Review Guidelines

Updated November 29, 2023

Before you submit a review, please be sure you read our guidelines carefully.

Writing your review

WhichBingo’s review section offers a place for players to post informative reviews of bingo sites in order to help other players find the best places to play. In your review you may like to include your opinion on specific features of the bingo site, the types of game on offer, details of promotions you enjoyed, bingo chat games, quality of support offered, etc.

The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a site (or game), but also why! All reviews must have at least some constructive opinion… saying “I like this site” is not enough for your review to be posted.

By submitting a review to our site you agree to be bound by our terms of service. WhichBingo may at any time change its terms of service without notification.

Approval process

Upon submission, your review will be sent to WhichBingo’s editorial team for approval. Once your review is approved you will be sent an email confirming it’s publication.

WhichBingo reserves the right to disapprove reviews if they contain any of the following:

  • Profanity, obscenities, or spiteful remarks.
  • Personally identifiable information (names, email addresses, phone numbers etc)
  • Specific grievances with individuals (Site owners, CMs or players).

If we believe a review has been left dishonestly, such as giving false statements or if we suspect the reviewer has some connection to the site or a competitor site, then we will not publish it.

Please note any reviews posted over the weekend will not be checked for approval until the next working day.

Replies to your review

If the owner of the site you have reviewed is signed up to our Operator Alerts program, they will be notified via email within 24 hours of your review going live.

If the operator (or another player) chooses to reply, you will be notified via email. However, not all operators are signed up to this system yet and some that are may choose not to respond immediately, or at all.

If you do not wish to receive email notifications when someone replies to your reviews, you can unsubscribe by logging in and visiting your profile page.

Multiple reviews for a single brand

As of 10th October 2017, players are only permitted to write one review per bingo/slot/casino site.

If you have already written a review for a site and then return to write a new review, it will automatically delete your old review once published.

This is a great way of changing your review score should you experience of any particular site change over time.