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£5 free + 500% deposit bonus

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New player offer

All new players that sign up with Foxy Bingo will receive a free £5 NO DEPOSIT BONUS - plus a special 500% welcome bonus:

Make a 1st deposit  at the site between £10 and £30 and receive between £40 and £150 in bingo bonus funds to play with.  You can deposit from £5, but this will not earn any bonus funds.

Other promotions

Look out for regular Everyone's a Winner promotions in which each player that logs in and takes part wins cash, bonus or a prize.

If big offers are an indication of the biggest and best of online bingo sites then Foxy established its credentials during early 2012 when it offered all players, old and new, three free bingo games each with a prize on offer of £100,000. Three free bingo games - £300,000 given away. That's not the kind of offer you will find at every bingo site, but can expect at Foxy Bingo.

- Guaranteed Jackpots - Every week £160,000 is given away in special 75 and 90-ball bingo rooms. With games every 5 and 10 minutes from 8am to 1am there are dozens of chances to win big. Tickets start at 5p and prizes climb to £250. 

March specials:

£15k March Madness - 29th March at 9.30pm.

Five chances of a prize in this 90 ball bingo game. Top prize £8,000. Tickets are 50p each, but sold on a BOGOF basis.

Other prizes: £4k for 2 lines; £2k for the line; 1tg players share £600; 2tg players share £400.

£5k Easter Eggs-travaganza - 5th April at 9.30pm.

Foxy loves a pun and an egg-cellent treat awaits players at Foxy Bingo on Easter Sunday! Another 90 ball bingo game, this time with just the three prizes:

Full house - £2,500; 2 lines - £1,500; 1 line - £1,000 Tickets just 25p each and again sold on a BOGOF basis.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Slots 
  • Casino games

Mobile and tablet

Foxy Bingo has won awards for the quality of its mobile bingo site. The site is available in the apple app store and for Android users too.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £30
  • Processing time: up to a week
  • Bingo wagering requirement*: x4

*Wagering requirement amount is based on first deposit and play through on bingo games only. Wagering requirements can differ depending on the games you choose to play. See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Bonus funds can be forfeit to be able to withdraw sooner.

Account must have been funded before being able to withdraw any winnings from the free no deposit bonus.

10 withdrawals per day permitted.

Help and support

  • Tel: 0800 279 4501
  • Email:


Foxy Bingo has been around since 2005 and has grown to be a giant of the online bingo world. The fox mascot is now nearly as famous as the bingo site itself and features in all the publicity that the site undertakes.

For players looking for something extra, then this is definitely is the place to be. It is always looking for ways to give a little more enjoyment to players and also has its own in house radio show and TV show. It uses these to offer players the chance to win extra prizes and even more fun and games.

This is one site that never rests on past success and constantly evolves and moves with the times to ensure that players are always at the forefront of brilliant offers and brilliant games.

Payment methods accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedpaypal payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedukash payments acceptedentropay payments accepted

Foxy Bingo is powered by Dragonfish.

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Foxy Bingo player reviews

76 players have reviewed this site

  1. I join foxy bingo paid the £10 they let me play one game then said I need I'd I'm 44 never had to worring about that but why didn't they ask for it before they took my money ? It's going to cost me time and money to get id about my age where I live n so on ?
  2. I joined Foxy Bingo and for a 10.00 deposit got 50.00 free + 5.00 bonus first. With 10.00 my money won twice 16.00. Next 55.00 their money, not one penny. Its a rip off. Same names come up all the time, screen freezes often. Won't ever play on this site again. Tombola much better and cheaper. It seems a lot of people feel the same.
  3. kez 1010 says:
    Hello, I have been a member of Foxy Bingo for some six months and I generally play slots. l have had some big wins, but the problem is when you come to withdraw your winnings. Foxy bingo has a withdrawal limit of 3k per month - not really useful when you have won 8k. Effectively you have to wait 3 months in all to withdraw all your winnings!!!!! Personally i would advise to join other sites that have no withdrawal limits. After all they are ok taking your money every day if you so wish to spend your hard cash in this way, but they don't want to pay out your winnings as quick.
  4. laurajane87 says:
    The layout to Foxy Bingo seems very confusing. the chat never seems busy. seems like a cold site, not one i would recommened. Games are on most sites so nothing great or special about this site. There are a lot of better sites out there. Bingo is pretty basic too.
  5. Let me tell you why this bingo site sucks. I'm pretty careful with my money, but my girlfriend loves a flutter on the bingo every now and then. She's been on a couple of bingo sites and this was a first time experience for me. My girlfriend was a bit bored and i had a few quid in my account spare. Now we searched for a site which we thought would be good and we chose Foxy as we see advertisements everywhere. They were offering 50 pound bonus if u deposit 10 pounds, but I only had about 8 pounds spare which was disappointing but didn't mind. Now the first problem started off depositing. It gave the impression you could only deposit minimum 10 pound. So I went to a chat advisor to ask simply could you deposit less then 10 pound. They replied if I deposit 10 they will give me 50. I said I already knew that but could I deposit less then 10 pound and how. They replied with see you when you have at least ten pound. Charming! Anyway I wasn't phased and after a few clicks back and forth I figured it out. My girlfriend got down to 2 pound in her account before she won a full house. Nice you would think. Except the maximum winnings for full house was 15 quid tops. 15 quid is 15 quid right? She went to withdraw it only to find out you must win at least 30 pounds before you could withdraw. Disgraceful you would probably have to win 3 full houses in a row just to withdraw.
  6. NanaEski says:
    I have played at many bingo sites and none of them in my opinion come close to Foxy. Great prizes, great chat hosts, friendly roomies, fantastic daily jackpots, happy hour games on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. It's not fair to say it's always the same winners, yes sometimes the same person wins , just the way gambling goes, you win some you lose some. I myself have won a fair bit on there in 4 years playing, and I lose a lot too. Once I won about 2k in a day, I won that by playing a free night owl game (£7.50 win) from that I played bingo and slots with it ,and turned it into 2k. I will always stay with Foxy, I think it's the best site out there.
  7. LAxxx says:
    hi, simply this Foxy Bingo eats money. same winners every day. I spent money and never withdrew. Never see jackpot winner names on screen, I asked about the winners name they did not answer me. The support is very unhelpful and banned you if you said you spent money and did not win. Bullies in chat room too.
  8. ksped84 says:
    i love foxy bingo :) i have always loved the software that it uses and it has great prizes. It does have a a lot of people on this site, but i think it's not hard to get a win and of course i love the slots such as fluffy favorites and temple of isles. They often give free couple of quids every now and again and often do things like foxys bus which you can get a little something free from time to time. Big thumbs up from me to foxy ;)
  9. macca says:
    Love Foxy Bingo - it is a really good site with loads of rooms and chances to get BPs by doing the quizzes during the week. There are loads of prize giveaways when the ginger ninja puts in an appearance on the site. Defo recommened this one to anyone who hasn't yet played on there.
  10. TheMeerkat says:
    Been a member for over a year. It's a smart and sleek site. Their Foxy entertainment about celebs is fab. Nice to see they still offer 200% cash match bonus for new members. Wagering requirements on all their bonus amounts are x4 and must be used on bingo only. I particularly like playing in the Share the Love room where they share a pot for 1TG and 2TG winners which is nice to win back ones stake money! If you frequent Foxy bingo they have a great "Elite Club" you can join, which gives extra promotion opportunities and access to private bingo rooms with enhanced pots and cash bonuses. The prize pot on many jackpot games is always very big and great value for tickets.
  11. xxxxxxxxx says:
    AHhhhhh At last a site i can make a positive review for. Foxy Bingo paid out every promotion they offered no qualms. Great pots, great cms, friendly roomies, helpful help room, cheap prices, free games, jp games whats not to like??? only issue i have with this site is the max amount of cards you can buy at any one time seems a bit extreme, but otherwise a all round thumbs up!
  12. mrsallen says:
    I gave Foxy bingo site a go, i thought it was great. They offer big prizes all day long, everything is easy to find, the chat hosts are very helpful and welcoming. I was playing simple but fun chat games and 200% on 1st deposit you cant go wrong.
  13. angiec55 says:
    I feel as if every time i go on here its the same people winning all the time. Loads of flashes, but no wins. I deposit lots too.
  14. I used to love Foxy Bingo - it was my fave and I was really lucky until I withdrew my winnings and since then I haven't won.
  15. rw5340 says:
    Played Foxy Bingo for some time now...... However never really win anything that I would warrant being within real withdrawal range, considering the amount I play. Slots are ok, bingo ok, there are better sites!
  16. sharon4167 says:
    Foxy Bingo is one of my favorites. Offers bonus codes. Plenty of different rooms. Very friendly.
  17. Johnny Cash says:
    Hello folks, Foxy Bingo looks very cool, fun chat. I think I'll try it out for couple days to see how it really goes, I'll keep you updated!
  18. Karen says:
    I've been a member of Foxy bingo for about 12 years and I'm Gold VIP. I dont reap any rewards for this. I've never had any big wins at all from them and i play slots too! There are loads of rooms and all of them are jam packed so your odds of winning are always really slim even when you max out. Chat is boring and I don't even speak any more, it's like they are a big site that don't need to bother as people go and plough their money in there anyway. I'ts boring and you can't seem to win. I wouldn't recommend it.
  19. lilmzperfect says:
    Foxy Bingo has great bonuses and fun chat games.
  20. bilnic says:
    When I first joined Foxy bingo i was made to feel welcome instantly. There is plenty of rooms to visit all at different prices, so even of you're on a limit you can still join in all the fun. The chat hosts are the loveliest people I've meet on a bingo site - always friendly and helpful and they make your time in the rooms fun. They are always chatty. I love foxy because they have fun chat games which you can earn lots of bingo points and convert into money to play on the site they also run excellent tournaments most nights of the week. All have a different theme and then u can win lots more points. All the players are friendly and its a real community feeling on foxy everyone. They have a radio station twice a week and a tv station every Wednesday. You can ring in and talk to the hosts which also are friendly fun and make the time enjoyable,. If there's any problems you have a help room available from morning till 10pm i just found out. Of all the bingo sites i have joined and played in foxy was by far the best on of them all and i wouldn't go anywhere else.
  21. Being a member on Foxy is great, the people are friendly, the Chat Hosts are great, and the games are the best. You have a good variety of rooms to choose from and many competitions. I love this site, and would not use any other. And of course Foxy is SEXY
  22. twinkletoes says:
    I used to love this site but just lately the hosts are going down. Some don't even greet you, dont play chat games. I am shocked really as i used to play Foxy Bingo just for the hosts and to have a nice time, but not no more. sort it out foxy :-(
  23. Allison8 says:
    I love Foxy bingo, good selection of room's, great cm's and friendly roomies, good chat games and good pay out.
  24. purehoney39 says:
    I joined Foxy bingo when i was going through a really bad divorce. Although I've spent way too much money, the support from chat hosts & other roomies helped me through it. I've made some really good friends who regularly get in touch to make sure I'm ok. I am a member @ 10 other sites, but Foxy is my first love. If funds r low i still go on to chat with my favourite hosts & players. You wont find a friendlier site than Foxy bingo. We are a one big happy family.
  25. xxannie83xx says:
    I like this site. Foxy Bingo has great games. The fox is a bit creepy somehow, but they all are good! lol
  26. Bingocritic says:
    Foxy is the bingo site where every body knows about as it's on tv etc, however Foxy bingo adverts say the one you want! NOT the case with me. I have joined so many bingo sites and I go on them and play every once in a while. Deposit a good amount and wait to see if there is any return. NOT a chance on foxy. Like so many others have said the site is an easy lay out and they attract you in with fantastic offers, and redeposit bonus But this is where the good stuff ends with Foxy. The problems are the same no matter how long you leave it the same names keep cropping up as the winners. I find this really unacceptable.
  27. envy08 says:
    i love foxy bingo i win all the time on the bingo and the games
  28. I dunno why, but i just love the fox! Love all the games at Foxy Bingo, but wish i had a better chance for winning.
  29. msjojo says:
    Foxy Bingo is my all time fave site. So so easy to use. Very friendly rooms. I have won quite a lot over the years with them. No matter what new site comes i always go back to Foxy.
  30. I have just been banned - I am devastated! I have been on Foxy for years. I have deposited a lot over the years. Suddenly this week I came home from work and bam cant get on. I called the phone line and was told to email cassava. Foxy, Red Bus, Posh & Costa.... (Costa I am a silver player, have deposited A LOT ) and nothing. Banned - I work full time, so cant play all day - love coming home to play my bingo. Disgusted - why was there no warning - nothing. I haven't won for a while anyway, but that's not the point when you sit there and players are saying they have been on ALL day and not won - have they been banned too??? Absolutely disgusted.
    • This is the threatening email responce I received today :- To protect the integrity of Foxy Bingo and to prevent further such abuse we have decided to block your account permanently. This is entirely in line with our Terms & Conditions to which you willingly signed up to when joining us. We sincerely ask you not to open any new accounts with Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd in the future. In addition please refrain from opening any bingo accounts with bingo sites which are licensed and regulated under the laws of Gibraltar through Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar). In the event that we locate any accounts opened by you with any bingo sites which are operated by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) then we shall immediately shut such accounts and we will retain the right to permanently withhold all monies in such accounts.
    • bingoloopyme says:
      hi eighties have you self excluded from any of the cassava websites cos if you have they will exclude you from all of them, as this happened to me and even though some of my self exclusions are finished i cannot deposit on any of them,until the last self exclusion is finished.Hope this helps
    • Bingocritic says:
      Cassava enterprises do not like to be challenged I have learnt this in the past, you will need to report to the regulating body's that is what a friend of mine has done and won some money back as they where found to be cheating.
  31. ckay0tg says:
    Foxy Bingo is fun; love the atmosphere. Only downside is that I see the same winners over and over and also there doesn't seem to be much love for the regulars. It's all about the newbies, which is great when your new, but some community love is also nice! :)
  32. BOB! says:
    I played at Foxy Bingo, but thought the website was a joke. It was the same winners as with any run by cassava. Played in 5 times a lady, had 3 lines for ages on the 3 line call yet didn't win. Went to help and they were not interested. So basically they stole my win! Have now closed my account! On the other hand the CH's are very pleasant although they don't talk much and there is a lot of choice of rooms to play in. The site also has a constant reload bonus.
  33. JACB74 says:
    Foxy Bingo is my all time favourite site, just wish they would do some extra depo codes, they used to do loads.
  34. Foxy Bingo is a brilliant site and really friendly. The hosts are friendly too and ive had some good winnings. thanks foxy x
  35. foxy bingo is one of the worst sites i have come across. the prizes are low considering the ticket prices. played on and off for a while, spent a few hundred and not once have won enough to withdraw. same people winning all the time. its a rip off! avoid i will be from now on!
  36. misterwolf says:
    Very disappointed by Foxy Bingo. I think the site is over rated. I joined the site last night (18 May) thinking it would be a very good reputable site...but as I tried it, first the site went down for 30 minutes, then I regretted depositing £10, because their games were hard.It is just a matter of luck and you don't stand a chance. Foxy bingo's main aim is to get all of your money.. I will stick with Tombola.....:) ...more fun, easier too and better game options.
  37. kayfaysmam says:
    I was really disappointed by Foxy Bingo! Very over rated! Not much variety & not many players, avoid at all cost!
  38. Foxy is one of my favourite bingo sites. I love going on there, everyone is friendly and it's always fun. The only thing I would say about it that is bad is that at times the winners of games can sometimes be the same people over and over again. Other than that, it's a great site to play on :)
  39. Loopi says:
    Very disappointed as I really wanted to join this site but as me and the hubby use same debit card this isnt went out and got my own debit card as was desperate to join Foxy Bingo, but then told me I can no longer join as I have joined a sister site
  40. elaineyg1959 says:
    I've always loved Foxy Bingo. There are loads of rooms and free bingo all day. I'd recommend it anytime to anyone.
    • SUSAN says:
      Free didnt mean free for me. I was banned from all Cassava Enterpises run sites for apparently abusing the free games. Beware if you enjoy free bingo too.
  41. Dawn says:
    I've given Foxy bingo a thumbs down as on balance its not in my opinion a very fair site. Their minimum withdrawal is 30 pound and although there are a few jackpot games where you could win over this amount, the chances of winning enough to withdraw are a lot slimmer than the chance of you winning, but not enough to take out. When I first joined I won enough, but was tied into wagering requirements so couldn't withdraw and I noticed that as soon as I had met those requirements I had small wins, but never enough to take out. At first it didn't bother me much as I just took the view that at least I could keep playing and I didn't have to keep depositing, but this wears thin eventually. After all, even though we know its a game of chance, you are left thinking that there is not much point in playing when you can't collect your winnings. That is, after all, the whole point of playing bingo, the chance you might win and be able to reap the rewards. Sadly on this site, there isn't much chance of that. I didn't see much of the same player syndrome, although it did happen one night where one person won every other game, but on the whole, there were a lot of different winners, so it's not as bad as other sites for that. If you like a game of bingo and are not too bothered about winnings, then this site is okay. but I don't know too many people who would be happy with that for long. The pots are quite small considering how many players there are. The chat rooms are not really about chat, more of people just keep going on about how many they need to win, drives me round the twist, but then that's just my pet hate. So on balance its a thumbs down from me, perhaps if they lowered the withdrawal amount it would be better.
  42. shalala says:
    Ok. Here is the story: I won a big amount of money on Foxy Bingo (almost £10 000) a week ago. When you want to withdraw the money, you'll find that there is a limit (they call it security measure) of £1000/day, £2000/week and £3000/mth. Contacted them by e-mail to ask for a cheque or to increase my limits so I can withdraw all the money, they got back to me 3 days later to ask for proof of id. All these by e-mail, because there is no phone no or postal address for it. Then, after I sent all the documents, I waited another 2 days to find out that they increased my limits to £2000/day, £4000/week and £6000/mth. Finally, I received only today, after 7 days a confirmation that my £2000 I requested a week ago, will be in my bank account in up to 7 working days. I started to believe this big amounts of winning is in fact sort of pyramid scheme, so they make the process longer until they collect the money from other players. I played on other websites before, and I won thousands. I had the money in my account in maximum 3 working days. I am still waiting.
    • alex says:
      What they are doing is not legal they must pay out in full even if there terms say different.
    • Shalala says:
      I know Alex, but they don't do it. After long emails and debates with them, they did not pay in full with a cheque or transaction. When you try to talk to them, they simply say that when you tick the terms and conditions, you have to accept that. Finally, after I withdrew the rest of the money, I started to notice that they split the amount in 2 bank accounts. The reason? Don't know. After I won that amount, I played another £1000 and did not win a penny, so I requested to close my account with them. Again, they appear to "not understand" my request, and said they deleted my account, but I was still able to log in!!! 1 week later, I still asked them to close the account, and they finally did.
  43. Laura says:
    I started playing on Foxy Bingo a few months ago and I love it! I like the fact that you get a bonus when signing up (deposit free). You also get £10 or £5 back when you deposit money. I have won quite a lot of times and in total me and my partner have won over £500. Sometimes you don't win, but it's part of the fun of playing, you take a risk. No wonder people don't win if they keep moaning. You have got to be positive. The Chat Hosts all seem very friendly and helpful. Overall a great site with a lot of bingo rooms and a lot of other arcade games. I have been on quite a lot of bingo sites and Foxy is the best in my opinion. Three cheers for Foxy!!!
  44. Anne says:
    I have been a player at Foxy Bingo almost since day one I have one only 1 x PJP in this time - many of the same players seem to win these - along with the prize/email draws. Also same players seem to win all the time
  45. Adelle says:
    I love Foxy Bingo, it is THE best for bonus' and surprise freebies. I won over £1000 on the slots before xmas and it came in so handy and there was no problem withdrawing all my winnings. One of my fave features is the 10% cashback at the end of the month :D My only suggestion is they would attract so many more players if they had 1p, 2p games etc. Overall a fantastic site :D
  46. Jen Lewis says:
    Not loving the Foxy bingo game, albeit I'm new to bingo and until last week I had NEVER played. I am off work sick and home bored so I joined online, I found it so difficult to navigate the site and extremely difficult to get onto the free games that they play every half hour. I gave up on Foxy in the end as I didn't win a penny and couldn't play the games that I wanted to so before I gave up on bingo totally I joined Gala to see if it was as difficult and boy am I glad I did that before I gave up. Gala is so easy and the site is reliable and doesn't keep shutting you out like I found was happening with Foxy.
    • thelma boyce says:
      I love Foxy Bingo and also love the sister site Foxy Zero. It's the best site. I won loads on Foxy Zero, but never took it out, but i love the two sites.
  47. Pauline says:
    I only signed up for the free money to be honest, and haven't deposited, but had fun playing and might play properly at some point.
  48. Andrea Jones says:
    It's always very busy. Good jackpots but hard to win.
  49. Carol says:
    Not sure I understand why people are complaining that the same people win. It's like that at every bingo site and it's probably just in their head! I like Foxy Bingo, it's obviously very popular so the games are always busy but that means the jackpots are good and I've won a few times.
  50. Bob Worth says:
    Great looking site and good range of games. I enjoy it.
  51. Heather Marsham says:
    I was put off Foxy Bingo very quickly by the fact that I have NEVER won there at all. I have also recently had a query about the "free" bonus but their customer service has been completely incompetent, bordering on rude and never been able to answer my simple question. I'm not going to bother playing on there again.
  52. Tiff says:
    I won the first day I joined Foxy Bingo, but not won again since. Have played the 3 free bingo games every day and it now appears that the same winners win in various orders and you can't actually see who is playing as there are no chat facilities in these rooms. I think I will stick to actual live bingo from now on - at least you can actually see the people who win and dont come away feeling conned.
    • Peter says:
      As with all sites in the UK, Foxy Bingo is licensed and regulated under the law. They use the latest technologies to ensure that the outcome of each and every number called in bingo and each outcome of every instant win game is statistically random.
  53. alex says:
    After being on most sites like this Foxy Bingo was a refreshing change. Lots of rooms and slots, nice cm's and roomies. If you like this kind of site then I strongly recommend trying Foxy Bingo.
  54. phil burek says:
    Foxy Bingo is a cracking site. Enjoy playing there.
  55. Carol Townend says:
    I am very picky about the sites I play on, so when I first saw Foxy Bingo I wasn't certain it would be for me. However I was 100% wrong!! Foxy is one of the best sites I play on, and is now my v.i.p site at the top of my list! The cms are friendly, fun and extremely chatty (like me lol!)! The games are great, interesting and challenging to win. The slots are amusing and very addictive! The manager is fantastic. The radio show excellent. Support are brilliant too. I could play on this site all night. I love the cm team here too, its a first star rated site in my eyes.
  56. not a winner says:
    I have played in all of Foxys rooms and I must say it seems that it is mostly the same people winning. I have spent £2000 pounds and only won a couple of times.... It is a good site with lots of games and chat is friendly as long as you do not disagree with anyone!!!! I would recommend, but be careful about your spending....
  57. Susan Bell says:
    Foxy bingo is one of the best sites nice chs and lots of rooms to play in.
  58. Bev says:
    I have tried loads of sites but none compare to Foxy. Chat hosts are friendly. Roomies are like a community of friends. Chances of a win are excellent.
  59. Janice White says:
    I use Foxy almost every day. It's the best site by far. Tried many others and they don't come anywhere near the standards that Foxy have.
  60. xlisaxwestx says:
    I recently joined Foxy and won with my free money. Once that was all gone, I deposited £10, got £10 free and won £250 on the naughts and crosses scratchcard, so I cashed out £200 of that. Then, still using the money I saved in there, I won £100 on another scratchcard just two days ago, so I am very happy! Fantastic site, love it. The best out there!
  61. Happy player says:
    I recently joined Foxy Bingo and I have to say it is brilliant. The first host I spoke to was chpopcorn, who was very welcoming and friendly, as were the players. I would recommend it to anyone who really loves fun and a good chat whilst playing bingo.
  62. jo says:
    this is my favourite online bingo site, always welcomed by chat hosts and not ignored like a few sites i could mention 10/10.
  63. scott says:
    i love foxy its brill.
  64. Yvonne says:
    I love Foxy bingo it's a fabulous place the play and chat. All of the CHs are very friendly and you can also get help very easily. Only one problem at the moment is that sometimes it can be quite hard to get into the Site but they are opening new rooms so it could be something to do with that. But in general I think it is a wonderful site and extremely friendly.
  65. Janice Letts says:
    I have recently joined Foxy Bingo and I can recommend it to others. You get an initial deposit bonus of 100% and all future deposits attract a 50% bonus. I have played on there twice now, last nite being the second time, I had fun and enjoyed the games and I even won twice ( beginners luck Im sure lol ) The site is easy to use and easy to flick between the different bingo rooms, and they have many rooms to choose from, traditional 90 ball and 75 ball rooms and they have ticket prices to suit everybody's purse, ranging from 10p on both 90 and 75 ball rooms right up to £1 in both 90 and 75 ball rooms. So, if like me, u love playing bingo but cant afford to spend much then Foxy Bingo is the place to go. There is only one thing that I would say is not so good and that is that the calling of numbers in the 90 ball rooms is so fast that its not possible to manually dab ur tickets, which is what I like to do, so I usually play in the 75 ball rooms which is easier to keep up with lol. I think however that the good points far outweigh this one minor bad point. I will recommend Foxy Bingo to all my friends and family.
  66. Frosty says:
    I think Foxy is a brill site I have been on a few I am there most nights now in penny drop .....I think its not just the bingo on this site that makes it number 1 its the bannter youget in the rooms too also the CH are brill expecally bella and sunshine and malibu they make us laugh loads but watch bella she loves to fine you all the time as a jk Come say hi to us there
  67. Alison Cameron says:
    On playing at this site with the free bonus money I fully expected to be prevented from cashing out when I hit a £34 jackpot using my free cash - the money was not held up and hit my account in days.
    • senga says:
      The money you win on Foxy Bingo sits in the bank for 2 days, so it takes about 1 week to get money from theese sites. Very tempting for people to use the winnings to play again.

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Latest Foxy Bingo Jackpots

Game / Room Name Room
Players Ticket
£25K Fox of Wall Street£2500014£0.99
£25K Fox of Wall Street£2500014£0.99
£15K March Madness£140003734£0.50
£5,000 Easter Eggstravganza£5000277£0.25
BIG WIN FRIDAY£500082£0.50
BIG WIN SATURDAY£200044£0.20
£1,000 Mobile Mania Monday£1000264£0.10
BIG WIN TUESDAY£1000173£0.10
VIP Free £500 JP£500258£0
BIG WIN MONDAY£500263£0.05
BIG WIN SUNDAY£500568£0.05
High Five 90£333384£0.05
75 Ball Jackpot Room£25079£0.50
90 Ball Jackpots£25076£0.50
Fab 5£10074£0.10
Foxy Winners Club£7553£0.10
Gimme 5£27.4357£0.05
5 Times a Lady£25.6256£0.05
Bingo Dreams£24.4938£0.10
Sunny Day at Foxy£23.8761£0.05
Bingo Sisters£21.4120£0.25
Naughty Ninety£21.309£0.50
The Good Ship Foxy£19.9326£0.10
Foxtrot Fives£18.2534£0.05
Foxy's Den£15.5820£0.10
Love me Tender£12.1620£0.10
Golden Glitter£10.8418£0.05
Tally Ho Bingo£10.6914£0.25
1TG Winner!£3.286£0.10
March Madness DON'T USE£00£0.01

This table was last compiled at 20:00 on Sunday 29th March 2015 and will update next at 22:05 Sunday 29th March.

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