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The Figs in Wigs performance group write, direct, choreograph, compose and perform all their productions and have performed in venues from Manchester’s HOME theatre to Somerset house. Their reputation is growing in new circles thanks to their hugely popular Astrology Bingo events, which are appearing at venues around the country to the delight of bingo players and creative theatre lovers alike.
Figs In Wigs Astrology Bingo Review

For anyone new to astrology, here’s a quick 101. The stars have a lot to say about you, from what makes you tick to what makes you a catch. You can find out what they have to say with your birth chart. A birth chart is more than your monthly horoscope; it shows the position of the sun, moon and planets when you were born and, supposedly, this reveals quite a bit about you. Your birth chart is totally unique to you. Who doesn’t love a main character moment?


You’ll hear your sun and moon signs talked about a lot. Meanwhile, planets have their own meanings. Mars is thought to reveal your raw, instinctual parts (wink wink), while Jupiter speaks to your philosophies on life. There’s a lot going on in the heavens. But don’t worry, you don’t have to know any of this to join in with Figs in Wigs Astrology Bingo. The night is for astrology aficionados, newbies, and sceptics alike.

When you sign up for your ticket, you complete a short form providing Figs in Wigs with your birth date, time and location. Figs in Wigs handle the rest. The posse create a personalised Astrology Bingo card for everyone taking part on the night. You don’t need to know any of the jargon, just keep an ear out for “sun ascending” or “moon in Virgo” being called out to the masses and dab out any matches on your bespoke card. The first player who dabs them all out and calls “bingo” is the winner!

Figs in Wigs original, Rachel Porter, revealed that the quintet’s obsession with all things astrology began way back in 2018 after a group reading. Their unique Astrology Bingo show blossomed as a result. Since then, Astrology Bingo has taken off like a rocket, touring venues around the UK from Thatto Heath Labour Club in St Helens to Adnams Spiegeltent in Norwich.


First things first: buy your ticket! Once you do, you’ll receive an email link to complete a Google form requesting the information Figs in Wigs need to create your personalised bingo cards (birth date, birth time, and birth city). Every audience member will receive one, with the bespoke content determined by your birth chart. On arrival you’ll pick up your cards, get seated and have a marker and bingo dabber at the ready. Forget your classic bingo numbers, the card will be adorned with the planets and zodiac signs relevant to you.

It wouldn’t be a Figs in Wigs event without a performance, so expect to hear about the different zodiac signs in style. Naturally, Figs in Wigs will do more than just announce each planet and sign for you to dab. Expect your fair share of eccentricity as the team create an immersive world of stars, planets, moons and signs in which the game will take place.

The evening is composed of six games of Astrology Bingo, using two cards. The cards are circular rather than being laid out in rows and you’ll start by trying to complete one section for a bingo, then two, then the entire card. If you get bingo, just call it as you would in a usual game. There are several prizes on offer for winners, all of which will be a surprise on the night. The events typically start at 7pm and will last approximately two hours with intervals, so if your complimentary glass of prosecco runs dry head straight over to the bar.

If you’re arriving with a large group, it’s requested you arrive a tad earlier to make sure you are all seated together.



While the prizes are a big part of the fun, it’s probably not going to be a five-night stay in Mallorca that’s up for grabs at Figs In Wigs Astrology Bingo. However, the prizes will be very much on brand with the vibe of the evening and well worth getting competitive for.

You can expect to play around six games of bingo across the course of the evening, with multiple opportunities to cash in your luck and win what’s in the surprise stash on the night you’re playing.


There will be complimentary snacks and either a soft drink or glass of prosecco available to audience members from the bar. Afterwards food and drinks will need to be paid for from the venue.

If you do plan on buying additional food and drinks, then it’s worth bringing cash in case there’s a minimum spend on your debit card at the particular venue you’re visiting.

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