An Expert Guide to Online Bingo Lingo

Updated February 29, 2024
1TG, GGA and CYA! If you’re playing bingo online for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve slipped into a foreign country where they speak a strange, incomprehensible language (and we haven’t even got started on the bingo calls).

Bingo lingo is a form of short form language that’s built up over the years among computer users and been adopted and adapted by online bingo players to make chatting faster in the bingo rooms, with abbreviations and special terminology that only serves to confuse the unwary, but is very friendly when you get used to it.

If you’re feeling more than a bit confused, you’re not alone! Our complete guide to bingo lingo will have you chatting with confidence and playing like a professional in next to no time.

Bingo lingo demystified

Acronyms abound in online bingo, largely due to the amount of chatter that goes on within the game chat rooms. Abbreviations are faster to type so they help the conversation keep moving at a rapid pace, but if you’re just starting out, you’re probably wondering what on earth is going on! Here’s a list of the most common bingo lingo and chat room abbreviations and what they mean:

  • ASAPAs soon as possible
  • 1TGOne ball to go until bingo
  • 2TGTwo balls to go until bingo
  • BRBBe right back
  • AFCAway from computer
  • AFKAway from keyboard
  • AFAIKAs far as I know
  • B4Before
  • BBLBe back later
  • BBSBe back soon
  • BFFBest friend forever
  • BLNTBetter luck next time
  • BTWBy the way
  • CHChat host
  • CMChat moderator/manager
  • COICome on in
  • CYASee you (later)   also
  • CUSee you
  • DMDirect message
  • DabberThe virtual marker you use to mark off your numbers when they are called
  • Eyes downThe game is about to start so take a look at your ticket
  • Full house (FH)When you mark off all the numbers on your bingo ticket
  • FAQFrequently asked questions
  • FFHFor full house (numbers needed)
  • FYIFor your information
  • GGGood game
  • GGAGood game all
  • GLGood luck
  • GLEV1Good luck everyone
  • GMGood morning
  • HAGDHave a good day
  • HBHurry back
  • HHISHangs head in shame
  • ICMYIn case you missed it
  • IMHOIn my honest opinion
  • JK Just kidding
  • JPJackpot
  • KKOk, cool
  • L8RLater
  • LOLLaughing out loud
  • LMAOLaughing my ass off
  • NPNo problem
  • NSFWNot safe for work
  • NVMNevermind
  • OAROn a roll
  • OICOh, I see
  • OMGOh my goodness
  • OnWhen you’re one square away from winning
  • PMPrivate message
  • PLZ/PLSPlease
  • PMSLPeed myself laughing
  • Postage stampWhen you get a square of four numbers in the corner of your ticket
  • PPLPeople
  • ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
  • RoomiesThe other players you’re playing against in the chat room
  • SMHShaking my head
  • SOSignificant other
  • SOHFSense of humour failure
  • SRYSorry
  • SWLScreaming with laughter
  • SYSSee you soon
  • TCTake care
  • THXThanks
  • TMIToo much information
  • TTFNTaTa for now
  • TTYLTalk to you later
  • TYThank you
  • TYVMThan you very much
  • TXThanks
  • U2You too
  • ULUnlucky
  • WBWelcome back
  • WDWell done
  • WDWWell done winner
  • WTGWay to go
  • WTHWhat the heck
  • WYSIWYGWhat you see is what you get
  • XOXOHugs and kisses
  • ((      ))Hugs
  • YWYou’re welcome
  • YAWYou’re a winner

This list will help you converse with confidence when you’re chatting to other players online. It’ll also help you understand what the heck is actually going on. Don’t worry if it’s all a bit confusing at first, once you’ve been playing for a while the lingo will start to come naturally. It is all built around common sense and most sounds like how it looks, so jump right in and start chatting. Making new friends and having a laugh should be what playing online bingo is all about.

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