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Updated February 18, 2024
Say goodbye to bingo as you know it and embrace a whole new adventure. Introducing the night everyone’s talking about bingo and live entertainment: in a nightclub atmosphere!
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Hailed as “the Pat Butcher of nights out”, Bada Bingo is an experience like no other: paper bingo slap bang in the middle of a raucous party. Enjoy some bingo with your night out (or some night out with your bingo) and discover why tickets for these nights sell like hot cakes. Let’s uncover the future of bingo entertainment!


Bada Bingo is Buzz Bingo’s popular club night where the lights come up when the sun goes down. Hosted in its bingo halls touring across the UK, Bada is bingo at a whole other level – there’s games (and prizes for that matter) that will have you laughing until your sides hurt. 

Spread over around four hours, Bada Bingo offers three rounds of rave bingo and the rest is unadulterated madness. Picture a live show with an MC coordinating dance offs, a DJ playing only the most popular sing-along tunes, musical entertainment, and trick-performing performers in charge of pumping up the atmosphere. 

The rave round is infamous (ultimate party tracks in quick succession that’ll have you pounding the dancefloor), Massaoke is perfect for anyone who fancies themselves the next Whitney Houston, and the confetti showers and CO2 cannons at every turn get the crowds going. Nights are often co-hosted by celebs like Ru Paul’s Drag Race Queens, well-known DJs spin the decks, plus look out for the XL tour that features live sets.


Have you always fancied winning a ‘hun haul from B&M’? Or a popular kitchen appliance? Maybe a cardboard cutout of Pat Butcher, the ultimate Hun? Even £500 cash (call bingo on number 69 to win that one!) It could all be yours at Bada Bingo. 

We’ve even heard reports of winners claiming their body weight in cheese, an inflatable cabbage costume, a wheelie bin, and the chance to dive with sharks somewhere in Skegness.

The first 50 tickets often go on sale for £8, and general admission is around £13. We think that for a proper night out with your nearest and dearest it’s a good price point. Check out the VIP special offers that include free drinks and fast track entry. 


By their own confession, Bada Bingo “parties hard” which we’ve translated to mean ‘the bar is open’. Don’t expect much in the way of food but the drinks prices are fair. (If you’re the designated driver, there’s parking available at most venues.)

Because Bada Bingo takes place in the Buzz Bingo halls, they offer decent transport links, top amenities on site including cash machines, and often a roofed terrace where you can take a breather from all the ravin’. 

One striking thing about Bada Bingo is their social media content. Check it out for yourself. And while you’re there, see which venue near you is having a Bada Bingo night. If you’re looking for a night where you can let your hair down, dance your socks off to some bangers, win some random prizes, and play bingo while your belly hurts from laughing, this is the one for you.

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