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Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing Week 8 Review

Blackpool Was So Close!!!

Week 8 could seem to be just like any other week. However, it is far more important than that…

Blackpool is the home of Ballroom Dancing and Strictly’s Blackpool Week is held in the country’s most beautiful ballroom.

The atmosphere is magical. To get to dance on that dancefloor is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget. This is why week 8 is not just any ordinary week. It’s the gateway to Blackpool, the heart of Ballroom.

Who Flew There?

Fleur, was phenomenal. Wow, wow, WOW! One of the best Sambas we have ever seen on the show. Flawless technique with bundles of energy and passion.

Who Took The Fast Train?

Hot on her heels: Will, Molly, and Hamza. All great performances with very little room for improvement. Energy, joy, subtlety, and technique. They all gave us a treat. You can just tell how much it meant to everyone.

Who Went In The Car?

Ellie, Kym, Helen and Tyler are all getting there, not particularly slowly, but definitely surely!

This weekend’s dances may have scored lower than others, but we are still seeing improvements from week to week. Some dances suit some more than others and… dare I use the “j” word? …..Yes! It is one heck of a journey that they’re all on!

Joanne’s Top 4

  • Fleur and Vito (10) No words. Just incredible.
  • Will and Nancy (9) Great improvement on the hold, great footwork, great control.
  • Molly and Carlos (9) Such a deep understanding af a technically hard dance.
  • Hamza and Jowita. (8) Insane lifts with such natural rhythm.

Who Got The Bus Home?

Of course, our Tony. What an absolute legend. I’ve said from the beginning that he’s not just an entertainer, he has genuinely wanted to learn. He HAS learnt. He HAS DANCED. Now he’s a dancer.

Special mention to Katya for, as always, putting him through his paces in the studio and making him the dancer he is today. She has given him some of the most amazing choreography and has entertained the nation.

What a team. Thanks guys!

by Joanne Clifton, December 13th, 2022
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