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Lucky Charms for Bingo Players

Do you have a lucky bingo charm that you use when playing a tense game? You’re not the only one!

If you are a regular bingo player, no doubt you will have at least once looked up how to win at bingo. There are so many different bingo tactics online like when the best time to play is and the number of cards that you should play, however, what many will not tell you about is lucky charms!

Of course, not everyone is going to believe in the power of a lucky charm but for many, this is what they put their faith in when they play bingo online. In fact, nearly half of all bingo players have admitted to having a lucky charm, or a ritual, that they believe will help them with good fortune in bingo games.

Can you really ever be too lucky playing a game of chance such as bingo? Here are some of the popular bingo charms used by players that you may not have previously considered.

Lucky Seats

Lucky Charms for Bingo

First up, we have a lucky seat. This is something that you may already do without even really knowing it. When you arrive at the bingo hall, you, or someone that you know, may have a seat that they must always sit in. It’s their lucky seat! This all has to do with familiarity and feeling comfortable in a space that we know. This positive energy will then, hopefully, attract the positive results that you are looking for in your bingo games.

Lucky Coins

We’ve all heard the rhymes about luck after finding and picking up a penny and it turns out many players believe this to be true. Finding money, even if it is just a penny, is a sign of good fortune and lots of players like to place their lucky penny on their bingo card to help win any big jackpots.

Lucky Numbers

Lucky Charms for Bingo

Lucky numbers are common and vary from person to person. They are very personal and usually correspond with important dates in someone’s life such as an anniversary or a birthday. Numbers play a big role in any bingo strategy and you will find many people even tend to create a whole strategy around their lucky numbers.

Luck of the Irish

Lucky Charms for Bingo

This is a phrase that everyone knows, as the four leaf clover is a good luck symbol or charm widely recognised around the world. This is Ireland’s national plant and the three sections represent love, faith and hope. The four leaf clover is considered very lucky as these are a rarity to find! This fourth leaf is said to represent fortune and is a favourite lucky charm amongst many bingo players.

Lucky Horseshoe

The horseshoe has long been considered a lucky symbol and you will find this among many player’s personal accessories, such as a piece of jewellery. This is one that is best used when playing online bingo as you can place it on the wall or above your front door to bring luck to your household. Otherwise, a miniature version on a keyring, say, would work well for a visit to your local bingo hall.


You will hear often people referring to an item of their clothing as being lucky. For instance, lots of players will have a lucky jumper or hat that they love to wear. What makes clothing a lucky item to some? It can be anything from the colour of the item to its sentimental value. You may even find at your bingo hall players who wear the same outfits religiously as they believe it will bring them good luck and fortune as they play.

Rabbit’s Foot

Lastly, we have the rabbit’s foot. For obvious reasons, this is one that is not as popular as it once was. Carrying around dead animal body parts is not the most popular thing to do nowadays, even if it is rumoured to bring you luck.

Could You Get Lucky Today?

No one knows if any of these superstitions really work, but having faith that you have extra luck on your side can only be a positive thing, right? Next time you are out at the bingo hall or playing at one of our online WhichBingo recommended sites, give your lucky charm a chance to bring you good fortune.

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