What You Need to Know About Know Your Customer Rules (KYC)

Updated February 14, 2024
Millions of players will agree that playing on bingo sites, slots sites, or casino sites is a lot of fun! But before the games (and payouts) can begin, there’s something that players must complete first. Welcome to Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.
Know Your Customer Rules (KYC)

KYC is the name for the verification process that supports the safety of players. It’s a security measure to ensure players are who they say they are, and that the right person has access to funds.

If your panic alarm is ringing right now, don’t worry. KYC is a standard and legal requirement put in place by the UK Gambling Commission for all reputable online gaming platforms from casino to bingo and everything in between. In fact, if you’re not asked for ID for gambling sites to prove who you are, that’s a red flag!

Is KYC Necessary?

Absolutely. Verifying the identity of players protects both players and the site itself. It prevents fraud, identity theft and underage gambling (it’s a criminal offence to open an account if you’re under 18.) Online platforms have a legal and regulatory responsibility to the UK Gambling Commission or other relevant authorities to ensure everything is above board.  You may have seen numerous articles on WhichBingo highlighting where operators have been fined or even lost their licence for falling down on this aspect of being a licence holder.

What Documents Do You Need?

Exact requirements will differ depending on the platform, but you’ll likely be asked to provide both an identity verification and an address verification in the form of:

  • One identity document such as a driving licence, ID card or passport.
  • One proof of address document such as a driving licence, bank statement or utility bill.
  • When it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds, you will be asked for a proof of payment method to identify the bank account registered to the player account. 

What Does The Process Look Like?

You may find KYC checks are required during or after registration, or before your first withdrawal. Here’s the basic steps of the KYC process:

  • Register or login to your account.
  • When prompted, take a photo or scan your documents.
  • Complete by clicking upload or submit (exact wording may differ.)
  • Congrats, now you can play your favourite bingo games!

Consider that there may be a verification stage. Document approval isn’t always automatic, and the site you’re registering with may take a short time (normally a matter of days) to verify your info. Be patient and check your emails regularly (including spam!) for updates.

5 Tips for Easy KYC

  1. Sites can decline bad quality/blurry images, so aim for high picture quality and for all details to be easily read on the screen. 
  2. Make sure your documents haven’t expired. For example, that your utility bill is from the last three months. 
  3. Type out your information carefully. Personal details such as DOB or address must match what’s on your documents or you could delay your registration.
  4. Keep the copies of your documents in a secure digital folder that only you can access. If they’re in one place, they’re to hand when you choose to open an account with a new online bingo site.

Have a look at KYC in the wild from a range of bingo sites! Familiarise yourself with the language.

Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer

Still Got Questions? Check Out These FAQs

Are my documents safe?

All existing and new casino sites, new slot sites, and new bingo sites are legally obligated to protect your information and provide assurances that it’s kept secure. Your privacy and data security are a priority.

Do KYC checks affect my credit rating?

Nope. They’re just soft credit checks, so your credit rating will be unaffected. Rest assured, KYC is about verifying your identity, not impacting your credit.

And Finally, Main Takeaways

Yes, KYC is about compliance and ensuring a secure and trustworthy gaming environment; confirmation of ID for gambling sites is crucial. But these checks also contribute to a positive space where players can have confidence that everyone they’re playing with is genuinely who they claim to be.

Designed to ensure a safe gaming experience, KYC allows you to play and withdraw with a site that prioritises security (and promotes responsible gambling!)

We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of KYC. 

So what are you waiting for? Find yourself a bingo site that offers a great experience and start playing today.  

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