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Updated February 19, 2024
Dubbed an ‘entertainment phenomenon’ by Lonely Planet, Bingo Loco is as far from a traditional bingo hall game as you could possibly get, and yet it still centres the thrill of bingo that we know and love.

bingo loco hall review

Discover the high-energy Bingo Loco rave that offers a bingo night out with a difference and transforms the game into a highly-rated stage show. Hitting massive venues across the UK, Ireland, America, and Australia, Bingo Loco promises dance-offs, confetti skies, and unforgettable prizes.

If you want to bingo and party, Bingo Loco could be the perfect option for you. (If you’re looking for more traditional bingo, we can offer you many more options.)

Bingo Loco Review


Hailed by Lonely Planet as an “entertainment phenomenon,” Bingo Loco is a big, bingo night out which tours venues worldwide. We think the T&Cs say it all: “Our show includes references to sex and alcohol with music played at high decibel levels throughout”).

A Bingo Loco session covers three games and the rest is all in the name of entertainment! Groove to the hottest tracks of the decades, enjoy drinks that flow all night, go home with confetti in your hair, and join in epic dance-offs and show off your moves on the dance floor. 

A ticket, priced around the £20 mark, includes entrance and a bingo book/marker. Seats are first-come first-served (as if you spend much time sitting down!). It’s possible to buy a gaming only or entertainment only ticket to opt out of the show or bingo. 

Doors open an hour before it all kicks off. We’re not sure exactly when you can expect to be on stage, wearing a glow stick crown, under a confetti shower, collecting your ten-foot teddy bear, but we do know there’s loud music, strobe lighting, flashing lights, and megaphones.

The brand has massive reach, particularly among a younger demographic. Social media is a key driver, helping virality and the quick sell-out of large venues, with the ‘hype crew’ delivering top-notch customer service. Their headquarters are based in Dublin.


In between ‘traditional’ bingo, you can expect minigames that range from silly to embarrassing; if your idea of hell is picking up a phallic shaped toy without using your hands, maybe you could try another bingo party? A Bingo Loco highlight is the infamous rave round which is ten minutes of intense dancing to club night tracks. 

All the money spent by players on their gaming stakes will be combined to form the total prize fund, meaning the more people play, the bigger the prizes get. You could win a 12 pack of beer or a TV. Novelty prizes include a cardboard cut-out of Boris Johnson, a lawnmower, an air fryer, and a giant unicorn cuddly toy (similar in randomness to Bada Bingo). Or you could win a big-ticket prize like an international holiday or even a car.


This is an experience with the focus on fun, not food. The drinks flow freely, keeping energy high and the party going strong. While you won’t find a three-course meal, you’ll discover a poppin’ atmosphere. For a bingo experience with an impressive backstory (the idea was conceived in North Kurdistan by two Dubliners), Bingo Loco knows how to serve. In truth, the majority of the audience are likely aged between 25 and 35, but a 79 year old celebrated their birthday Bingo Loco style.

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