Bingo That’s Bonkers Live

Updated February 19, 2024

If you’re after a bingo experience that is as unforgettable as it is enjoyable, then Bingo That’s Bonkers might be the game for you.

Bingo Thats Bonkers Live review


Bingo That’s Bonkers Live

Love bingo but tired of being shushed by the neighbouring table? Well, a new wave of live bingo has hit the nation. It’s a lively experience that blends bingo with music, dancing, party games, and more.

With an energetic twist on traditional IRL bingo, Bingo That’s Bonkers infuses a party atmosphere into the classic bingo setting. While you can still enjoy some of your favourite one-line, two-line, and full-house bingo, these events go beyond, providing any player that fancies it to cut loose, win bonkers prizes (quite literally), and bop away to the best sing-along classics.

Come and see what’s behind the doors of this exciting concept, and what sets these nights apart!


Firstly, know that these nights aren’t small (or quiet!) affairs – expect plenty of people tasked with enhancing your experience, including hostesses, MCs, and live DJs. 

Bingo That’s Bonkers is hosted in different locations every time at private venues like theatres, halls, and clubs. Bring your own daubers or purchase an optional bag for a few pounds on the night that contains a pen, standard party paraphernalia like glow sticks, whistles, and cheeky blow-up dolls. 

In between the paper bingo games, you can volunteer yourself (or your friends for that matter) for a wide range of party games which, be warned, might involve stage participation. 

There are dance breaks triggered by specific call numbers. Games that include wax strip challenges. Dance offs. Dress up singalongs. Or even cucumber chomping contests. The more bonkers the idea, the more chance you have of Bingo That’s Bonkers doing it!

The atmosphere is lively, with laughter, confetti showers, loud music, and occasional disruptions from water pistols. It’s a blend of traditional bingo and unexpected, entertaining twists. Plus dancing. There’s always dancing.

Celebrate in style with the Bingo That’s Bonkers ‘birthdays & VIP’ service that includes free goodie bags, a free birthday cake, and other surprises.


Ticket prices vary depending on venue and are around the £20 price point for a three-hour show. We’ve spotted party packs for four people and cheaper early bird tickets too, so keep an eye out for those.

Prizes vary from air fryers to kettles, shopping vouchers, and everything in between. 

Ultimately – don’t be surprised at what you might win.


Food isn’t the focus at Bingo That’s Bonkers but if you’re hankering for a drink, we know Bonkers can provide. Don’t forget – these are essentially nights out so don’t expect a three-course meal!

We think that as more people look for an experience that a) doesn’t break the bank and b) provides hours of entertainment, we anticipate these events will get even more popular. There’s certainly an appetite for bingo that gets us out of our seats and onto the dancefloor, and we know that tickets sell like hotcakes. So keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events.

With a night nearly every month, from Lanark to London and Llandudno, you’ll no doubt find a Bingo That’s Bonkers event near you.  If you’re looking to get your eyes down and let your hair down, Bingo That’s Bonkers serve. We say – get yourself to whichever one you can – you won’t regret it!

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