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Entain's Foxy Bingo Brand Opens Mullet Hair Salon

Entain's Foxy Bingo Brand Opens Mullet Hair Salon

Last weekend, shoppers who descended on Newcastle’s city centre were surprised to see a new shop had opened its doors. They were also wowed by the shop’s special offer of a free mullet haircut courtesy of the popular online bingo site, Foxy Bingo.

The world’s first “mullet-only” hair salon

The idea for the salon comes from Foxy Bingo’s creative agency partner, Neverland who helped to create the brand’s “Get Your Fox On” ad campaign which went live online and on radio and TV last November. In the ads, we saw bingo players having their hair done at Dirty Gertie’s hair salon, which was lovingly brought to life for one weekend only in the centre of Newcastle.

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March 2023, the pop-up shop welcomed shoppers to pick their preferred haircut from its exclusive “Mullet Menu” which included a classic mullet alongside a more contemporary “shullet”. The shop also provided customers with tunes, bingo games, and cups of tea while they were treated to their free haircuts by professional hairdressers.

Why Dirty Gertie’s?

If you enjoy playing bingo, you’ll most likely know that Dirty Gertie is the classic bingo call for number 30. It’s also one of Foxy Bingo’s favourite bingo calls which is why the site has an exclusive 30-ball (speed) bingo room called Dirty Gertie.

Why was Newcastle chosen?

Many gambling brands choose London to showcase their increasingly innovative and often interactive ad campaigns. However, Foxy Bingo broke with tradition and opted for Newcastle as the city is the official home of the brand’s mascot, Foxy, who you’ll sometimes hear speaking with a Geordie accent. (The agency might have got a bit muddled there – I always thought he was more Lancashire myself)!

Before the hair salon opened its doors last week, the centre of Newcastle, as well as many neighbouring areas, were lit up by adverts as part of a massive digital OOH campaign. They included turning iconic buildings and landmarks in the city orange and purple (Foxy Bingo’s brand colours), as well as a fleet of Foxy Bingo branded pedicabs.

Virtual mullets were also available

For people who were unable to attend the salon, there was the option to experiment with a virtual mullet thanks to a partnership between Snap and Foxy Bingo. The Foxy Mullet filter offered a choice of “try-on” mullet styles with zero risk to the user’s own hair.

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