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By Anita Heffernan - Google+

Rating: 4.7/5

  • Deposit £10 & Get £35 to play!
  • Play slots with huge progressive jackpots
  • Sponsor of the Million Pound Drop
WBUK 2014 Award Winner
250% Deposit Bonus
As Seen on TV

Jackpotjoy is one of the biggest and most familiar online bingo sites thanks to its longevity and hugely successful Queen of Bingo campaign featuring the unique talent of Barbara Windsor.

Deposit £10 & Get £35 to Play

The sign-up offer for new players is a 250% bonus, which means if deposit just £10 you'll get £25 free (which gives you £35 in total to play). If you wish to deposit more than £10 you'll get the 250% bonus up to a maximum of £100.

Sponsor of the Million Pound Drop

This summer Jackpotjoy were announced as official sponsor of Channel 4's The Million Pound Drop. This sponsorship included the introduction of an exclusive new slots game.

Read all about the jackpotjoy million pound drop news here.

Triple Award Winner

Jackpotjoy walked away with an unprecendented 3 awards in the WhichBingo Awards 2014 - including the main award of Best Online Bingo Site. These awards are voted for by players themselves and so mean a lot to the bingo site and are a great indication of quality.

The other categories in which Jackpotjoy won an award were Best Online Bingo Promotion for their Win a Fiat 500 giveaway and for Online Bingo Game of the Year for the innovative Gameshow BIngo.

The team behind the site, it's games and offers were over the moon with their success - huge congratulations from us here at WhichBingo.

Unique Jackpotjoy Games

Jackpotjoy is constantly coming up with innovative games and one of these is the Bejewelled Bingo game. Buying just 6 tickets in this game gives a bonus game at the end with 1 minute of playing Bejewelled itself for the chance to win free tickets for the next game.

There is also a 90 ball bingo room called Bingo Royale, which features the Queen of Bingo herself, where ticket prices vary from 10p to £1 and with it the size of the Super Jackpot varies from £1,000 to £25,000. The unique feature in this game is the 'Royal Pardon' which extends the game by 5 more balls once the full house has been won, giving more players the chance to win.

Many other rooms also feature extra chances to win with the Bingo Bonus Games, including the award winning Game Show Bingo. Random players will see an extra side game pop up at the end of the standard bingo game that will result in them winning a small amount of extra bonus to play with. These are in addition to the whole range of chat games that the hosts have access to, like Closest to Zero and Blox.

The Sapphire 90 ball bingo room is where many people choose to play – to take part in the special Playoff Palace games. Winners of 1l, 2l and the full house before 7.55pm each day get 6 free tickets to a daily game worth £350 at 8.45pm and 3 Sunday games worth £750, £1,500 and £3,000.

Slots players visit Jackpotjoy to take advantage of the wide range of single line classic slots and multi-line slot games, many of which offer the chance to walk away with a generous progressive jackpot. Many big winners are created every day thanks to these popular slot games. Look out for Diamond Bonanze, Tycoon's Progressive, Deal or No Deal and Wonderland, to name just a few.

Welcome to the Palace of Joy!

Jackpotjoy is one of the biggest bingo sites in the UK, and the likelihood is you've seen one of their many TV adverts featuring Barbara Windsor as the Queen of Bingo.

Payment Methods Accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaypal payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedukash payments accepted


Jackpotjoy is powered by Gamesys.

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Jackpotjoy Player Reviews

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248 bingo players have reviewed Jackpotjoy, with 45% of players recommending the site.

  1. blanco says:
    I have been a member of JPJ for 10 years. There have been 2 occasions where someone in the chat room insisted that they had won, but their account wasn't credited. It happened to me last night. My screen showed 1tg then 0tg for 2 lines and then the same again for the house. I was a bit surprised and forgot to get a screen grab. I believe it to be a software error that happens rarely, otherwise more people would complain. I am not prepared to take it up with JPJ because I can't prove anything and I don't want to get banned. I repeat, it is rare, but I believe there is a minor fault in the software.
  2. Absolutely love Jackpotjoy. I've been a member for a few years now. I've never had any huge wins, but I have had a few surprises. Slots are good and I see good reviews about them in chat rooms. Lot's of people winning and of course people having a little moan when its not been a good day for them (myself included) but this is to be expected. Promotions are very good, CM's are the best, bingo rooms are fun too especially Candy Cave. It ranges from few players during the day to around 120 in the evening so never too crowded that you don't stand a chance of winning. Nice little Community Jackpot also that grows quickly. Another thing I love about this room is the bonus game to win free tickets after every full house. You only need 6 tickets at 10p each to qualify. Great fun. My favourite online site by far.
  3. Father says:
    I joined JPJ a few weeks ago and have had a few small wins. The site is ok, but there are a lot of repeat winners and no matter what time of the day or night u play, these names crop up repeatedly every day without fail. Make of that what you will, but in my opinion nobody is that lucky to win several times every day. Other than that, chat is ok except for the odd one or two complaining constantly and withdrawals are instant with no questions asked.
  4. leolover1962 says:
    I love JackpotJoy. I joined last year, have had a couple of big wins and several smaller wins. I have been reading some of the negative reviews. Bingo is gambling, nobody can guarantee a win. I guess the more you put in the more you take out....but I love it anyway. I don't chat much in the chat rooms, but on the occasions that I have, have found the chat hosts very friendly. I only signed up for one other site and didn't like it very much. Jackpot Joy is the best :-)
  5. eveningshade says:
    Disgusted with this site. After years of playing I've never had one loyalty bonus. I deposit regular and get nothing. 3 other members of my household are also members, they've deposited once each and all 3 have received several bonus's. They even gave my partner a £90 bonus. What the heck is that all about. When confronting cs, they say bonus's are calculated on gameplay. How when they don't play and get the bonus? Another thing is like others, ive noticed the same regular winners. A one million pound winner now constantly wins in several rooms; yes she has the money to play, but it looks like they now make a living from gambling with how much they play and win. I thought this was illegal?. All i want is fair play from a site, but you definately don't get that from jackpotjoy.
    • eveningshade says:
      This is part of a response from jpj.. bear in mind 3 other members of our household have only ever put £10 each on this site and i deposit regular and have only ever withdrawn once in the years ive been there... 'However, Loyalty Bonuses are intended to be an extra reward for playing on the site with us. We are not obligated to credit any member for these, which does mean that regrettably, bonuses are not guaranteed at any time. As you are aware, bonuses are credited by our Loyalty Team who have a structured reward program where they are paid out in accordance with your play, and other criteria. This criteria includes how often you play, what games you are playing, how much you are depositing and withdrawing, how much you have won and how much you have lost. They review each account on an individual basis and do not single people out, which is why they have a bonus structure in place to ensure it is fairer.'
  6. cordyroy says:
    Brilliant site, genuine, never had any issues with withdrawals (unlike Harrys - stay away from those rogue traders). The only time I get frustrated at Jackpotjoy is when I've waited a while to get to a bonus round and then get awarded only 11p. Other than that it's one of a few sites that I trust. If they can sort out the bonus rounds it would be the perfect site.
  7. junctioner says:
    My account was shut based on comments I made in a chat room of theirs. No swearing just fun comments. My account was disabled still with my money in there. When I rang to question why they said that my comments had been passed to the responsible gaming team. Had the responsible gaming team looked at my deposit amounts they would have found that the deposits were small and acceptable. But, because the chat room comments were related to losing on their web site they did not customers seeing that. Steer well clear of this site. They will keep your legitimate account balance.
  8. SUKINA says:
    I have to agree with all of the negative comments posted already. As for Murshindurkin 's comment, regarding Jingle Bellas comment - this is the sort of behavior you can expect from the clicky player group I am afraid. The hosts speak in the same way most of the time too. I also note that Jingle Bella was a member for 3 months and not 1 month. Not a nice site to play on, small chances of winning on the bingo, and lots of repeat winners. Slots have bad days and not so bad days, but what ever you do, do not complain - it is a similar scenario on Sun Bingo - oh, of course, another Gamseys site lol My personal opinion btw - marks out of 10 = -3
  9. bugsy2000 says:
    Jackpotjoy is exciting- both visually and as an experience. Game jackpots are by far the best anywhere to be found, sometimes over £700 . All cards are randomly selected. PJs are won a lot and build up very quickly. Instant games are available on the same site, and jackpots are regularly won by different people. Jackpots can be absolutely massive; as I write, within 24 hours both 17k & 52k jackpots were won (not by me, sadly!!). The only downsides are : sometimes the 24 hour payout takes more than 24 hours, and most end up re-spending the money (and often losing). Chat Hosts are fantastic. Bonuses are in the form of points which can be entered for i-pods, plasma TVs etc.. I must comment on the 'speed of games' - numbers are called out quite quickly, which makes games more exciting (some sites are so tedious); they happen every 6 minutes, regardless of how quickly they are won. You can buy up to 10 in advance.
  10. I ended up at JPJ accidentally -having joined 'readersdigest' bingo. Unless you want to find chat rooms full of people sucking up to hosts and same players constantly winning every chat game, quiz etc each day do not bother. There is a dreadful clique of players. Worse still - I entered a number of promotions and each time I had to chase constantly to get my pay-out as I had mysteriously been 'left off the winners list'. The final straw came when I entered a 5 day promotion, checked my account history on site several times in order to confirm I had met the wagering requirements, only to be told that I was 3p short one day and 5p short another. On inspection it turned out that out of my 750+ transactions needed for the promotion, 2 transactions had appeared twice - hence I didn't qualify. Despite the error being their fault there was NO apology and no compensation for me not receiving what I believe would have been a substantial prize. It was seemingly my fault for not reading the 11 digit long transaction IDs for those 750+ Games!!!!!
  11. rugbyleader says:
    I really like JPJ. I have won a couple of times on bingo, but I find the slots pay much better. On more than one occasion I have won between £80-£100 on a 20p spin and over £200 on £1 spin. I'm not saying it was my first spin, but I have deposited £10 and ended up banking £200. There are times when I don't win, but that's gambling I suppose. I used to like the bingo on there, but I got sick of seeing the same names (dianeflash i seen every time i went on - they woman must make a living from bingo!) all seem to win in whatever room your in even though its impossible to play in 2 rooms at once unless you go in each room buy tix come out go another buy tix come out and go in another and buy tix and so on which I doubt they do. Withdrawing is quick easy with no hassle, meeting the wagering is easy although this is met quicker on bingo than slots. So if your gonna go on here go for the slots rather than the bingo.
  12. JINGLE_BELLA says:
    Definite no no for me. Joined Jackpotjoy 3 months ago, deposited endless times and never won, not even a share of a line! Won a little bit on the slots on the first night I joined, about £30, withdrew £10 and then that was it. The slots never seem to play like they did on the first night, pitiful bonus spins which take an eternity to even get. Slow spinning reels and may as well just throw your money into the gutter. Entertainment value is 0. Same repeat winners each time I have logged in, must be on a loop, to win every other game just seems a tad odd. Lots of people complaining, but a little click of bullys who force people to say nothing but good things. Marks out of 10 - erm 0
    • Well jingle bella, your talking rubbish lol. It's THE BEST SITE for sure. I think you must have JPJ mixed up with another site. You haven't even been there a month and your making stupid judgements. You have obviously been in the wrong chat room at the wrong time. Of course there are clicks as you call them, but it's people who have gotten to know each other over the years, called FRIENDSHIP. We support each other through thick and thin and JPJ has been a lifeline of friendship for lots of us. Always willing to help you out and get you through life's difficulties. The only people who moan are the losers!!!!!, it's called gambling for a reason. Marks out of 10...no question DEFINITELY TEN!
      • SUKINA says:
        I think Jingle_Bella has been playing for 3 months? Not 1 month Murshindurkin. This is why I have closed my account with Jackpot Joy - to many nasty people and to many repeat winners. That's All.
        • That's exactly why i closed my account to - you state your opinion and you get jumped on !! it is entirely up to Bella if she thinks the site is rubbish - you have NO right Murs to say she is talking rubbish - I don't agree with your opinion of JPJ but I wouldn't say you are chatting rubbish - that is YOUR opinion just like it is MY opinion to say yes i agree the site is rubbish !!!
  13. This is by far the worst bingo site i have been on. Same winners all the time, but more annoying is the very poor full house prizes. Very low for the amount of players in each room the prizes are a rip off. They are obviously cutting back on payouts to cover their recent TV advertisements!!! left this site after 2 days. don't bother with it A complete waste of money.
  14. 1madcracker says:
    I have been with jackpot joy for 9 years now. I love this gaming site out of all of them Iím registered with. It as its faults but so do many others. Winning to me is a bonus and i play for fun. Itís not a site to make a living on even though some users use it like a a.t.m machine and yes i find the more you do put in the more ya get out. Just love the contrast of colours that are used throughout the site, but the thing that tops this site for me are the chat moderators and the support staff. 10/10. They try to keep everyone happy. I believe in the more free choice users have, the more happy the users are and to me jackpotjoy certainly offers that. 10/10 gamsys ( go for it jpj ) :)
  15. Purrrfection says:
    I have been a member of Jackpotjoy for quite a few years, but of late I'm not happy with the site. You seem to find the same people week after week winning huge jackpot amounts. At first i thought it was the site not updating, but found after taking the time to look at the winners list that it was the same names coming up for different days. The hosts are friendly, but i found from chatting with some that they are from other gamesys sites with different alias`s that i had been chatting to for years pmsl. What i have also found is that the slots don't payout as good when there has been a huge win on there. It feels sometime like your flushing your money down the drain. As i have said before always set yourself a limit if you are to venture onto this site as you can lose a lot of money in a short space of time !!
  16. rachjay82 says:
    This is a very big site with loads of games. The slots and cards enjoy playing in getting small wins. The Bingo was very difficult in win with so many players playing. Got bored in not win. But slots worth ago. Bet small to gain small wins
  17. Caractacus says:
    I have been playing JackpotJoy for about a year and I have had a suspiciously bad run on bonus features on the multiline slots of late. For about the last 3 months every bonus feature (3 matching bonus signs) has yielded pitiful wins. With gambles of between 30p and 50p I have had a succession of wins totaling no more that £4.00 - with under £1 being the norm. Worst culprits are Fortune Temple, Fun of the Fair and Frederic v Francios. I am probably wrong, but does anyone else feel the payouts have been cranked down to the absolute minimum recently?
  18. spanish7 says:
    I have been at Jackpotjoy for many years now. The people, hosts are very friendly ,and the support if you need it is there 24/7 which are very good and great helping with anything you need. The promotions are good and you can play chat games where you can win extra cash or joy points. With the joy points you can enter competitions or exchange them for money so don't think you can get better than that. I have won a couple of times of good money and goes into your account within 48 hours or even the next day, even winning from slots, instants,bingo, casino,snap. Ii love it so you should give it a go if you are looking for good entertainment x
  19. unhappy says:
    Jackpotjoy is not much fun and has turned into a site which just keeps taking your money. l will not be playing on it again. It may let you win a little, but will end up taking back a lot more. Games are good, but lots of players not happy with wins.
  20. xkxy777 says:
    Thought I would leave my 2p worth. First off I hate the look and feel of the site. Very little payout especially as the site boasts so well about jackpots :) Another thing, if you looking for a good bingo site this probably isn't it. Free Bingo every day, lol - ya if you deposit every week :) Big thumbs down for me I'm afraid jpj
  21. gamesmaid says:
    Overall, not a site to be recommended..there are far better sites out there with better payback rates. The games are outdated with new games added infrequently. Bullying of players is common and, unfortunately, the hosts appear to support this. There are however a number of large jackpot games ! Should you be fortunate enough to win one of these congratulations !!! Promotions are generally poor and although it is one of the larger sites I would suggest shopping around before you choose this one. Good luck !
  22. Annoyed87 says:
    I joined over a week and half ago, deposited £20 got £70 to play with and I had a few wins putting my balance up to around the £240 mark. Decided to play slots and bonus after bonus rounds i was getting. Got up to around £680 and was winning loads on bingo too in all different rooms. I banked £600 no problem. I got the money in my bank fairly fast. It's been nearly 2-3 weeks since I joined/banked and I've been making quiet a few deposits and guess what - not a single win. I can't even get a 1tg maxing out in the 25p rooms, this is so confusing to me. Its gave me a few good wins as a ''newbie'', but now I'm sticking a bit of money on the site I'm no longer winning - even the slots have dried up. I know Gambling is all down to luck and chance, but come on i find it very very strange. I'm not stupid and I'm not a bingo moaner if I don't win. I do understand they is also countless players that max in every game and spend 40x more then I do, but to me its all fishy. I wouldnt really say you see sames names winning all the time rather that its like even if I deposit £50 I probs not gonna win. Never in my whole life playing bingo have I been on a site wagered so much on bingo in all different rooms and not even getting close. 100s of games played and not a single win might just be me, but its all gone like this since I banked my first winnings anyways I think its time to throw in the towel the sites turned me sour very fast!
  23. willsowls says:
    This is a very big site with loads of games. The slots and cards enjoy playing in getting small wins. The Bingo was very difficult in win with so many players playing. Got bored in not win. But slots worth ago. Bet small to gain small wins!
  24. jigaloo9 says:
    Jackpotjoy is a complete rip off! I have been a member for sometime and deposit daily. I rarely win and spend a lot, however without fail there are a number of members who win many, many games daily every day of the year! There are no re-load bonuses and the initial deposit bonus means you cannot withdraw winnings until you have wagered much more money. The hosts are rude and intolerant. The site suffers terrible crashing and "hung" games...games you pay for and they fail to play. Overall I do not feel they look after their loyal members who spend their hard earned cash and I feel they are only interested in profit. So many repeat jackpot winners too...
  25. jpjloser says:
    JPJ is a joke. Site goes down more than it's up. Says server plays out all games, but no one seems to have won. Technical probs are every day and night.If you want to enjoy and watch your bingo games being played don't play at Jackpotjoy.
  26. xemmajaynex says:
    I absolutely love Jackpotjoy! I don't play on any other bingo site that I've tried because nothing compares. I win almost every week, I only deposit £20 a week maximum and 90% of the time, I win my money back. I play in the bingo 20 room in particular, where you can only buy a maximum of 20 cards. I like that room because you're all on a level playing field and an have equal chance of winning. I also love that room because of how frequently the progressive jackpot goes! Most of the time people win around £100 on top of their prize money from the progressive jackpot (quite low compared to others, but that's because it's won so often!) Two years ago, I entered a Christmas competition on Jackpotjoy, uploading a funny Christmas picture of my nan and grandad asleep with Christmas hats on. Turns out I won £200 from that, which I gave to them! I was so happy I could give them that gift as my grandad passed away the month after. So thank you to Jackpotjoy!
  27. diamond252 says:
    Jackpotjoy is a good site. Friendly hosts and roomies are very welcoming. Plenty of bingo rooms to choose from with all different types of bingo ie 75 ball 80 ball and 90 ball and lots of different slot games to choose from. Also u get the freebie game daily and lets not forget quickety pick x
  28. ksped84 says:
    I love Jackpotjoy, it has so many great slot games and many bingo rooms to choose from. I have had quite a few good cash outs from here, it's worth the sign up.
  29. Bingoblogger says:
    Like all the bingo/slot sites Jackpotjoy is a gambling site and like most I already know they gain far more than they payout. What people fail to realize on a site like this is that even if you only win 1p the site has fulfilled the obligation of letting you "win". I have played on lots of bingo/slots sites over the years and have been a member of Jackpotjoy for over 7 years or so, during that time I have noticed that site seems to have had a rapid decline in integrity and fairness. Like many others have said there seems to be many of the "same winners". The sites has become terrible and bingo even worse. Take my advice and deposit a set amount - if you are lucky enough to win a nice sum withdraw and do not go back. Sooner or later they will take more than you give.
    • TheMeerkat says:
      The moral is read the T&C small print and gamble only what you can afford to lose. There is a massive obsession among all bingo sites to gain new customers and loyalty. In a market place that has 100s of rivals, the competition to win our custom is fierce. The methods used for promotion of freebies, choice/inovation their games and presentation is all in the mad scramble to be seen as different. Because of this their integrity might some times be seen as questionable.
    • I totally agree with you. Havenbeen a member with Jackpot joy for 8 years i would not go rushing back to play. It seems not only has the site gone down hill in regards to payouts, but also it has gone down hill in terms of the community factor. I remember a time when we used to have laughs all day and night on Jackpotjoy, but now i dare not go back as people are sarcastic and really rather rude due to the continuous losing on the site. My advice - try Bingocams - so much fun.
  30. TheMeerkat says:
    Promoted by Barbara Windsor on their online and TV adverts, Jackpotjoy lives up to its name as a trusted gaming site. They run popular 1 and 2p value bingo 24hrs and have daily linked big pot jackpot bingo games. There is 1p cashback for every £1 spent on any bingo games through their "joy points" seen on your account. If you like playing slots, mini-games or casino table games there is also 1p cashback for every £10 turnover on slots or £30 turnover at the casino. The CMs are professional and friendly and contact through chat, email or 'phone is response fast and hassle free. Jackpotjoy also has a number of sister sites where some big pot jackpot games are linked. As with all bingo sites there are players with big bucks that can "max out" buying their tickets on every game and seen as the same username winners every other game sometimes! Don't let this put you off, because with patience and several games your modest stakes will win more profit than them! Jackpotjoy also run freebie games for all customers who stake a minimum of £2 on anything every one week. Withdrawals are fast processed and I have on some occasions withdrew cash in the early afternoon and received it in my bank account before 6pm next day! Jackpotjoy in my opinion is in the top 5 of online bingo sites - and I have played at and visited 100+ of their rivals to compare. I recommend Jackpotjoy. Enjoy!
    • TheMeerkat says:
      Jackpotjoy is currently running a no obligations daily prize draw promotion ( Quickity Pick) until July 11 2013. You don't need to be a member with an account to take part. Bookmark and visit every day and play! You'll be entered in the daily and weekly prize draw. Great prizes up for grabs!
  31. burtonlad says:
    Jackpotjoy is a good site and every one is really friendly and welcome you to the site and don't single you out like some sites. CHh are really good and fun to chat to. Love the little chat games they play and is really cheap to play with some really good prize money and withdrawal is amazing on this site. I withdrew and day later money was in my bank. Very good.
  32. kinkyburger says:
    Jackpotjoy is a great bingo site It has friendly hosts and players, good bonuses, some free games, plenty of rooms to play in, good jackpots, easy to navigate, deposit and withdraw easy, good promotions, cheap rooms to play in and lots of slots and all sorts of other mini games. Give it a go :)
  33. ambrose says:
    After joining I was unable to load the rooms lobby, contacted support and tried eveything possible to try and fix the problem. Eventually I got the rooms to load but could only manage to purchase tickets through their pre-buy system, I could never get into a room to watch the game play.... Not for me I'm afraid
    • TheMeerkat says:
      Downloading any online bingo site is always dependent on the type of operation system, browser and flash software on your PC or other devise. Most bingo and gaming sites give preferred and/or recommended software settings in the terms and conditions pages to use their site. Sometimes 3rd party cookies must be enabled to download. Most times switching browser and/or switching flash software will cure any download problems. Unfortunately telling on site CMs about your tech difficulties is not wise, because they are not web masters or system administrators and can only give the same advise I write here...
  34. iwesty says:
    Brilliant site. I won £75 and £33 on separate occasions.. easy to use and you can also get an extra £20 bonus for being referred by a friend.
  35. silvergirl77 says:
    Jackpotjoy has lots of good slots, but I have been depositing £10 every week and have won nothing for over a year. I don't believe the wins are random - once or twice I have played and started winning straight away then get up to a certain point and start losing it all. The free games are rubbish -10 free spins and I win eleven pence. What is the point of that? Just so the site can count me as one of their winners. I don't believe anyone wins the big prizes on the free games, if players say they have, they're making it up.
    • dockie79 says:
      I totally agree with you, I have deposited for long and never really win
  36. lovesbingo says:
    Jackpotjoy is a good site, but like any gambling site you take the chance. It is not the same winners all the time and those that say that obviously are bad losers. No matter where you go it's the same. If you're playing bingo then there are those that max out, but doesn't mean they will win every game (which they don't)!! And not every new player gets wins then nothing, it's gambling for goodness sake-it's chance. Only downside are the moaners that believe they deserve a win due to spending so much!!! Again they have NO idea of what gambling is !!! It is a good site with good hosts.
    • xxxxxxxxx says:
      LOL! luck doesnt control the numbers generated, i do love how let's say the selected few jump to this conclusion because "they were told this" without basing the "bad loser" comments on true facts.The true fact is all bingo games and slots are played on a random number generator which supposedly randomly selects winners/bonuses and such. If it's so luck based do me a favour, next time you hit a slot bonus refresh your homepage before you click to play the bonus, you will then see your wins already been predetermined not so much luck at all ;) Same with bingo winners the winners been predetermined before a game plays out! Easily mulipulated to chose a winner if they so wished.
  37. skippy says:
    Wish I'd read reviews sooner. would have saved a lot of money. Beware people. Jackpotjoy will give you a few wins to get you hooked, then once they have you, it stops, and again as others have said before me, if you dare to speak out in chat, they rip you to shreds. The hosts let it happen and join in at times. You have been warned. Account closed.
  38. bingosucks says:
    Just like any and all other bingo sites... it's the same people winning 2/3 and even 4 times in a row. There seems to be a "winners club", where the same 4 or 5 players win all the time. I truly believe its a case of those that deposit the most win the most games. You get your bonus money for signing up, they take that, you deposit more, they take that too, you add more funds. And maybe, just maybe you'll win one. But don think for 1 minute you'll become a member of their "winners club" because you won. My advice..... stay well away, save your money. And when they send you their we've missed you email, reply to it saying ..... I can't afford to keep losing money on your site. 1.5 years and £450 later, I have not even come close to winning a thing, not even gone down to 3TG. Ever.!
    • lovesbingo says:
      It's gambling site.... You take the risk! NO site will give you guaranteed wins. It is a good site and there is no "winners" club lol
  39. lisarandell1 says:
    Jackpotjoy is a fantastic site! Free games everyday! Easy to play and exciting. I won 4 grand from a daily free on this site and they have achieved so much supporting comic relief! They have a choice of a daily free games that you can play - love jackpot joy! Out of Sun Bingo, Heart, Virgin and Fabulous, choose this one!
  40. sho123 says:
    I have been a member of jackpotjoy for 3yrs or so and the only time i have won big, a 900.00 and a 450.00 was in the first few months of joining and both winnings were from playing 1p max on slots, depositing 30.00. 3yrs on I could deposit 400.00 a night at 5p max and not win a thing. I now feel that my deposits are funding the payouts for new members joining and then they will be drawn into the same circle. I have decided from now on instead of depositing to Jackpotjoy or any sister site I will put money into savings.
  41. glewberry says:
    Hi. I love Jackpotjoy. I won £500 within 2 days once which was really lucky. I win quite a lot on Jackpotjoy, but I also sometimes lose. I have noticed tho it's the same ppl winning big money all the time which is unfair. I suppose that's the joy of gambling, so am half and half with this site. It is one of the best sites I've ever used for gambling tho my advice to ppl is deposit £10 and if u don't win nothing with that £10 then don't deposit again. I have noticed if i win something I will win for the whole day, but if I lose more than I win I know I ain't gunna win hardly anything. Good luck all.
  42. shale06 says:
    I totally agree. I am a member of this site for nearly 4years now, and i've only won 2x the first month I was playing. Sometime I spend £50 a day and I only stay in the Lounge Bingo room. In 2hrs or so I play, winners are the same, and they win twice or sometimes 3x in a row, while when sitting in front of the laptop and begging to win, even once. I have stopped for sometime during the past years, and whenever I come back, nothing at all!
    • jeneratorx says:
      well,maybe just maybe you should try another bingo room sometimes, or the casino or even the slots. There's loads to choose from.
  43. heidij1906 says:
    Great bingo site. Been a Jackpotjoy member for 12 years now and it was one of the first bingo sites I joined. Had a few big payouts. Would recommend it to everyone.
    • kry306 says:
      strange not been open 12 years
  44. spanish7 says:
    Hi evry1. I love playing at Jackpotjoy. There is loads of enjoyable fun with casinos, bingo, slots, instants, etc ,and there are joy points that you can exchange for money or enter into competitions. I love playing in the Snap room - some you win, some you lose, but overall i love it. The hosts are very friendly and support are helpful and you can phone or live chat. There are also loads of promotions that take place. You will love it. The withdrawals are very fast and the people i have met are very friendly. You also have chat games where you can play and win joy points or money if you're picked - it's great fun. They are doing a red nose day room where you can play bingo and so much goes towards red nose charity, which i thinks great and kind of JPJ. Join in the fun today and gl - daise74x
  45. red dragon says:
    I joined Jackpotjoy bingo last week, within 2 days of joining I won and withdrew £200. Beginners luck? One thing I have noticed though, on the slots, if it looks like you are going to get a bonus on the first couple of reels, the remaining reels spin for a lot longer and it seems that they are preventing a bonus symbol coming up.
  46. lavander212 says:
    I just closed my account because in 4 yrs since I been a member, I deposited a lot and I hardly won anything, just very small amounts. Never won a Jackpot. Same winners at bingo games, and if you moan in chat rooms, other users who appear to be very friendly with the hosts, will eat you alive. When I registered, the site was not too bad, but in the past few weeks they had every day "technical difficulties" and they said you tickets play automattically on the server... Really? Plus, on the bejeweled room, I always bought 6 tickets to qualify for the bonus game which hardly came up on the screen. Everytime, I contacted costumer support, you can clearly see they read script out, because they always say the same things, and couldn't care less because you made deposits already. Stay clear from this site, it will only take your money and you get nothing out.
  47. Jackpotjoy is a very enjoyable site and easy to use.
  48. KRIS says:
    I don't like Jackpot Joy. There always seems to be a lag and it takes a lot of time moving around from one room to another. I have not had any luck here, apart from the odd £5 here and there. The slots have been dismal for me, and the bonus rounds have been sparce whenever I have played. The whole site, including the chat hosts, players and winners, remind me of the Sun Bingo site. I get the feeling of deja vu - my own personal opinion - it might be a good site for others, but not for me. I tend to stick with the Virtur Fusion bingo sites these days, more luck and more fun.
  49. milnej2 says:
    Fantastic site. Love the layout of Jackpotjoy over any other sites. Never won massive although my sister did win £27,000 on here so maybe my turn soon. Plenty of chat games and free games to take part in.
  50. ilovemybingo says:
    I've been with jackpotjoy for about 2 years now and it is one of my favourite bingo sites, although I have noticed the slots don't seem to pay out like they used to. I never put the chat on and rarely play any bingo apart from the free bingo, but although I have played a lot of free bingo, I have only ever won once on this in the 2 years I have been playing (and that is from playing nearly every day)! Otherwise great site though, with joy points that can be collected and turned in to cash and a good range of other games to play.
  51. Marc says:
    Winning at Jackpot Joy seems impossible. I played here a lot last year and witnessed a pattern of the "same winners" syndrome. Unfortunately my name was not in the winners pool, like ever! Slot machines are slow and the bonus rounds are few and far between, often freezing and taking ages to complete a spin. Players can be hostile and unless you manage to get into the cliche you are totally ignored. Chat games also seem to be won by the clicky players - I feel like a gatecrasher every time I have played here. I have also noticed a lot of bullying going on. Closed the account now, I should have closed it months ago. Much better sites out there where you can actually win now and again and friendlier chat hosts and players.
    • Bingocritic says:
      Totally agree JPJ does have this going and has done for a long while
    • Deepixie says:
      I'v just closed my account and totally agree with you. I spent £500 in three days and never won anyhting more than a pound while the same names crop up as winners time and time again. What I also felt infuriating is that hosts are very narky if you comment on lack of wins and as soon as you do mention how bad the pay outs are some one pops up in chat rhyming off a list of big wins. Yet no one else is winning. On the four night I played there the same player seemed to win on every spin of slots which quite frankly I find hard to believe.
    • rocky76 says:
      There are a lot of chat chasers, but the hosts do their job well and do what they can. Not really much they can do about it they are just doing their jobs and what they are told to do I do feel for them as they get a lot of stick and shouldn't have to.. they should block and ban the ones that only come on to get the free money and games and make a wage out of it.
    • Tiddy says:
      Spot On Marc! And Deepixie I know exactly what you saying, I noticed it too. Same happens on the Sun Bingo site - it is so annoying, that's why I will be avoiding the Gamseys sites now.
  52. charfunme says:
    I would like firstly to say the people that write the good reviews must get a bonus from JPJ. The site is for a few to win, but the most will lose. The slots freeze and will slip if you play say 20x5p. You won't get many bonuses at all, only if you pay pennys you will now an then. They have favourite people without a doubt. When you join you will win well, then you will start to lose, hence the fact that i am opening a facebook account with a few friends who will join jpj and we will film the accounts playing for a while. Slots stick a lot so nothing better for people to judge while watching a real persons in play instead of words. If you have or will join jpj an you see a pattern i hope you will do your self the best an leave as that pattern will continue. If you join be very careful - if you do, all best.
    • flymo says:
      This site is very addictive - gives hope of big win. I've been member about four years only ever withdrawn once £500. Eats the cash - play with caution and don't expect big win.
  53. luci says:
    Have just closed my account after a couple of years. Used to enjoy this site but no more - its too greedy! Media games on chat and unless you have spent money in the previous 24hrs forget it you aren't eligible.So if you are one of those people who deposit just once a week forget it. Very few free bingo games and now at times where if you actually work for a living they just aren't playable because of their times. Slot promotions usually have a minimum spend now of £30 - so unless you want to waste £30 you can forget them too. 95% payout?? - I guess a lucky few (and its very few) but for the rest its pretty abysmal. Chat hosts have their favourites - best advice is to find a way of becoming a favourite, and never mention your losses as you may as well be throwing yourself to the lions, the bullies in chat will rip you to shreds. Overall very poor return I've found and this is not a site for small regular depositors on there for a 'little flutter' .
    • rocky76 says:
      It is not deposit, it is spend to play the chat games each day. So if you have a weekly deposit all you have to do is have spent a few pennies in the last 24 hours! and if you win a chat game and then spend it that is included to in you 24 hour wager which was free money! Also there are many hosts that play games with no eligibility or spending needed, I have seen them a lot :)
  54. spanish7 says:
    daise74x hi evey1. I have been playing at Jackpotjoy for about a year and a half now. My sister in law was a player and won a healthy amount. I had never played at any online bingo site and as i knew that it was a reliable honest site i joined up. The chat hosts are lovely as well and support there are very helpful and if you have any problems you can contact support by phone or via live chat. The people are friendly and playing chat games and free bingo you get to know the hosts and people very well. I have won a few times and the withdrawals are very fast. You can also earn joy points which you can exchange for cash or enter competitions and there are also lots of promotions on where you can join in and take part. GL if you do join
    • joshrosh says:
      So many to choose from it becomes quite challenging to find the right bingo sites. Not really interested in 'chat' as i've being around long enough on the net to recognise troll players and troll chat room moderators, so looking for more interesting bingo sites with good games, good prizes, and less chit-chat.
  55. tammyw29 says:
    I really enjoy jackpotjoy bingo :-) great games to play and plenty of bonuses. Highly recommended. Really enjoy playing the slots and free games on here :-)
  56. KKK says:
    I've been on JPJ for 7years and been ripped off every time I played. Slot is my favourite, but honestly never get any big win as they claim on a winner pages, even though I stake £5/£10 nothing happening. Totally rubbish! Waste a lot of money on this site (£600 a month at least for a period of 7 years no jackpot, nothing, just a couple thousand back in 7 years ) Will never come back again. No more.
  57. grandmawolf says:
    Jackpotjoy is always fair, friendly and lots of fun. They don't give constant bonuses which have to be paid back before withdrawing and withdraws couldn't be easier.
  58. I have been a member of Jackpotjoy for around 8 years now and of course have tried others but none compare anything like jpj. The hosts are excellent helpful, pleasant, funny and very hardworking. There is such a huge variety of games to try all with their own unique features so you never get bored. There are set times for free bingo games, full house being for £50 and chat parties. All the hosts do random quizzes, media games and even I spy! throughout their shifts as well as all the other amazing promotions you can read about on the home page and enter. Every three months or so there is a gathering of people from the site at special socials based around the UK I have been to several and such fantastic affairs where at some we have even met the queen of bingo herself Babs Windsor. Fantastic site
  59. diane271204 says:
    I Love Jackpotjoy - been here for 4 years. Tried other sites, but wasn't impressed.
  60. phoebeeeee says:
    Brilliant site, brilliant promotions. They give away more than any other site about......and the hosts are AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZING
  61. kry306 says:
    Jackpotjoy is a top site. Top promos, top hosts, great support staff and friendly players - kry306
  62. zanyway says:
    I have found Jackpotjoy to be a very honest site, and any winnings paid out very quickly.
  63. piperlady says:
    Win or lose ....it's best to choose JPJ........simply because you're made to feel like part of a family .....the minute you enter the site it's like walking into a room full of friends even though you have never met - by the time you leave it's like you have known them forever.
  64. jamroll99 says:
    One thing I've noticed about Jackpotjoy is that they have been very selective and particular about the people they have hosting their site. There's something different and interesting and crazy about all of them! This makes it exciting, entertaining and special every time. They are all so committed and caring.So well done jpj! you're the best!
  65. badgirldebs says:
    I've been a member of Jackpotjoy for around 7yrs now and i haven't found another gaming site that can beat the atmosphere here and friendliness of Jackpotjoy, the members are great, the promotions and games are great and most of all the hosts are a great bunch of people.
  66. topazmandy says:
    Jackpotjoy has very friendly hosts who care about you as an individual not just as a player. I have had bad experiences in the past but I would not hesitate in recommending Jackpotjoy to anyone as they truly have something for everyone. gl to the team.
  67. janlu0 says:
    Excellent all round. Big payouts, excellent hosts, very friendly roomies, daily free games, no end of fun. The best online gaming site by far. I'd never go anywhere else.
  68. john bishop says:
    Jackpotjoy is an excellent fun and laughing website. Always puts a smile on my face. Guarenteed to have a good time on site.
  69. spanish7 says:
    hi evry1. I love playing at JPJ. Hosts very friendly and the peeps also. I have been a member for over a year now and it's the only bingo site i have ever deposited in. I recommend it to anyone. I can also say that the withdrawals are very quick and overall i give it 100 out of 100 for me i love it hope you enjoy if you do sign up x
  70. sharp1982 says:
    Love this site!!! It's like a boomerang, you just keep coming back to Jackpotjoy, if its for to win cash or just to play on the demo's. Great friendly hosts, good promotions (daily) and free chat games, where you can win money. Most of my winnings have been on this site. It's got great slots, which i haven't seen on any other sites except its sister sites. You have to come and join in the fun just for the Jackpotjoy of it!!
  71. KRIS says:
    Jackpot Joy is not the site for me. There always seems to be problems with the software. The slots freeze or play very very slow, the bingo often does not load up or disappears in the middle of a game so you cannot see what you are playing. If you complain then the hosts are not very friendly and they tell you to re-load the page and that the bingo games will be played out over a secure server and any winnings will be credited - not much fun when you can't even see the game playing or who has won!! I have also found that the site had lots of repeat winners (similar to the Sun bingo site). I have not had any luck here, I played the slots for 2 hours one evening and did not get 1 bonus round. The payouts seem scarce - maybe it is just me and other people might think different, but this is my own personal opinion. Sorry Jackpot Joy, but you really need to sort your software out and the hosts need to get down off their high horses.
  72. Slotqueen says:
    I've been playing on Jackpotjoy for about 5 years and have been a regular player, depositing hundreds of pounds every month. I have never had a decent win in all that time. The chatrooms are full of unfortunate players who wonder why they keep on losing and never winning. When they complain they are told that it's 'just luck'. Anybody who questions that statement is immediately pounced on by chatroom regulars who appear to be the only ones who ever win anything - who screech abuse along the lines of 'If you don't like it, get lost' - and that's putting it mildly. Anybody who complains in chat is soon muted. So, in a nutshell, the site doesn't pay out; except when you join, and to a 'lucky' few; chat is a tightly controlled police state - don't dare complain or you're out; and there are frequent 'technical problems'. I haven't come to these conclusions overnight - it's taken some time. But having consistently lost over the last 5 years and been prevented from questioning that 'luck' - and believe me, I'm not alone - I've had it with Jackpotjoy. Anybody know of a site that's any better?
  73. naomi1990 says:
    At Jackpotjoy it's the same winners game after game in every room!! I've bought tickets and they've disappeared :( the chat games have faulted on me soo many times and I've never gotten bonuses unlike all the other winners. Even in 1 game the same person will win all 3 money amounts and this happens FAR too often. On slots £10 will disappear in 3 minutes. Definitely something not right about this bingo site and i think it should be looked into. the amount of people in the chat that complain is very high and they all comment on the fact it's the same people winning over and over. I've seen people get bullied in the chats rooms too. not very nice at all.
  74. Bingocritic says:
    I have been a member of Jackpotjoy for about 7 years and to be honest this site seems to get worse not better. There are lots of issues really, first off I do not feel that the site is working via a random number generator, there are way too many of the "same" winners. This would also be true for the slots. The bonus games are very few and far between, and when you do get through, it is normally a very small amount won. The free games tikis temple and tkki island and royal balls I think are just as bad. I have yet to learn of someone actually winning the jackpot on those. The other free game doubly bubbly is not really a free game as you need to have played £2.00 in the last 7 days to play. The chat hosts have their favorites and I do find that the win back rate is totally untrue. You win a nice tidy sum when you first join, but after that not much really. Jackpotjoy unlike other bingo sites gives you nothing back really. No reload bonus and not even a guaranteed win on the free games either. Jackpotjoy have taken to much of my money and I will not be going back.
  75. lovesbingo says:
    Good site, good chat. No,Jackpotjoy don't do promo codes, BUT they have great promotions. Best thing is they've put wager (only need to wager £2 in last 7 days - so no biggie really!!) This has stopped the free loaders who come on site, play the free game then go. Wasn't fair to those of us that actually play - now it's fairer. Yes they've changed the times, but still same money! They emailed everyone on the changes. Good site for chat too with majority of the hosts, although they have too many on now and I prefer to see one host in a room not 2.
  76. loulourocks says:
    I have been playing on Jackpotjoy for many many years and have never ever won big. When i was spending lots of money with them and i had vip status they used to send me bonuses and i used to win big on the free games also. I stopped depositing with them a few months ago and all of a sudden when i play the free game i get nothing whatsoever. It seems odd to me that i used to do well on it and now i don't deposit i don't do anything at all. I no longer get emails from them telling me there is a bonus when i used to get lots.The reason i stopped playing is because i was wagering on average £350 per month for about 7 years and never won anything remotely exciting. I think this site is a rip off. Obviously this is just my opinion.
    • 8lennon0 says:
      You wagered £350 a month for 7 years - wow my mind would of been made up in the 1st month to close account. Do agree with you though.
  77. I am playing Jackpotjoy more and more. The only thing is they don't really have bonus codes or cashback offers x
  78. jonjive says:
    Jackpotjoy is The best bingo site in the country! Really great promotions and bingo rooms, all adding extra value for bingo players.
  79. indyblu12 says:
    I have been playing at Jackpot Joy for a few years now.I am a regular depositor and deposit on a twice monthly basis.This month, however, I had extra expenses at home and only deposited once.I received a loyalty bonus from JJ which was good, as it gave me some playing time. However, I logged on this evening to play the daily free game. They have decided to change the rules with no warning. When I clicked to play my chosen game, I got a pop-up stating "our free game is always free, but in order to play it you must have wagered at least 2 pounds for real in the last 7 days"!! Therefore it isn`t free???? As I only deposit every 2-4 weeks, playing the free games have never been an issue and I take it they have changed the rules.Really disappointed at this as I am a loyal customer.
    • muttley44 says:
      Hi this is true for 3 of the 4 games you can choose however Tikkis Catch of the Day you can play without a weekly spend of £2 as long as you have made at least one deposit of £10 since joining so no-one is left out.
  80. sharpest says:
    Although i have not won that much on Jackpotjoy the payout is very quick and was in my account within 48 hours - very surprising.
  81. jean0962 says:
    At Jackpotjoy I love playing the mini games and the weekly free game.
  82. ROBROB1 says:
    I have lost all faith in Jackpotjoy. I am not a big spender when it comes to gambling, however i am not happy at the way some of the games play out, especially roulette splendid. Same colour everytime, more than 10 times in a row, following the same numbers, then it seems to switch to the other colour and does the exact same thing again. All in all this has happened about 5-6 times with me and when asked my friend who also plays roulette she has experienced this too on a few occasions.Jackpotjoy say this is completely random, if it was random then surely the same colour/numbers would not keep coming up in a row? The bingo games also seem to have the same winners over and over, but itís never me. Forget the online scratch cards - by the time you win 40p you have wagered almost £10.00.n You should stick to the daily freebie games and hope you win back what you lost - shame on you Jackpotjoy.
  83. kieramaddy says:
    Jackpotjoy is fun and always seem to get good bonuses. Join up and start using the refer a friend option to earn even more.
  84. tizzie says:
    I have been with this site a few years and i think it's great. I always recommend Jackpotjoy to friends & if I need to contact customer support they have been very helpful.
  85. kissmymule says:
    Jackpotjoy is my favourite bingo site to date. I have had no problems with this site at all and have won on here several times. I have also had no issues withdrawing, with money being received within 2 days. Overall I would recommend as chances of winning are good, CHs seem friendly and it all appears to be smooth running. The free daily games are also good fun. A thumbs up here!
  86. Mullz007 says:
    I have been a member now on jackpotjoy for the past 4 years and I'm shocked at firstly how the site rarely pays out at all , and also another issue with particular chat hosts favouring their favourites for a quid or two now and again. It seems to me there is a rule for their friends and a different rule to others, and if you dare say a word your attacked for it.
  87. cap19 says:
    I had account with Jackpot joy and another of their sister sites Fabulous bingo and because i dared to close account with fabulous as it is a rubbish site, my Jackpotjoy account was also closed. apparently if you have more than 1 account and wish to close 1 you close them all - take care.
  88. kammyj123 says:
    I have been a member of JackpotJoy for two years and the first Issue I have is the chat hosts. It seems it is one rule for them and there friends and one rule for 'other players'. I made a statement in chat 'I never win :(' and I was bombarded by users with messages saying 'if you dont like losing then dont play?' I in turn responded by stating that no one likes losing, and, I was immediately banned by the chat host. Support and they told me they cannot reverse decisions made by chat hosts, and that to receive the chat logs I would have to request it in writing. The next issue I have is that it says it pays out 95%. It doesn't. It will give you a nice little win at first, but then it will take it all back and more. I have staked over £9,000 on Jackpotjoy but I will never be staking another £1 on there again. I would NOT recommend this site at all. The servers are poor meaning it will constantly freeze and automatically play your game out for you.
    • Bingo Basher says:
      I know exactly how you feel. The same thing happens at their sister site Sun Bingo - I get a feeling it must be the same "players" because they all seem to gang up on people. They don't complain because they are the ones who win day in day out and get chosen by "Randy" to participate in any side games. The winning names on both sites are very very similar too, as is the quality and quantity of chat.
    • wkdwinner says:
      i completely agree with your comment about chat, i find it awful how if you say something negative you are 'ganged up on' by all the regulars saying ' if u dont like it leave' 'its your choice to be here so go away' etc i have often commented about this is chat as feel bad for the people being 'ganged up on' it verges on bullying on there and some comments get very nasty and the chat host will support the 'bullies' and ban the person who was simply stating they were unlucky etc. if i go on i never open chat anymore to be honest and i havent won more than 10p on there in about 6 months!
  89. babybear07 says:
    I love Jackpotjoy. There's lots of bingo games to choose from and free bingo and free daily games and I have won a bit on this site.........
  90. faysydaisy says:
    HI. I was a member of Jackpotjoy, but unfortunately they have closed down all Australian accounts and i am now looking for a similar bingo - can anyone suggest a similar site for me please?
  91. blonderella says:
    I find Jackpotjoy to be a rubbish site. Over familiarity with hosts which have their favourites, same people winning all the chat games regardless what time of day you go on, players getting muted by finger happy hosts who don't give you a warning. If you are not in their "gang" they just mute you straightaway when the majority of the time their behaviour and language leaves a lot to be considered. having value rooms which people max in and win all day - waste of time. I will not recommend.
  92. I enjoy the free games at Jackpotjoy, i always won every week.
  93. imbonkers40 says:
    I love Jackpotjoy Bingo. I do like the selection of slots and my fave is Double Bubble.
  94. Emma2784 says:
    The BEST site around. Fantastic games, Fantastic hosts and I have made the most amazing friends since joining the site. I love how they put on social events so we can all meet up, both old and new players and that we get to meet our wonderful hosts, support teams and managers. I would and do recommend this site to friends and family and i will continue to . x AycliffeAngel xxxx
  95. kayfaysmam says:
    Jackpotjoy is not the worst site I've played on, but it is far from being the best. I cannot see what all the hype is about, as the bingo rooms do not compare to the likes of William Hill Bingo etc. The prize money is roughly £350-400, but that is when the rooms are linked and the average amount you could win on a full house is £100-130. Rarely is the amount higher & costs 10p-50p. The 2p-5p games have roughly £20 wins on full house. The"more games" lobby does not tell you how many mins to next games so you end up time wasting if one has just started. But the worst thing apart from not having phenomenal cash prize per game is that every time I have played in the evenings the games FREEZE & no one knows what to do. The chat room is loaded with complaints & in the end you have to move on to another room so the game is lost & you do not get your stake reimbursed as it still plays out even though you can't see it - not good!
    • majoan says:
      here here!!! & my games "froze" everytime i played! very annoying when you only have 2TG!!
  96. janus35 says:
    I joined jackpot joy around 1year ago after seeing an advert on tv. I was immediately impressed by the quality of the site having played on some not so good ones. There is an extensive range of bingo rooms and slot games, not to mention the casino choices. I tend to stick to what I know which is Peggle and The Winstones in slots and the bingo, but this has served me well. The hosts are friendly and helpful. Any winnings hit my bank account the next day and overall it is a fun place to be during the evening!!
  97. I have tried other bingo sites and I can honestly say that not one compares to Jackpotjoy. The games are fun, there are lots of bonuses and promotions and so many chances to win money with the free games etc. All the hosts are welcoming and friendly and make playing on that site so much better. I would highly recommend anyone to come along and play not just for games, but for the chat banter and all round friendly atmosphere.
  98. Lisaunhappy says:
    OMG worst site ever. I have played for over a year at Jackpotjoy and wouldn't say loved it, but it was ok. I love reading peoples chat and the different games they had, but recently I won and was very happy, but then I lost lost and lost. Far too much to even think about, so much so I got depressed when I complained to JPJ they didn't care. I'm now taking my complaint further as they say the payout rate is around 95% which can't be. I do see loads of same names winning and same names winning chat games. I played quite a few of them, but never won once. Good luck to everyone
    • timekeeper says:
      Totally agree with what you said. Although I played on site for 2 years and didn't win a penny to withdraw. When I complained about poor payout I had my account closed. Being a compulsive gambler I reopened an account with my same details, which they say you cannot do, and I carried on playing with for another year, but still no luck. I eventually closed this one myself.
  99. natalieh30xx says:
    Jackpotjoy is one of my favourite sites. I love the bingo, love the hosts and the people on the site. It's easy to find your way around and it has great prizes. Not much more you could ask for from a bingo site.
  100. natalieh30xx says:
    Jackpotjoy is a friendly site and easy to use with lots of chat games and brilliant deposit bonus.
  101. Jackpotjoy is one of the best sites I have ever been on and pays out quite quickly too.
  102. Loopi says:
    Used to love Jackpotjoy, but with so many players a £10 depo gets you absolutely nowhere ....unless you are very lucky.
  103. badgirldebs says:
    I've been a member on Jackpotjoy for almost 7years and ive loved every moment there. The members are great and the hosts are great. A great place to have a good laugh when you need one and a place to meet new friends ....keep up the good work guys xx
  104. Gordon57 says:
    I played at Jackpot Joy for several years, but have not bothered since they started to charge for entry to the games. That was optional at one time.
  105. chowchowlean says:
    JPJ is my favourite bingo site. The cms are always so friendly and I have made so many friends there. If you are looking for a great site with fantastic fun and games, then join Jackpotjoy.
  106. angelk says:
    Jackpotjoy is my favourite site of them all. They offer so much and promos are good too.
  107. pieceofcake1 says:
    Can't stand Jackpotjoy anymore. I wager so much money on this site and I have never even won more than £5 and I must have deposited about a grand. I would defo not reccommend.
    • tmarchy says:
      Think u mite be playing the wrong games dude, as I won 1300 in my first day. Play the demos first and see what they're like.
  108. jamesyp20 says:
    This has got to be the worst ever site Iíve played on. Iíve staked about 700 pound since I opened my account with them and not had one prize bigger than 50 pound. There are far better sites like bet 365 Bingo. I find Jackpotjoy boring and the games are so slow and its not my computer or connection because Iím fine when betting on other sites. would not recomend this site - use bet 365 Bingo, Sky Bet or Gala Coral - they actually do give u prizes worth winning -victor chandler also. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
  109. kry306 says:
    Jackpotjoy is a brill site. Number 1 for me. Great bingo, great players and hosts are the best.
    • makeupworld says:
      I agree good selection of games and fun site
  110. topazmandy says:
    I have been a member of Jackpotjoy for a few years, but only recently returned to it on a regular basis. The reason being the return of the fabulously nutty cm lemur or liss as she's known to her friends. I have found the roomies on the whole friendly, the hosts do a sterling job and cannot fault the support staff who are always quick to help with your query and do their utmost to help with speedy responses - something which I haven't found at other sites. If you are looking for a good variety site with fab hosts who are slightly mad then look no further than jackpotjoy.
  111. donnasm1 says:
    I love playing at Jackpotjoy Bingo and my fave game is Zuma slots.
  112. susannah10 says:
    Jackpotjoy is one of my fave sites and great jackpots. I have won on this site, but also lost like many other sites. However the site does have excellent graphics and easy to see numbers for those who may have bad eye sight. There are lots of games and every hour in one of the rooms, it gives you the choice to play for free. Bingo games are fantastic and lots of friendly people. Bonus is really good, plus promotions. Would recommend to all and good luck winining
  113. london22 says:
    Jackpotjoy is one of the best and safest sites to play on. They are very helpful and freindly and make you feel welcome right from day 1. If you want a warm and enjoyable experience it would have to be Jackpotjoy every day.
  114. I like JackPotJoy mostly. BUT they have to fix the issues surrounding media games and quizzes played in chat. I deposit and play (and win) hundreds regularly and enjoy all the benefits that come with that (including the wins :p). But I feel like I'm paying for scroungers to earn a wage on there on the free games. I KNOW (notice the capitals) that there are members that play chat games all day everyday, and free bingo, yet they have either only deposited the initial £10 when joining, or they rarely deposit ongoing. Yet they are able to win up to £105 a week in chat games as well as potentially win on free bingo. That works out at a massive £420 a month or £5460 a year. Believe me they do win that much too. It's not a secret that many of them have multiple windows open during promo times, and they hop from room to room clearing up on games. Then if they reach the maximum player limit of £15 a day you see them requesting that their wins be paid manually by customer support (though I think maybe they have at least stopped that). Christmas was a nightmare, and very, very frustrating to see these people make the most of chat games that paid very handsomely.To hear these people brag in chat about 'clearing up' on the games and winning more than £40 in an hour was awful. I've recently discovered the problem doesn't end there. These same people are also joining the sister sites of JPJ and doing the same there. So as you can imagine the above figures multiplied by at least 3 is quite shocking! In case your maths isn't so good it could possibly be as much as £16,380 a year, NOT including free bingo wins. Please JackPotJoy, put a stop to the scroungers making a wage from all of us loyal regularly depositing players. It's making me sad and angry to see it continuing every single day and I know for a fact I'm not alone. And worse ... seeing some of the hosts encouraging it by telling the culprits that they would do the same if they could, or reminding them with glee that there are no rules to say they cant do it. I've been a member for 6 years now, and I really don't want to leave JPJ, but I will if this continues.
    • Ms Bingo says:
      I think you just have to go into the chat games & out compete them. I was a member of jpj and can't say I ever played the chat games (as regulars always won).
    • lorglenn says:
      Well I have been a member for 3 yrs and deposit regularly and have never won anything at all that remotely comes into even £100. I think I've won about £17 at the most and it does dishearten you from depositing.
    • crackpotploy says:
      I 100% Agree. It's totally unfair on the majority of players, and even discouraging, when certain players and are playing in multiple rooms and on multiple computers in order to get their daily limit of £15 and 'clearing up' as you put it. If there are media games on, then you can go through all the rooms and find the same players names playing in every room. During the night when there are less hosts on its even worse, last week I saw the same 3 names winning again and again, no one else stands a chance. I wouldn't mind so much if they were depositing, if i deposit and lost, i wouldn't mind, however it infuriates me to think my money is being given out to these scroungers, Whats worse is certain hosts don't seem to mind and actively encourage it. And when I call support or write to complain, get a standard response of 'yes we know, we don't care' Here is a better idea jackpot joy...and i know this may seem like a radical idea, but...why not let players who actually deposit win .... THAT'S how you can encourage others to do so, not with all your wacky promos and charity and 'redistribution of wealth', but in good old fashioned in it to win it gambling. THAT'S why i signed up ...and the lack of it is why I left. Thanks, but no thanks jackpotjoy, I've had enough, I've gone to a real gambling site, one that doesn't encourage or promote 'scrounging' and if I lose, at least I know my money is given to someone else who deposits, fair and square.
    • Ms Bingo says:
      odd they should allow this, every other website stipulates you must be a depositing player to participate in chat games.
    • pucchi says:
      I have commented loads of times in chat rooms about spongers ...and been barred ......yes they never deposit always have 1p in accounts......(always get up to £100 bonus when JPJ decide to reward regs most i have had is a fiver , when I play all the time) and always win on chat games you will probably find that they are all vips too and even get the prizes or days out etc there are at least 4 names that reg win whatever is going trips to wherever ..tha garden party last year very strange considering they never deposit JPJ need to sort this like other sites even for free games you need to have a min no of cards to enter chat games or frees .........enough said !!!!!!!!!1
  115. I'm 50/50 about Jackpotjoy. I like it, but on the other hand I find it can get a bit tedious. There are a lot of games to choose from which is a bonus, and the prizes are fantastic... when you win. I spent so much money on it and only won once. Also winners are repetitive. I go on it from time to time, but I'm not a huge fan.
  116. Ms Bingo says:
    I have just closed my account and think it was a long time coming. Really disappointed recently in Jackpotjoy. When I first joined you could play all day with £20 and feel entertained, now you just watch the account balance vanish. People constanly complain in the chat rooms about losing and that puts a dampener on playing when you know that not only are you losing but so are many other people. And I know its gambling but gambling implies a risk for both parties, on that site the only risk is for the player.
  117. soundgirl83 says:
    Jackpotjoy is a great site for a variety of bingo, slots, poker and much more. I have won on this site a few number of times and it was a good couple of hundred each time. Excellent free games to choose from each week,which gives you an opportunity to win free cash or bingo tickets. Also not forgetting the joy points you collect which can be exchanged for cash or prize draws. Overall I totally recommend this site. Is most definitely one of my favourites to play on often. My only 1 complaint though is the min deposit amount which is currently £10. Which would often be a lot easier for me if min was £5 deposit as I'm sure it would be for a lot of others too. However I rate this a 5star site. FUN FUN FUN >>>>>>>go play today>>>>>>>
    • Ms Bingo says:
      You must be a new player, as the only peole winning on this site are new players funded by players who have been there a while. I've played there a few years and never won that much.
    • soundgirl83 says:
      No not a new player - been there for a year or so. But don't understand why you put that funded by players? At the end of the day it's a game - some u win some u lose, but u also have the choice to deposit or not, so surely this means you're happy to be potentially funding some other player then?
    • maxmillion1 says:
      Just like to say I have been with Jackpotjoy for about 8 mnths now and I have won a good few times, but also lost. To my amazement I won 3 times in a week on Jackpotjoy. I first won the Benidorm competion for my holiday snap and story, an all inclusive 7 day holiday for me and a guest. A few days later I won on the new slot Peggle totalling 1700.00 - I was over the moon as i play on a lot of sites and this is the most I have won. I do have to say though it is so easy to get carried away and would advise people to put a limit of what they can afford to spend. As an all round site it is fun and the payouts are very fast. I always get paid out within 2 days and they give big returns on promotions and loyalty bonuses you don't get off other sites. So thumbs up for me on Jackpotjoy.
  118. vixon says:
    Jackpotjoy could be a very good site if they would sort out the technical problems. Numerous times my laptop has frozen and I have had to switch it off. Numerous times being told to press F5 to refresh - been told it must be my laptop - erm I don't think so - it is a top of the range model with fast internet speed and I do not encounter many problems on other gaming sites. it is almost impossible to get the free tickets for the games which are played every 2 hours - and more chance of winning the lottery as there are so many people playing. A lot of repeat winning names here too. Chat games are good and most hosts are good but the technical side lets it down and the customer support is below average.
  119. preparetowin says:
    Jackpotjoy is an excellent site to play on and it is so easy to win some cash here. The Support given is very professional. The site takes care of its customers, giving opportunities to win, and Christmas bonuses to existing customers. There is a good choice of games to play as well as bingo. There is never a problem withdrawing one's winnings. All round a very good site to become a member of.
  120. Petra says:
    Jackpotjoy is a great site, but I wish the members would stop the ganging together and voting for petunia host who is not that good and doesn't know anything really.... There are FAR better hosts on there who are are more fun and gets voted for for real by other members. The regulars gang spoil it for the "real hosts" on there which is a pity, as it's a good site. You can have a proper chat with the hosts, so thank you to all the other hosts on there that are great. Making the cm vote of year a total joke!!! And all ganging together to vote and not voting for who they love best - only voting for their puppy at the moment!!!
    • I think Petunia is a great host and don't think it's right to single out one host.
    • smithy says:
      It is terrible what the regulars do. I know they just decide 1 week to vote for a particular host - that's how they work, so it isnt real is it. Petunia is not a good host in my opinion and only talks about herself and here piercings! So makes cm vote of the year false I think. I like the older hosts they are far less up their own bottoms, but that's just my opinion!
  121. dje9803 says:
    Jackpotjoy is the best site going.
  122. ryry121 says:
    I joined Kackpotjoy a couple of years ago, but must admit I never deposited till only a couple of months ago. The reason for this was I wasn't sure on the site or the wagering requirements, but I had a spare tenner 1 day and thought, ahh let's just give it a go and see what's what lol. Wow I loved it. Love the Price is Right bingo room. Was so different to other games on other sites and the little bonus rounds after each game are great. It's a big site with lots of rooms and slots so loads to chose on what to play. Deffo reccommend any one to try it if you haven't already
  123. happydays says:
    In my opinion Jackpot joy has gone down the pan. I've played at least £20 for 5 years nearly every day. I won a progressive jackpot of £33,000 and I was over the moon, but three years later and I've never had another win that was worth withdrawing - nothing over £20.00. I know you can't win every day andI'm lucky to have won such a large amount, but not one win in three years is very suspicious. Before I won the big one I would have a decent win at least once or twice a month - I think they are trying to get their £33.000 back before I get another win.
    • Ms Bingo says:
      really hard to win there now, especially if you have withdrawn.
  124. murray55 says:
    This was the worst internet gambling site I have used in the last 10 years, and believe me I used a few! The slots never seem to pay any big wins, no matter how much you gamble. I joined Jackpotjoy 2 weeks ago and during this period spent thousands on slots. The biggest single win I had in any session was £180, even then I was down over £500 before I won this. Also in my opinion a lot of the so called "winners" they publish are fake! I just called them and requested they close my account. They did so without any hesitation or reference to the fact I had spent so much money in less than 2 weeks.
    • JPJ took £800 and then closed my account down, because I had requested them close another account on their sister site 2 months previous!
    • bayls03 says:
      I too lost a fortune to Jackpotjoy and same happened with me. I closed my account on Sun bingo so they closed my other accounts without telling me. No care for their customers what so ever. Used to be a great site, but when they changed the every1 started the big losing streak. I now avoid the whole gamesys network.
  125. Janet says:
    It is excellent site. They never rob you. Sometimes there is a hiccup, but that is the internet for you and you either get paid if won or refunded if not paid out. They've never NOT paid a game out to me. The CM's are good fun & also really fair with you and sort out the idiots that do turn up at times. You always gets ones in there thinking going to win big and forgetting that no guarantees as they are gambling. Great site :-)
  126. CAROLINE says:
    I first started playing on Jackpotjoy around 7 years ago and loved it. Since they changed all the rooms I only play about once a month so can't really comment on all the issues others are moaning about. What I would like to say is it makes me roar with laughter when you see stories in the weekly ladies magazines about people who have won thousands on this site with very little wagers.Total rubbish I say and what makes it worse is that they state there winning were in their bank accounts the very next day.The very few times I banked anything it took at least a week to get my winnings.
  127. Natalie says:
    I joined Jackpotjoy back in 2008 as the site looked fun to play on. I spent so much money on the site and I did once win on Bingo Gold and pocketed myself a nice £300. I carried on playing on the bingo and slots and time after time it robbed me! I would have been better off throwing my money in the bin. You find yourself moving from one slot to another looking for a bonus and it's always the same winners on bingo. I did win the jackpot on deal or no deal once, but when I called customer support they told me there was a fault and they would speak to the tech guys! There was me thinking I had won a large sum only to be told 15 mins later "sorry but there was a fault with the game and therefore the outcome of the game was you have won £1.50! I called the head office in Malta and they took all my details and was told I would be contacted back! In 6 months I heard nothing. I called back again only to be told my account was closed and I was not allowed it open again! My whole experience with Jackpotjoy was rubbish and there is no way I will ever tell my friends or family to join.
    • d says:
      If they had any decency they would have paid you the jackpot. What a cheek telling you its a fault, I'd be complaining to the regulatory authorities, I wonder how many time they get away with that one.
    • Paul says:
      Jackpotjoy do not have offices in Malta. They are based in Piccadilly, London and Stoke! This is the problem with reviews, you get people who will just lie cos they got nothing better to do!
    • being objective says:
      They are licensed in Gibraltar and have offices in the UK. The original poster does not know the difference between Malta & Gibraltar, doesn't mean she's lyng.
    • being totally objective says:
      They don't rob you - you're gambling and it's a risk... fgs when are people going to realise this!!!! Plus they are real winners as they are regulated too....
    • ps says:
      I know she's not lying. I won 10.5 k 3 weeks ago, it suddenly disappeared from my account and when I contacted them, they said I had spent it all in 1 day. Still waiting for proof for my legal advisor.
  128. Dawn says:
    I re-opened my account at Jackpotjoy after a while away, but I wish I hadn't bothered. This site drives me round the twist. Constant freezing and getting booted. I tried to log in to the Value room, what a joke. From the time I clicked on to join the room to the time I actually got to buy any tickets was 5 mins, and no, it's not my computer that's the trouble. The customer service is in my opinion shockingly bad. I had waited over a week to receive an email saying my account was reopened and then I was told it would be 14 days, and it still wouldn't be open now if I hadn't contacted them. What a performance it is when you try to contact them. I was left on hold on the phone for 30 mins, so I gave that up and tried live help - could they be any slower? Someone came on help quick enough, but they ask you what the problem is then take ages to answer you. I gave up on the first one after waiting 5 mins for a response, then the second time I stuck it out and it took 15 mins to pass security. They only wanted to know 3 things, I just spent ages waiting for them to respond. I'm a stickler for good customer service, bit I came away from here feeling that they are only interested in your money - there are never any freezing or delays when you are depositing. All in all I think its rubbish and won't be playing there any more.Ii won 10.00 last week and am still waiting for it to go in my bank, but it has been the weekend, so perhaps it won't take too long now.
    • shalala says:
      I am a member there and I saw in chatroom, there were ppl waiting for their money for 2 wks! I guess Jackpotjoy is not a joy when they have to pay out.
  129. Sue Denholm says:
    I read back and see the same poster post over and over again moaning about Jackpotjoy, but still seems to play. It's simple, if it aggravates you that much, Don't play! I liked it, there are some players that are very creepy with the host which I didn't like, I don't like over familiarisation. Never went near the slots so couldn't comment on them as I am more interested in the bingo. I found it reasonable
    • stella says:
      I agree with you, I have been on most sites, seeing which I like best and I have to admit, out of the 100's on offer, I have put jpj in my top three.
  130. KC says:
    Jackpotjoy is a major fail as far as the slots are concerned in my opinion. They don't seem to pay at all. Wouldn't mind the odd win over what your staking, but most wins are 20p on a 50p stake - this is a disgrace and the site is going down hill fast. It's losing popularity. They need to start being fair and paying out fairly, but I for one won't be there to find out as my account is being closed
    • r griffiths says:
      I agree re slots, i did win, but big mistake, withdraw, have not won since, given all and more back, tip..if you win, be prepared to lose till site gets the money back.
    • ex jpj player says:
      same thing happened to me, won a little on the slots, banked it, and never won again. There are so many other sites to play on, you wonder why they do this. I will not put money in again.
  131. anon says:
    I have to laugh at some of the comments saying that they never win when they play at Jackpotjoy Bingo and said it's a bad site if they dont have a win. It is a gambling site after all. I was new to the site a few months back and found the hosts really polite and helpful and made me feel welcome. Even members in the room chatting away said hi. There is the usual tech glitches which can get annoying especially over the free games and freezing on Tiki catch free game, but it is free and quite often when it freezes I win :) I cant find many sites where you can win free cash and don't have to deposit as there are many quizzes and also the fun chat games where you can win cash. I haven't yet won a chat game, but they are fun and some of the things the host says in chat makes me lol. At the end of the day I think some of the reviews are unfair when you're only saying its bad if you don't have a win instead of reviewing the site overall. It is your choice where to play if you don't have a win and don't like the payouts of the games go to other sites and see if you have better luck there :)
  132. michelle says:
    I used to love Jackpotjoy and yes, had bad luck and good luck, but it seems to have gone down the pan. I always play slots and can spin over 100 spins and still no sign of a bonus. I normally play 20p and 40p, but can go thru £200 in a day. When I contact support I am told oh well thats gambling for you and its the same 'copy and paste' reply. Other sites I know of would at least give you maybe £10 to keep you happy and keep you as a customer, but not them, they dont seem to care if you lose your wages. I then set a limit and stuck to it - still nothing - loosen the slots please - I'm not looking to win millions, but some playtime for my money would be nice.
    • Totally baffled says:
      Sorry, but did you go to support and complain you LOST, then expect them to compensate you for gambling your wages? That's your responsibility and your choice to gamble you can't expect the site to be held accountable nor offer any token gestures for you not being able to control your spending, that is just ludicrous!
  133. sylvia/3monkeys says:
    BEWARE IF U ARE A EURO PLAYER. I have been with Jackpotjoy for years and it was a brillant site at first, but since they made changes I find it a total unfair site to the euro player. You cannot not play in over half the rooms AND all the chat games and promotions games seem to be played in the rooms the euro player cannot get in, so you do not get a fair chance as you would a UK/sterling player would. 3monkeys
    • ricky says:
      I would have to agree with 3 monkeys there. When I first joined it was a great site, but after the site did some updating I was restricted to just 90 ball bingo and not allowed to play in the other rooms. The support on this site was polite, but not very helpful. As 3 monkeys has said it is unfair to someone using the euro and you will not be able to play some of the chat games because of this. If you do consider joining this site stay away from the euro and use sterling. Unlucky euro user mismatch
  134. Shelley says:
    Jackpotjoy has become and awful place. No enjoyment here. I have given up trying to play the free bingo games - impossible to get the tickets as the page freezes. Very difficult to play the slot games as they freeze and so do the bingo games. One person alone seems to have the monopoly of the bingo wins, no matter what time of the day/night and no matter what room I am in, you can guarantee this 1 player will win more or less every game. Lots of people complaining, but get scolded at by the chat hosts. Favourite saying is press your F5 button or clear your pc cache. Well I have taken your advice and cleared off from your terrible site!
  135. Sue Jenkins says:
    I have been a Jackpotjoy member for about 6 years now and its like an old friend to me. We have had some ups and downs over the years as with any kind of website, but we always remain friends. I joined JPJ when I got divorced; a few girls at work had recommended the site as I have 3 small children and couldn't afford a sitter to go out and socialise. I understand other players frustrations with games, however after a call with their support team they reassured me that they work very hard to fix bugs, their games aren't fixed-I was sure that Ray Gunn was taking my money ( I even looked in Google and legally they can't fix games!) and that all they care about is their members. It upsets me to read so many negative comments. I have met some amazing people from the site that have helped me through difficult times and will be friends for life. I may not have had a big big win, but I have won enough to treat myself to washing machine, dishwasher and extra Christmas presents for the kids. I think in comparison to other websites I play, the games are really fun with such a wide variety to choose from. The graphics are great and babs is bundles of fun! They have soooooo many promotions to take part in and was lucky enough to have won some treats in a valentines day one. I can't wait to meet her at the Garden Party they are having.....I hope I get a picture!
    • Mr M says:
      Actually the Slot Machines CAN be re-configured to play out less, because of the "Codecs" of each of the games, on-line slots usually have favoured paying out times / periods, however they still have to meet the criteria with the R N G and R T P of each site etc. Prior to its re-launch when there was fewer promotions the slots were a joy to play - good days and bad days, but due to all the promotions the money has to come from somewhere so the slots appear to have been re-configured to pay out less! The more promotions on any site the less slot machines seem to pay out. It's a business at the end of the day!
    • Betty says:
      I feel exactly the same. I get fed up of being told to press my F5 button to reload the pages. I have not been able to get any of the free tickets for weeks now as the site just freezes. I used to play regular, but then I noticed that the same names - and 1 name in particular kept winning all the time - in more than 1 room as well. No matter what time of the day or night, this same name appears constantly as winning. The slot games take ages to load, and if you manage to get one of the rare bonus\'s the game freezes and takes ages to load up again. The payouts have gone very low. There is only 1 chat host who has ever been supportive. The rest of the chat hosts are more concerned with chatting to their little army of \"friends\" - hmmm my personal opinion is that a lot of these \"friends\" are actually other hosts from their circle of sites - just a GUT instinct but the names they use are all familiar sounding and the way they poke their noses into other members comments and gang up on other members is terrible.
  136. Mike Williams says:
    I have played on Jackpotjoy quite a lot and have found the site to be full of bugs and very hard to win any money on. I play on the slots most of the time and have now found them freezing up, especially when you win a game with the bonus round. On one occasion I won the bonus round 4 times, but only won £4 and have never won enough to withdraw. They have a new game on the site called Nut n Bolts and it is rubbish. It will eat your money very quickly and leave you feeling like you have been robbed, so in my view I would say this site only cares about taking your money from your bank and not putting any back into it. Everyone who plays these games likes to feel they have had a game, but when your cash goes so quick it leaves you unfulfilled and that's when you have to add money only to lose it again. If you want to play slots, don't play on this site.
    • Mr M says:
      Update Wenesday 15th June 2011. Many Thanks to those who have contributed /remarked about Jackpot PLOY .com Logged in this afternoon for the free game tooks ages to load when it did it wasn't there got re-directed ,eventually got my free game Tikki catch of the day ( C O T D ) seen all the comments from players saying games not loading game Freeze played the free game slow albeit , noticed the chat seen the HOST explaining the site was having "Technical Issues" A G A I N !!!!!, asked the Host when is it ever going to be fixed Hoat said Technical dept is working on it , told him its not fair to players these Technical Issues happening told the HOST its day in day out alomost each time I am in play , Host replied its being sorted ,ask the Host how long he had been at JPJ he replied a few weeks . told him I have been here 4 years and since this site was re-launched theres Technical Issues almost daily , said we the Paying players are getting fed up with these technical Issues being resolved , thankfully I had a number of players supporting me in the chat room ! All this site is nowadays is a Promotion Orientated site / Social Networking site whereby so many players can Play demo Machines and chat away to the friends they have made over the while . I've not deposited a penny in now in over 3 weeks just playing with the amout I have left in my account on penny slots , JPJ site needs a major investigation then a complete re-fit. Played on another of Gameseys group Site NO Problem with the slots at all !!! but then Paying Players on JPJ are Subsidising all the Free games and Promotions. keep Well all T Y V M Mr M
    • aph10073 says:
      Been on Jackpotjoy for 2 years now now and well out of pocket. Games always freeze when you have put a high stake on. Account to be closed when last few pennies run out. Disgusted. Oh i did manage to win £2400, but got milked of that as well.
  137. RACHEL says:
    Same problem with slots as many others. Various games keep freezing on bonus round far too much for my liking. You end up having to speak to customer services and let's be frank, might as well talk to the cat about it. One point I had to ask the customer support advisor if she had fallen asleep, 5 minutes later I got a reply saying, sorry i am having to deal with two other people as well. When I asked why she was not dealing with me one to one I was told that is common practice as they have over 3 million customers - talk about making me feel valued. You would think with that many customers they could afford to hire a few more staff for customer support. Slots hardly pay out at all, and bingo seems to be same names winners popping up...mmmmm Will never get to bottom of it though as as soon as someone even suggests is strange they are hushed by host or at worst blocked. Finally closed my account when realised was probably more joy in depositing my cash down the nearest drain. Had bonus game frozen on my screen for more than 5 days, they even said I may just get my 20p stake back...what a cheek. After numerous promises of call back I told them to stick it. Strange though because they also then shut my husbands account down without his say so...were they worried we were getting a bit close to the truth? Feel like a total mug giving them my hard earned cash,,,never again.
    • DEB says:
      Had to comment on your review. Made me laugh when you said you may as well talk to the cat! as I know exactly what you're saying. After reading just a few of the reviews here (including my own) I'm surprised this site is still going. There is definitely something very suspicious about this site, especially the fact that if you mention it, you will get booted from the room and making you feel insignificant when you speak to customer services. Appalling service and like you say, you end up feeling such a mug for spending your money with them
  138. Mr M says:
    Wow, I did appreciate reading all the comments!, this is a little long, but well worth perusing in my opinion! JPJ was once a very good site, however since the re-launch back in 2010 I like many hundreds noticed the difference. I started off playing slots 2008, then tried out the Bingo. I had a few nice wins to start with initially. In Autumn 2009 I picked up on these regular same name winners night after night week after week. I supported a number of other players one night in the chat room and politely said I am beginning to have some supspicions about the bingo here; I was immediately private chatted by the room host and I expressed my concern about these regular winners. I was warned to keep such opinions to myself only to find myself muted from the chat platforms across the site. I immediately phoned support which was of little or no help. Same name winners winning large amounts of prize monies week in week out, something very unique about these regular winners was there was never or rarely a T Y or TYVM - nothing, zilch. One such person who was winning night after night was even questioned by a player saying is she a JPJ employee or a Robot. I questioned it politely again, got the private box from the room host. I questioned how come she wins loads and never in all the time I see her win has she ever said the polite TY, you hosts are always telling people to be polite and friendly has this regular winner some special dispensation? Only to be muted once more. Again telephoned support stating how come with this "SP" all this money she is winning and never a Thank You. Support replied players are not always playing the game, could have been prebought tickets ! I replied her name is on the room list. I had been silenced and thats that. I even contacted the regulatory authority which at the time was Malta. I eased back for a week to 10 days, played bingo again in Sapphire and Gold rooms and there again "SP" was winning. One player again remarked does she ever say TY Host at the time said probably pre bought. I checked the room list, well yep "SP" was on the list, I just added the red warning exclamation Icon that was on the icon list adding 'huh hummm?? She won a large Full House prize again a few games later, another player remarked wow her again, she never says ThankYou. However on this ocassion she did actually say TY , amazingly. Was how quick the Room Host said there we are she is a real player not a Jackpotjoy Robot? The room hosts response was just a liitle bit too quick for my liking! Since Re-Launch As many here have pointed out Room Hosts appear to be just a little bit too familiar with some players for my liking, and yes I have seen it - people who raise issues are berated by other players without so much of a warning! The person is either muted or left the room of their own volition. Seen it too when hosts have added not entirley professional remarks about such "Issue Raisers", which is surely not in the protocols of their employment contract? The odds on the slots have been reduced so very many have remarked such. Same too for bonus rounds on slots, they're fewer with reduced amounts. Game freeze on bonus rounds "WOW" happened to me 3 times phoned support and was told by them the game played out on their "Secure Server" they also added the win was "Pre Determined" and have I seen so many have a Game Freeze on a Bonus Round of a players respective choice of slot. Slow Reels / Fast Reels / Blurred Reels so many people experiencing the same problems and raising the issue in chat to be told by hosts press F5 clear out your cache n cookies etc log out log back in, I phoned support they declare its my p.c or my internet connection ( I've been clearing out my cache and checking my internet connection each time before logging in for weeks all is working properly) , I asked why is so many getting the same problem ? support says we're not aware that players are ? I reply night after night its happening to various players , and trust me each time I complain my chosen slot seems to play more erratic each time I log in to play, and I am not a slot playing jackpot chaser I stick with mainly two slots ! So many have said the same, I now have a list of 150+ players over a snapshot period of when I am in play over a one week period with these problems that according to support do not exist? One player in chat one night remarked "would JPJ like us to have a certain type of P.C." another had remarked "I wonder what I S P would JPJ prefer us to use" I also have 50+ ScreenCaptures of players calling for help or remarking about their respective choice of slots. A player politely remarked in the open chat room one day (week before last) " an OnLine gaming site that is not working properly is illegal". Didn't see the player for a few days, greeted him when he came back, thanked him for his remarks asked him did he get muted. He replied yeah a mute ban for 48hrs and a warning through the POST! I was a member of the Jackpoyjoy Forum since 2010. Recently added polite responsible responses to peoples topics. Replied to "Lack of Bonuses on Slots"- the topic was immediately closed. Replied to a number of other topics again politely etc , threads vanished after a few days! Started two topics again responsibly and politely with nothing detrimental or derogatory and had quite a few members reply. Have a transcipt from Live Assistance when I complained about the inconsistency of the slots fast/ slow etc. Again they state there is no apparent problem, it's my p.c or internet connection. It goes further stating any problems on site we are made fully aware because Support is in Constant Contact with Room Hosts and wait for it- MEMBERS ! Question here is, is that the players that are little too friendly with Hosts ? Complained so much with no resolve even had a supervisor from support ring me at home with apology etc. Again its my p.c or internet connection. Defragmented my P.C friday afternoon, run a complete system check on my p.c the result was as always all systems up to date and working correctly , opened my P.C Friday evening checked my Internet connection with BT System working correctly! Bought tickets for the May Hooray £13k Supajackpot game. Game started 10 p.m promptly and I see no tickets, but alas half the room couldn't see their tickets either and I tell you was there some very irate players and justifiably so. The chat was so fast you could hardly keep up with it. I immediately phoned support and after some considerable time eventually got through. I politely said I bought tickets fro the supajackpot game and I cant see my tickets I want a full refund. I am fed up of JackpotJoy and its so called secure servers . Is there a problem the lady at support asked. I replied your'e not teling me you don't know after all this time? I thought Support was in constant contact with not only "Hosts" but "MEMBERS" also? What a night. The room host was more concerned with muting players who had SHOUTED in the room. The odds on slots reduced of course they are, although this is strenuously denied. The up coming Garden Party at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire is going to cost somewhere in the region of £50k upwards maybe £100k, the Free bingo since Re-launch alone costs £3,500 weekly, there's the now monthly supajackpots of £13k and the countless other promotions running. What was once a decent enough place is fastly skating towards the thin ice of the lake. It's saturated with promotions, half of which have to be wagered equalised. It's more Promotion Orientated, than being Player Focused. What they need to realise is the Players are Customers, it's the customers that pay their wages. Without Customers you have no Business. I've contacted Watchdog on BBC, I hope others will too. If there is ever an online gaming site that needs to be thoroughly investigated it's got to be this one for the way they have treated their customers - more so and especially over the last year. I tried to access the JPJ Forum yesterday and today. I log in and am told username and password invalid. I wonder why - because I have spoken some truths? Some may say coincidence. Once is a coincidence, two coincidences maybe unusual, three coincidences raises suspicion, any more than that is Blatantly Obvious. Would I recommend Jackpotjoy to anyone from now on - NO NO and thrice NO. It's more JackpotPloy these days! All good wishes and thanks for reading. MR M.
    • Denise B says:
      Hi Mr M, totally agree with everything you said in your review. I've only been a member for about 3 months. I deposited only once and got the new member bonus of depo £10 play with £30, surprise suprise, didn't win a bean, even when i played at 2.30am in the morning. This site along with Sun bingo (God only knows why they've been voted bingo site of the year) Caesars bingo, Heart bingo, all the same format, and most definitely all the same winners. The chat rooms are full of regulars who I find to be over familiar with the hosts. I've been a member of Gala Bingo for over 5 years and I would never dream of speaking to a host they way half of them address the host. The promos which have changed in the last few weeks are buy tickets or you can't play, what a suprise. This site needs to be investigated - I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS. The free games they play through the day are same winners, amazes me how over 1200 players per game, and it's the same names that keep popping up time after time. You;d have to be pretty dense not to notice something fishy after playing on this after a while. I'll stay with Gala, at least I know my way around the site and I have a few little wins. These sites need to be careful, as I have known a few undercover reporters have gone and investigated the sites and reported and written on their findings. And if I hear one more host or cm say that the site isn't fixed etc etc because is monitored by the gaming bodies I'm going to scream. They obviously aren't aware of the complaints that people air and then are told off like naughty school children or muted or their accounts suspended. Do they think we have an unlimited amount of money to spend and lose, I think not. They all need to be regularly monitored by the gaming commission and we as paying customers should be able to read their findings.
    • Anon says:
      I am a member of JPJ but don't play bingo so I can;t comment on your observation of regular names appearing as winners, but do agree about the slots. I have won small amounts, withdrawn and then find it impossible to win again, I put in £50 this morning and had virtually 50 zero returns, no bonuses, nothing and its not the first time. I feel disappointed in the web site because I enjoyed it so much. I won't be returning. There are online sites that do offer fair returns, these tend to be in the States as I suppose they are more heavily regulated. The Hosts all swear the games are fair and the site is audited, but really, how would they know. You would have to be a forensic accountant and computer programmer to know that. As for the forum chats and the hosts, I don't really read them them so can't comment. I know it's my choice to gamble as it's my choice to go somewhere else.
    • tim r says:
      FYI the Forum has changed address to something else...can't remember what is though lol but that'll be why you can't login :)
    • Jason says:
      Wow just read your post man. I play there too and yeah, Ii have a fair few wins. I play on other sites as well and I don't have problems with any of them :D Maybe you have to much time on your hands in Wales???? I pay, I play and if I win it's a bonus. I do wonder why all the people who moan week after week and sit and monitor games working out percentages - why don't they just wander off elsewhere if they really don't like it? Oh and I have found Jackpotjoy to be the best site for cm's. Most are polite and friendly - go onto Gala or somewhere and nobody speaks!!!
    • pucchi says:
      Well MR M - totally agree with everything you have said, even down to the said garden Party. It is amazing how the so called best site looks after its members ....what I want to know is why is it all the same members that get the best deals... garden party, vip status, win all chat games follow the promos around and all you ever hear is I'm on the 1p bench. Yes I know it's my choice and I am well aware only gamble what you are prepared to lose and a win is a bonus ....exactly. So why are these people allowed to be on this site getting all of the handouts and even have the cheek to moan about the people who actually deposit on the site. I could name loads on here, but it's not my style, but any reg JPJ player will know the names anyway either in chat or in the forum before it changes!!!! Stayed well away from JPJ after the change and when I saw who was off to the garden party .....3 million+ members and the same few names are invited everywhere ....take my advice and steer well clear. I was a member for years and used to enjoy the site, but it's ruined now. For the old ones out there ask yourself why all the great hosts from the early days have left! I have won and banked money on the site - £3K on one win and a few good wins in Gold and Sapphire, but never again for me.
  139. ExJackpotjoyPlayer says:
    I never thought I would write this sort of review but here goes. Jackpotjoy was once the best bingo site, but now a dreadful site that has lost it's way. Beware this site and the chat rooms they are paranoid about any opinion that isn't all out praise, any other point of view is not tolerated. I am a long time player at this site for over 8 years and have totally lost faith in the new management and software and I'm not alone, a lot of long term members have left. Same winners again and again and if you are not a host creeper you will never get a look in for a win or a promo. Same winners for every promotion or game over and over again far more than could reasonably be expected. The games freeze halfway through and if you phone support it is always your computer never their site. Try to mention a problem in the chat room and you get a gang of host favourites jump on you and bully you into silence.These chatroom bullies are sometimes backed by the host who will mock and belittle you until you give up and log out. They have got a chat forum, but if you express any worries about the site, games or chat rooms your posts are removed. I used to play there all the time, but after trying to get issues resolved I have given up and have moved to a site that appreciates my custom.
  140. Someonesnan says:
    In my opinion it is a big mistake depositing at Jackpotjoy Bingo. I could not win even a single line in bingo and the slots definitely seem to be fixed so that you win nothing. However, like someone else said, the whole time you're in chat in slots you'll see a name coming up saying how much they are winning... again... and again and about five mins later again! I asked to close my account and was told this was not possible. I could only self exclude myself! They will keep all my details for FIVE YEARS! What a ridiculous site this is.
  141. Lily says:
    I have been playing slots on Jackpotjoy for over 5 years, but since they updated the site and increased their advertising and host numbers, the payouts have been smaller and bonuses less frequent. I asked for my betting history covering 6 months before the change and 6 months after. They were most reluctant to supply it but when they finally did, it was clear that amounts i wagered after the changes, produced a much lower payout ratio. Chat used to be funny and friendly but now it consists of players just telling us what they've won and sometimes these amounts are so small, I wonder why they bother! Lots of the old faces in chat have left and the laughs are fewer now. The hosts are gods, if you're praising JPJ, you're ok but if not, beware! New players and those who don't bet regularly are more likely to get promotional bonuses. Support agreed that it was to attract them but as a loyal player, I have received nothing.
    • CHRISTINE says:
      I agree with everything you are saying lily. The first time I deposited, couldnt go wrong, a bonus on every game which gets you hooked. Then a bonus every now and again with very little pay outs. In chat 1 person kept on saying how much she had won, large amounts all the time with only £1 max spin they were definitely lying. No-one wins like that all the time. The chat got boring - I said if the person was winning like they said she should stop working and play jpj for a living. I cancelled my account and will not be returning.
  142. senga says:
    I play on Jackpotjoy for fun and so haven't deposited too many times, but for once a bingo site gives you a free bonus worth having. Logged in to my account and there it was - £100. Did not need to deposit - the site gave me this for nothing. It was royal reward. I could play slots, bingo, anything I wanted. More of the same please - luv it.
  143. winplzwin says:
    Jackpotjoy used to be great and had fair payouts on all games, but lately it is impossible to win a thing and its not only me. It's very rare now that you will see somebody in chat who is actually winning. I went thru £1000 in less then 45 minutes on as I had very little wins. Even when I did win it was never above £6 and I was playing £4 a spin. Cop on Jackpotjoy - go back to the way you used to be and stop conning us.
    • allminenow says:
      Been on jackpotjoy for a long time and never won a thing. You see the same names winning on slots and bingo, 3yrs and no win, it's a bit much.
  144. Johnny Be Good says:
    On the time of writing this review I have only played at Jackpotjoy Bingo twice, and on both occasions I have thoroughly enjoyed playing and winning which makes a change. I have not encountered any problems with the software this site uses at all and have played 90% of the games this site offers. The bingo games seem somewhat fairer than what Play-tech Virtue Fusion are offering and run a lot smoother, as do the mini-games, casino and fruit machines - need I go on. The Chat Masters seem ok and are not in your face and are quite helpful, so if you are looking for a relaxed game of bingo or a flutter on the fruits or even a spin on the wheel this is the site to play on. But don`t forget there is always going to be winners and losers, but it`s gotta be worth a deposit just for the bonus, my last words are VERY GOOD LUCK.
  145. Wendy says:
    Jackpotjoy Bingo keeps crashing and the bingo games and slot machine games freeze a lot. It is hard to get a bonus on the slot games and usually they pay very low amounts. I tried to speak to support using instant chat, but I was in a queue for that too. Don't use it anymore as I got headaches.
  146. Anna says:
    It is almost impossible to get the free games at Jackpotjoy as they are only played 10 times per day - but the site is so slow and crashes so often that it is very, very difficult to get the free tickets (which are only available 4 minutes before the games begin. Never had a win on the bingo - same names win a lot and not many people who are actually in the chat rooms either. Slot games freeze a lot whilst playing. Bingo freezes so you can hear the numbers but can't actually see your cards. Support is rubbish - many robot messages when you complain. No refunds or compensations offered. I would vote this the WORST site - shame you don't have a competition for the worst bingo sites.
  147. karen says:
    Over five years ago I joined Jackpot Joy and found it fairly good, but about 18 months ago I stopped playing. I recently decided that I would go back and see if it had improved any. NO it hasn't. In fact it has got worse! After depositing over £200 to play bingo I won £3.52! The payout ratio has got lower and it is the same people who win all the time. Let's just say over 5years my largest win has been just under £30 - given it up as a bad joke!!
  148. Josh says:
    I joined Jackpotjoy about 2 months ago. It is always crashing and the chat hosts are forever telling everyone to press their F5 buttons to refresh the pages! The slot games do not pay out very often - I staked an 80p stake - 20 lines at 4p per line and got the bonus feature which gave me about 18 free spins - I won 64p - ridiculous! Have lost over £400 in 2 months - not had a decent play and only won twice at the Bingo - £16. I won't be going back there again. The site has gone down yet again tonight when I was in the middle of a spin - everyone was complaining about it in the chat rooms - couldn't get through to support via phone - tried many times.
  149. Lady Luck says:
    This was the first time I'd ever used an online bingo site and saw a friend raving about Jackpotjoy Bingo on a social network site so asked how she'd be winning and gave it a go.... I got the triple your deposit bonus, so put in £10 and had £30 to play with. That was at lunchtime and at bedtime I withdrew £100... happy days! Not a penny was from the bingo though, it was all from the scratch card games wins of £2-£50! U have to spend all your £20 free money on bingo cards before withdrawal at Jackpotjoy, but either way I just bagged £90 so I'm a happy bunny... TRY SOME SCRATCHCARDS I'D RECOMMEND IT :)
  150. Amy says:
    I joined Jackpotjoy last year before all the changes. I won here and there, never a lot but enough to keep me playing and it was my favourite bingo site. Once the changes were made in March I just never really won again, and if I did it was practically pence. I have never won more than £40 in there, and that was once. The new bingo is awful, the free games they had that were at first good are now rubbish and despite how many people are playing in a room the jackpot is always pitfully low. Then I joined Gala Bingo and in comparison, I was able to win over £100 7 times and only spent a little as I'm a student. So I don't see how I was able to win in Gala more than once with over 700 people in the room, but couldn't win a single line no matter how many times i played with just 20 in JPJ. The site is a disgrace, money goes quick and never comes back. Until I looked at other sites I didn't think bingo sites would con, now I'm not so sure. STAY AWAY.
  151. Zoe says:
    Well done Jackpotjoy! I was worried there for a bit when you changed your website, but it has brought me nothing but good luck! Last year I went through a really tough divorce where I was left with no social life and no friends. I started chattin on your chat and very slowly built up my confidence again to make new friends, I have even met some of the girls I met in the Lounge room for a nice dinner up north. I really enjoy the chat with my morning coffee with the chat hosts and then having a few games on the 75 ball bingo. JPJ you have helped me so much and I can’t thank you enough, only last month I won a PJ of £864 - I was so excited and the host was great explaining how i withdraw soooooo much money quickly. I so treated myself to a new post divorce wardrobe and I hope my luck with Jackpotjoy Bingo continues and finds me a new man too!
  152. Singlesurreymum says:
    I found jackpot joy a couple of months ago. I used to play on Gala Bingo, but my friend told me about the site and if I joined we would both get a bonus. On my 1st day I had a really big win on the bingo, it was enough to take my 4 kids away to Thorpe Park for the day. Being a single mum it's something I never would have been able to do. I also had a problem with my computer and the chat host was so helpful and they talked me through how to fix it as well as giving me a number for support. In comparison to Gala the games are so much better at Jackpotjoy. I love the frogs, my girls just go nuts when they appear on the screen!! I can't recommend enough for others to join. I'm just wishing for a big pj win to take my girls to Disney world!!! jackpotjoy you rock!
  153. bondgirl says:
    I recently joined Jackpotjoy and had the best time. The bingo was a great way to join the community as I was able to play in the value bingo and dip my toes into the chat. I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first, but everyone was just so nice. Then I won a fiver and everyone so was so happy for me. I will be going back time and again!
  154. xalexx says:
    Well after a few deposits at Jackpotjoy....I first wished i had read the reviews on here. I don't mind losing money, but the speed you lose on this site means you need a healthy wallet.What i found while i was constantly losing was that the same names were winning,the chat wasn't very friendly, as the chatty bunch in there seemed to always be the ones winning....which would make most players chatty and regular I guess...anyone went against or moaned they are quickly pushed aside or the ch would laugh at them,then tell them not to play.I put a list of bets in chat saying seriously due a win,to which ch responded hahahaha all good.Another site that is not interested in entertaining you...would not recommend to anyone - there is much better out there.
    • fiona gordon says:
      Totally agree that this site takes your money as fast as you deposit. Loads of players complaining the slots are never giving bonuses and pay constantly 6p on 20p spin. You come off feeling like you just been robbed. Do not dare to mention in chat or the host will shoot you down.
  155. Viv says:
    I have been a member of Jackpotjoy for a number of years now and this site used to be the best there was... Now since the changes it is not as good. Jackpotjoy has won a number of awards as it was brilliant, but now has too many rooms and can be difficult to find your way around. It is also very slow. I remember playing in sapphire or gold room for fantastic game jackpots. I think the changes have spoilt JPJ and maybe they need to rethink and go back to what was a unique and truly amazing site..
  156. angeljayne18 says:
    Sorry, but since the changes Jackpotjoy has gone down really badly. I think you have to be very wealthy to play here now. You never ever get a win anymore and the same winners names pop up all the time. There seem to be favourite players at Jackpotjoy. All the good slots have gone and have been replaced by the more expensive video slots, the bingo is now like something out of the 1980s. I used to really love Jackpotjoy, but now I am gettng my coat and going elsewhere as I am totally wasting money. They may think they are the still the best bingo site, but there are better bingo sites out there where you will get a win but not this one I'm afraid.
  157. may field says:
    Be very careful on this site,there`s a lot of money to be won at Jackpotjoy, but you are very unlikely to get any of it. Same names constantly win and if you say anything you are shouted out of chat by `regulars` who have their own little `cliques` going on-and you will even be banned from chatting by bossy hosts.The progressive jackpots can be massive-like 150 grand-and the odds of winning one are obviously very low-so you have to wonder how some people manage to scoop 2/3/4 and even more of these jackpots...? Is it random..? Is it...? Since it`s new update recently, the site has become extremely unfriendly, players have no time for newbies and you will be chased from the chat room by the hosts if you dare to give a negative comment about the site or mention another site. I think they`ve forgotten this is great britain-the land of free speech. You can very easily get out of your depth spending on this site and they have no `cooling off` system, whereby you can stop yourself playing for a couple of weeks or so just by clicking a button. You have to ring support to do this-but then you can set up your playing account again at any time-so not much point in that is there..? Beware as it can become quite addictive as you continue to spend hoping to win back some of your losses-then you will have sleepless nights wondering how you became `a gambler` and how you`re going to replace the money you`ve lost. They offer `gifts and freebies` but after over 2 years of playing i never saw any.In a room with a guaranteed win of £50 and only 23 players the other night the same person won time after time after time until other players - including myself - got fed up, slowly drifted off and left the room, which was very strange to say the least.I`ve decided not to go back to this site which has lost a lot of players since it`s change over and i`ve never seen so many people complain that they`ve lost so much money - when the hosts aren`t around of course ! So...don`t say you weren`t warned !
  158. anne says:
    I joined a few weeks ago and the games are good however, as this site boasts one of the biggest memberships I find it hard to believe that there seems to be only a handful of people capable of winning on here. Each bingo room seems to have a batch of regular winners and after sitting and waiting for one number for what seems like an eternity only to see one of the regulars names yet again. It can get quite disheartening. The games are good but I would say be careful.
  159. John says:
    I have been a member for sometime now and on the whole I like this site. They give alot of free cash away with promo's and lots of free cards for cutie games. It's quite good for entertainment, the hosts are friendly and most are helpful. There are a few less experienced newer hosts who seem trigger friendly on the mute button though. If you join ask for help off the older hosts, they are generally more pleasant and much more experienced. The quantity of games are excellent, however this site freezes all the time. I have played on many sites and it doesn't happen anywhere else.
  160. Chris says:
    This site can be very good, but you can also lose alot of money if you try chasing the big jackpots, like Ive done in the past. Ive been a member since Sept 2006 and so far never won a PJ, when Ive spent around £400-£500 trying to win one. The good thing is the bingo is top draw and they have very good slots, it is my favourite site.
  161. nonsense says:
    I have been a member of this site for 2-3 years, and it just gets better and better each day. The games are brilliant and the chat is even better! I would highly reccomend this site to you as a dedicated bingo player! Yhank you Jackpotjoy you have made my bingo experience an unforgettable one.
  162. Annie says:
    Had some fun on this site in the early days but now I just feel like a jackpotjoy casualty lol! I'm not normally a bingo moaner but agree with other comments that this is definitely a site for the chosen few, or big gamblers if you like. Its near impossible to get a win these days and it is always the same winners....you can look at the player list and predict the winners on this site and 99% of the time you get it right. The CMs are pleasant but do have their band of followers and chat rooms seem very clicky. Good luck if you try the site, if you win bank and run!
  163. dave andrew says:
    Ive spent alot of money on this site but have never won anything, the same people seem to win all to often for my liking. I find the odds on these (players) winning as often as they do very unlikely, and if you dare to question this with the hosts you get put down and are made to look a fool. The regular players jump to the defence of the host/site and shout you down, from then on you are ignored. the site has some very good graphics, and high payouts, but only for the chosen few.
  164. adekemi says:
    For me, this is the friendliest site I have come across. The payment is fast, you get support when you need it, and they are generous when it comes to giving cash - not just bonuses. I love jackpotjoy, it's like home.
  165. rach says:
    Was looking forward to playing on this site due to all their recent promotions, but was very very dissapointed. The bingo is impossible to win. I did get a good win on the slots and tried to withdraw it but due to their 1st withdrawal rules had to spend most of it before i could get my hands on MY winnings!! Beware of this rule!
  166. Anne Hopkins says:
    I have played on this site for 18 months now, and its one of the best gaming sites on the net. However, there would appear to be three kinds of winner on this site (exlcuding the biggest winner of all which is obviously jpj themselves!). Winner 1 = the majority who will have the odd win here and there, pretty much the same as land bingo. Winner 2 = the repeat winner day in day out. Winner 3 = the elite class, same as winner 2, plus the added bonus of several progressive jackpots wins on both bingo and slots! How I wish I was in category 3 and not category 1 lol! In all seriousness its a great site to play, but please be careful, just because you see the same names over and over doesnt mean it will happen to you! There's a lot of sad stories to be heard in the chat rooms of overspends etc etc. Give it a try -but stay in control!
  167. Annie says:
    OMG! This place is so greedy. The same people win on bingo, the slots are so tight. Believe me, you will lose a lot of your money on this site. Tread carefully, as even if you win a little bit and withdraw you will not win again you will end up putting it back on and lose it as thats what they want you to do.
  168. Lola Bowes says:
    I have played on many sites and have found this site to be one of the best. The hosts are friendly and the guys on support are always very helpful. I have regular wins on here though do agree you see the same winners over and over again.
  169. anon says:
    I have been on this site for four years and, if it was not for the fact I had personal friends there, I would be gone. Chat hosts are on an ego trip, talking down to people, rude people and swearing is not treated well enough. Used to be a good site, badly going downhill. The site is so paronoid about its image its laughable. Most chat subjects are taboo unless it is about the allmighty jpj. Bingo seems to be the same old winners time and time again. If you question it you are criticised badly by the hosts. Remember hosts, it's players that make sites, we can vote with our feet and wallet. Start giving respect, you are not gods. One last thing - why do JPJ think they are above critisism? They really don't like it.
  170. Anne says:
    I have played many sites and even though this one seems to favour a chosen few more than others, I find this one the best to play because if you are lucky enough to get a win then it's usually worth it! I do have to say though that there does seem to be a pool of regular winners, and I mean regular. So regular, in fact, that even i have questioned the 'pure luck' theory myself. Doesn't seem to matter what time of day or night you play, you WILL see the same names over and over. But as I said, if you can get over this and get a win, then the money is good. My advice if you are lucky enough to win here is to bank it!
  171. Nicola says:
    I have tried a lot of bingo sites and this one I have to say is the most expensive of the lot. The chat hosts are very strict. It used to be fun and you could get a win but now you can't win anything at all. It's the same winners. This site is going downhill im afraid big time.
  172. Clare says:
    I've played at so many sites and this is the only one I stick to. I closed all my other accounts as I never seemed to win and if I did it never covered my losses that day. This site has its moments when people keep winning time after time but generally it is very entertaining, there are so many choices of rooms and types of play. The only suggestion I can give them is to offer a bonus or loyalty which doesnt happen like other sites do. But out of all the sites I have played I recommend this one and this one only. Please beware of other dodgy sites.
  173. A Hopkins says:
    Decent wins here, you just have to bide your time and not mind seeing the five or six luckiest bingo players in the UK cleaning up day after day!
  174. Jammer G says:
    I never post on these type of sites, but I feel like I have to speak up for all my favourite Hosts at Jackpotjoy. I've tried a lot of sites, but I've never been more entertained then when I'm playing the Bingo Chat games at Jackpotjoy. The prizes aint to shabby either, and they make other sites look stingey! Special thanks to Bev and Chris - the hosts with most!
  175. Janet McDermott says:
    Jackpotjoy has got to be the best online bingo and slots site I've ever seen. The jackpots are always huge and there's always really great promotions being put up. The site design is clean and clear, and people seem to always be winning hundreds of thousands. Plus, a lot of other sites seem to just try ripping them off! As for the hosts, I've never come across a warmer bunch of guys!
  176. Anonymous says:
    I have been reading some of the reviews on the site and have been quite shocked!! I have been a member of jackpotjoy for 3 yrs and think the site has got better and better! There are constantly new games arriving on the site and the jackpot can be huge (haven't won any large sums as yet but a couple of reasonable wins). I think the hosts being very strict is a good thing, i'm fed up with some other sites and seeing idiots swearing all over the chat rooms! And the hosts still run quizzes i played one yesterday and won a £10, and any questions have had in the past have all been answered! it has to be the best sight out there.
  177. Anonymous says:
    The site used to be fun but as others are saying its awful now you cannot talk about anything your topics are restricted. You cannot critise the site in any way it is not tolerated people are randomly banned to keep players in check. And they are only interested in new players while the game jackpots are good the levels of win suggest something needs looking at.
  178. jpjplayer says:
    I've never seen a site so concerned about its own image as this one. They're so paranoid and always try to be so defensive whenever challenged. Their prizes are way bigger than any other site out there and they probably feel they can do whatever they like. They forget that it's the customers and customers alone who enable them to run in the first place. It is very true what the other reviewers are saying- you really are treated in a very derogatory way. The worse thing about it is that it is very expensive to play if you want to guarantee a win, and when you are paying so much money you should expect to be treated with some respect. Lots of us go back because the prize money is good, but I know a lot who feel like they are being treated by a dictator.
  179. Anonymous says:
    Been on jackpotjoy for a few years now and the games are good. this site runs chat promotions that do seem fixed as a lot of the same names regulary get picked. Chat with other players is great except a minority who spoil it but you get that everywhere. as for the chat host most are great to chat to and friendly but a few have let that go to their heads which is a shame as it can spoil a great night of chatting. This site can feel schoolish with all the petty rules that it seems some hosts do not have to adhere to. also petty name calling can happen when things do not go as they want to. A great site if you prefer games to chatting though.
  180. Anonymous says:
    This site is is ok as far as games go, although it is very difficult to actually see profit from your deposits. I dont believe the chat facility to be very good at all. The community itself is lovely and the welcomes from regular players are brilliant but I do not like the way players are treated by the hosts/chat moderators they seem to act like they have a godly appearance and I felt like I should not talk incase I said something "wrong". The prizes are reasonable and build up very well such as the progressive jackpots. but I feel this is the only good thing about this site. I do not believe I will return as I like to chat while I play.
  181. Anonymous says:
    Jackpotjoy is exciting- both visually and as an experience. Game Jackpots are by far the best anywhere to be found, sometimes over £700 . All cards are randomly selected. PJs are won a lot and build up very quickly. Instant games are available on the same site, and jackpots are regularly won by different people. Jackpots can be asbolutely massive; as I write , within 24 hours both 17k & 52k jackpots were won (not by me, sadly!!). The only downsides are : sometimes the 24 hour payout takes more than 24 hours, and most end up re-spending the money (and often losing). Chat Hosts are fantastic. Bonuses are in the form of points which can be entered for i-pods, plasma TVs etc.. I must comment on the 'speed of games' - numbers are called out quite quickly, which makes games more exciting (some sites are so tedious); they happen every 6 minutes, regardless of how quickly they are won. You can buy up to 10 in advance.
  182. secrets69 says:
    I've been using the site and found the chat community more appealing than the games, can work out expensive, and be carefull of the school teacher like hosts, not much fun being treated like a 10 year old on an over 18 site.
    • I agree entirely about the 'school teacher' hosts! One or two of them are dreadful - a little bit of power gone to their head! As for the chat rooms -if you want to see the same players winning the chat games, quizzes etc then this is the site to be on. And if you want to watch players sucking up to the hosts and the little clique that appears in each room then it's the site for you. I tried and voted with my feet. Just don't waste your time and money.

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