posted, hope it continues then it could be an ok site.

      • ubbingob. ubbingob. says:
        It is true..new members are not made welcome at all....the hosts there do have fave members who always win cash prizes..and the regulars just take over the site..completely ignoring newbies..and ive also seen lot of bullying. The prizes for bingo are awful now..its just not worth playing for. I've now joined Virgin Games, so much more helpful and friendlier, newbies are always welcome and the hosts know what they are doing.
      Fabulous Bingo could be a good site, but with it being sister to Sun Bingo it just seems the same with same winners all the time. Session is disgusting, again same winners and same ones picked for chat games. Hosts either seem to have there favourites or they are being told who to select. If Fab and Sun treat hosts the same as real players then I am surprised there has not been a whistle blower, that would be very interesting. Wake up Fabulouse before you lose a lot more players.
    9. honestmaid honestmaid says:
      Been a member of Fabulous Bingo for a while, but feel it is a total waste of money - the payouts are very poor. I put £10 on slot won 80p and this is a regular sort of payout. Don't waste your money. Will be closing account and not bothering again.
      • del4u del4u says:
        Fabulous Bingo is awful for payouts. Its almost as if there payout percentage is different and a lot lower than other sites. Not wasting my money no more on there, especially to be ignored by the host. Myself, 7 friends i originally recommended, family and my partner have all closed our accounts with them. Awful site!!
    10. xkxy777 xkxy777 says:
      Really quite sad to see some of these reviews and all thumbs down. Maybe a bad patch and some still with bad luck. I give Fabulous praise for all they do for me and every 1 else on site. Getting lucky is not all Fabulous has to offer. Great hospitality, better payouts than seen anywhere else and very good promotions compared to any other bingo site I have come across, so unlucky for you losers and hope your luck finds you wherever you may roam. Fabulous is simply a great site as far as I'm concerned and it's got lots of happy customers even just for the fun of playing - after all it's what bingo is about and winning is just a bonus. Great community. Keep up the good work Fabulous.
      • del4u del4u says:
        I'm sorry to say but the negative reviews are right! When you first join fabulous, newbies are not at all welcome. When you speak or ask a host something, you get ignored. Theres no community feel at all. It really is a site for you regulars, as they do take over the room and sometimes dictate to the hosts. Its a shame, as newbies have to start somewhere and its not nice to be ignored, if you need to ask something. Also,compared to other Gamesys sites, bingo prize money is awful Really is a site to stay away from and just let the regulars run it. In the end Fabulous will lose out, as new potential players will just stay away and word of mouth will get round that the regulars just don't want newbies there. Shame.
    11. toddsmum toddsmum says:
      Sadly I have to join the negative views on here. It's a great little site, good selection of games and I love their Sun game. But the payouts in both the slots and bingo are terrible. This may be because there are very few players left here. Don't waste your money as it's just a money eating site which is a shame because the games are great and the people in chat, few as they are, are really nice and their withdrawals are processed really quickly. Please improve Fabulous bingo, I'd love to come back.
    12. hypnotico87 hypnotico87 says:
      I'm shocked by the site and its payout! Supposed to be a sister site of Jackpotjoy and Sunbingo! The payout (minus the link games) is poor. I bought 8 bingo session games for £5 a pop and I was shocked to see the same 4-5 people winning everything, yet they was always over 70-100 players in these sessions! The pots are poor and the slots are just as bad! I never really care about winning or losing, at the end of the day its a game of chance! But for a site their payouts are way too low. Not many rooms and constant same winners. It's not worth the money. Made a 20 pound deposit and played it off. Won about £8, but spent about 70-80 in the process! Gonna close my account I think.
    13. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx says:
      Since joining this site i deposit daily, play sessions, sit there all day to see same names winning in fact out of my last 60.00+ worth of deposits my biggest wins been a whole...... 2.00. Session bingo same names every day and same people get supposedly randomed to play the chat game.You can't comment on your bad luck because you get groups on the defensive.Its meant to be luck but no ones luck can be this bad just on one single site? Back to a site I can trust I think.
    14. After joining via this site i thought what a great joining offer £5 free to try and i was very impressed...so i referred my mum. She joined, but did not receive £5 and after a long chat on live help it turns out if a friend refers you you are not entitled to £5 free...so please don't refer people because they lose out on this offer.
    15. Everyone is friendly at Fabulous Bingo :) the CHat hosts and roomies..Lots of fun and games the only downer is every time I've been on it's been really quiet so the house was only like a tenner and when you're paying three pound a game sometimes it isn't worth it. Much love for the people on this site tho xxx
    16. heidij1906 heidij1906 says:
      It's a good site. I've enjoyed playing on Fabulous Bingo too.
    17. Fabulous Bingo is impressive, maybe I think that because i always win.
    18. broadisty broadisty says:
      This is not a site for bingo players. Only playing for a pound in main room for most of the day. Regular bonus games, but same winners win so many of these that their free tickets constantly play out for up to an hour at a time. Regular quizzes but also same winners, don't expect to win one. These players play and do this all day everyday. Site often crashes. Impossible to just play bingo. Would be better if guaranteed money and that the bonus games were for fun.
      • lisarandell1 lisarandell1 says:
        Be careful! Tried to deposit in the past wouldn't let me payment servers were down for 2 days! Everything across this site is min spend which means min win. I went on a few slots with their deposit bonuses, deposited £40 got £105 to play with, got my balance up to £400 to play, I had to stick with the max bet of 25p a line equaling out at max £20 a spin. By the time I had met the sites wagering system might as well not bothered. If I want to blow my winnings on 2 spins etc, should be able too. Found the wagering requirements a bit rubbish to the max amount we can bet, means you are spending money on their site for minimum payouts all the while.
    19. nikkisnakks nikkisnakks says:
      I've been with Fabulous Bingo almost since its launch. I used to play on several other bingo sites (Tombola mostly), but I didn't like the chat or ever really feel that the site cared much about its customers. Fabulous Bingo is the friendliest site with great players and hosts, plenty of chat games and lots of promotions. I won a trip to NY last year in a prize draw and got invited to their 5* awards night in Kensington too. They treat their players so well that I'll never play another bingo site.
      • joshrosh joshrosh says:
        I'll have to try this 'Fabulous Bingo' sounds good. I joined Tombola Bingo after seeing the TV adverts, not realising there are so many other good bingo sites around thanks to this site. Agree with the comments about Tombola - I'm still a member on it and they have a new game, lucky7' or something. Not bad in all fairness, but you'd have to have been a Beatles fan in the 60's to fit in with some of the very old regulars who chat on it every day like some old folks club! Paddy Power Bingo actually show you the winners ticket on screen which I think is a great way of showing honesty and integrity to the other players of each game,well thought out.
    20. xxdave666xx xxdave666xx says:
      I like it at Fabulous Bingo - everyone's friendly including the fab chat hosts. I love the slots on this site, the site is easy to use and no trouble depositing/withdrawing. The one downside is new players coming on, not winning straight away and then the swearing and calling it a cheating site, this seems to happen more than any site I've ever used. I've lost more than I've won - it's gambling, but that doesn't mean there's cheating going on. Give fab a go and make up your own mind, just say you're new and a warm welcome will come.
    21. BingoMan BingoMan says:
      Fabulous Bingo seems to be a nice bingo site with potential, they just need to improve a couple things.
    22. rabbbs rabbbs says:
      Fabulous Bingo is a very friendly site. Host's always helpful, welcoming and friendly. A good bingo site to get around with a good range of slots.
    23. mazzymoo75 mazzymoo75 says:
      I think this site is shocking and I'm closing my account. Glad i was only with ~Fabulous a few month as I'm completely shocked this is the Sun bingos sister site, as i don't mind that one. Can't say i've won much though, it's making me reconsider playing online. Too many bingo sites have now opened and very little payout 4 the number off players.
    24. Bingocritic Bingocritic says:
      Fabulous Bingo is another site owned by the company who runs the Sun's bingo site, and to be honest I feel the site is a complete rip off. Yes, it attracts you with amazing offers etc and then you win very little. A few pence if that I deposited between 100 and 200 pounds and won £5.00.
    25. Fabulous Bingo is not a good site for winning on. Spent loads and most i won was £2.00. Won't be back. No hosts in slots and a lot of people choose to ignore new people who ask questions.
    26. i won 310 pound from a free 5 pound bonus
    27. Loopi Loopi says:
      I have been a member of Fabulous Bingo for a while now and have to say I am very disappointed in their service. They had a promo night going on and I won a YSL gift set - the host even had a private chat with me to say I would be contacted to arrange it to be delivered. After sending many emails to them, they have now told me I never won in the first place ....... Won't be depositing or playing there again......what a con!!!!!!!!!!!
    28. vixon vixon says:
      Oh dear, another Gamseys site. Same old names winning day and night, same little annoying group of people. If you could take bets on who would win in the session games, I would be minted by now. One host named Mike was not very pleasant either. Giselle seemed ok though. Not sure if Cloudybay was a host or a player, a host called another host Cloudybay and then corrected himself.
      • Ms Bingo Ms Bingo says:
        how do you get on the frequent winner list ?, I've never won so much as a line.
    29. Fabulous bingo is fairly new for me, but so far I'm really enjoying it. I love their Fabulously Free room, the chocolate fountain is such a novel concept, it's a great idea...I'm looking forward to making my next deposit there as soon as possible.
      • Ms Bingo Ms Bingo says:
        It's not free, you have to pay.
    30. Mr_Kris Mr_Kris says:
      I am sorry to say that I have to agree with Jules regarding the clicky people and the moaners who moan about moaners.

      If anybody mentions anything about not winning or mentions anything about the same winning names, they are frowned upon and called names by members of this group.

      To be fair to Fabulous Bingo though, the site is ok, I have won a few times here, but nothing spectacular. The site is very similar to the Sun Bingo. They have a good range of slot machines, but not so many bingo rooms yet. Most of the bingo rooms are linked to either Sun Bingo or Jackpot Joy so you do see a lot of network winners winning.

      I used to enjoy playing the session bingo until recently. I had a few wins and the people and hosts were lovely. But since this new group of players seem to have somehow taken over, it is no joy any longer. It is very hard (well almost impossible) to join in a conversation, the only time I was spoken to was when I tried to defend another player who dared to mention the "same winners" word. The host did apologise to me though - I just felt uneasy here so I have closed my account for a month and will have to see if the situation has improved.

      I will update my comment in 6 weeks time, and hopefully it will be a more positive one!!
    31. ryry121 ryry121 says:
      When I joined Fabulous Bingo I thought it was great they offered a 100% deposit bonus. A couple of months later this went to 200%, but I don't mind lol.Tthe slots were great. After a few spins I won 110 pounds on 1p max on the In the Monet slot. Found it friendly enough too - not many moaners in. Shame you have to have wagered 2 pound a week before now to play free game, but hey, still good.
    32. jules jules says:
      Nothing "Fabulous" about this site... Players moan about the moaners, basically its just the clique from Sun bingo moved over to another site.
      You can feel very unwelcome. Hosts blank you and just speak to the regulars, when you ask a question you either get ignored or they give very rude replies.

      Winning is near impossible and as for the link games its ALWAYS Network winners which I was told are the players over in Sun Bingo. Live help is useless if you voice any complaints about the rude hosts all they keep repeating is "sorry you are disappointing" what ever that means! lol

      The daily pleasure game where you can win bonus is a pointless waste of time, I have won several free slot spins where I won a grand total of 22p from them. Big deal!
      To summarise, cliquey players, rude hosts, 0 chance of winning decent money.
      If you want a friendly fun site with a decent chance of winning then avoid this one and spend your money elsewhere.
    33. fifi fifi says:
      I thought Fabulous Bingo was al oad of rubbish. Everyone was moaning because there was no bonus on slots. Really, keep your money.
    34. Susan Susan says:
      Joined Fabulous Bingo today, deposited £10 and opted out of bonus. This was good as I won a link full house of £178 and I have withdrawn most, but kept a bit to play with. No probs with withdrawal as had e-mail confirming all ok and money going into bank. Well done Fabulous. Would recommend this site.
    35. Shelley Shelley says:
      Don't know what all the hype is about. Fabulous Bingo is just an overflow from Sun Bingo. I joined and recognized the same group of people immediately. Some had the same user names, others had changed their user names. Most games are connected to the Sun Bingo website so you see a lot of network winners. Bingo after midnight is just a waste of time, cards 5p each in one room, with very very low winnings. Boring Boring Boring. A lot of repeat winners, and I was only there for 2 days.
    36. d d says:
      Fabulous Bingo is just that, fabulous when you join. I received a lovely present in the mail days after I joined, totally unexpected and cheered me up. I have no complaints as I won a small amount on the slots and decided not to push my luck and withdrew. As a seasoned bingo player I knew better than to accept the bonus so there was no wagering requirement. However, part of the gift in the mail was a bonus voucher and I played this through the slots and had no wins, not a penny. I thought this very odd. I was not overly concerned as it was not my money, but neither was it a good incentive to redeposit. Overall, good site, no complaints from me.
      • del4u del4u says:
        I have noticed with Fabulous Bingo it is nearly impossible to win with the free bonus money. Sometimes if you have lost a lot of money on slots or bingo you get a so called loyalty bonus, not a lot, but its free, and you never seem to win with it at all. With the other Gamesys sites you seem to have a little cheeky win, or at least get a decent bit of game play with it. Once got 2 pounds on another Gamesys site and turned it into 90 pounds and at another got 5 pounds loyalty bonus,and turned it into 485.45p.Over years have had loyalty bonuses from Fabulous ranging from 10 pounds up to 100 pounds and hardly anything. Almost as if the system picks up on that its free/bonus money,so you just wont win.
    37. Karen Karen says:
      I joined Fabulous Bingo on the first day they opened. Everyone was brilliant, the players and hosts were all welcoming. I found myself settling in very well. They play great mini games, they call quickies and have some great promotions on. Since I joined I have recommended 5 people to the site, and they have recommended other people they know. You see lots of different winners, lots of happy players and lots of chat. I would recommend playing at Fabulous Bingo. Looking forward to seeing the site expand and get more rooms :) I have found my new regular site. Thanks Fabu!!
    38. cassandra cassandra says:
      Fabulous Bingo is a great bingo site with good payouts and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.
    39. jules jules says:
      Can't rate Fabulous Bingo to be honest. I liked the bright software and ease of use, other than that it had no redeeming features. The CMs seem to be overwhelmed in chat, so newbie questions get ignored and they are not even welcomed, In all honesty I felt very awkward and isolated, I did try to integrate into chat but it seemed worthless and left feeling the same way, worthless like my custom.

      The link games always seem to be won by "network winner". The CM said that they are the players on the Sun Bingo site, I didn't like this as there is no name to show who is winning the big money, other networked sites can show winners name, so why cant they?
      The new player bonus could be better as 100% isn't that good compared to other big sites out there.
      Would I play there again? No, nor would I recommend it to my bingo buddies.
      This just didn't hit the spot for me I'm afraid.
      • moustic32 moustic32 says:
        I agree. This is an awful bingo site - almost as bad as its sister site Sun Bingo. You have no chance of winning the links and need to buy max tickets in a room with no more than 30 playing and even then you hardly win.
      • del4u del4u says:
        I agree, new members are ignored, the hosts seem to only really want to chat to the old regulars, and there favourites, which is a shame as newbies have to start somewhere. Makes you feel like your money not good enough. Also hate it that chat hosts dont go into slot room to chat to us all, they just stick to the bingo rooms only, maybe as there favourites are in there and they dont wish to talk to new slot players. Shame, has potential to be great site, but the regulars do take over the bingo room and at times tell the host what to do!
        • ubbingob. ubbingob. says:
          I really do agree with you del4u. The site has potential, but the real regulars do take over the bingo room and its a shame, as they push out newbie bingo players. If you ask the chat host a question, or you are unsure of anything, they just completely ignore, which as you said, newbies have to start somewhere. I too,notice the regulars dictate more or less to the chat hosts and i also dont like the fact that the hosts rarely bother themselves to go into the slots room to chat. I've only seen a host in there once and they told the slotters, if any one had any queries, to go into bingo room, but thats a waste of time,as you do get ignored. It's such a shame they dont really welcome new players, so im now going back to another Gamesys site, where EVERYONE is made welcome and the hosts actually go out of there way to help you, and newbies.
          • del4u del4u says:
            What you have said is spot on. I too had enough of being ignored, so i too have gone to another Gamesys site, and it is so nice that there is always a chat host in slots room and in the bingo room everyone is welcome and treated the same, old and new! I wish you lots of luck with your choice of site and i just wish i done the same a lot earlier x

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