Updated November 29, 2023

Operator Accounts are officially ‘verified’ logins provided to online bingo operators so they can view and respond to player reviews on WhichBingo. They provide site owners with email alerts and a central dashboard to respond to players quickly and easily.


Operators no longer have to manually check the WhichBingo website to see if any new reviews have come in for their brands. When new player reviews are published, operators will be notified via email, allowing their team to respond swiftly.


The Operator Accounts dashboard allows brand owners to read and respond to player reviews quickly and efficiently. Reviews are displayed in an easy-to-use table, which can be filtered by date and brand. A simple click on the table allows the operator to read the review and write a response, which are then instantly published to WhichBingo.


Repeated surveys have shown that players are more likely to trust a bingo site that responds to reviews. By engaging with players your brand will raise it’s level of trust with the WhichBingo audience, which in turn will result in more visitors clicking through to your site.

By encouraging your brand advocates to visit WhichBingo and leave a review, operators can directly increase the overall star rating for their brand. If you wish to incentivise players to leave a review, the Operator Accounts system allows you to see their username at your site if they choose to provide it.


If you are an operator and wish to access the Operator Accounts system, please contact us directly via email to set you up with an admin account and to arrange a live demo.

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