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Emotions Run High in Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

Emotions Run High in Strictly Come Dancing Week 4

Bar Well And Truly Raised

I think everyone can agree that this was the best week yet! I was just as shocked as the judges. It was as if a dancing fairy had waved their magic wand over everyone!

Just when you thought one couple had smashed it then the next one came on and raised the bar. This happened again and again!

The highlight was Hamza and Jowita. I was gasping at the lifts. He seems to be the most calm and chilled person on earth, then out he comes and does that! Incredible.

Fleur was also amazing. What a comeback from the dance off! She is a beautiful dancer and she is showing that she can take on any style. I don’t think she’ll be back in that dance off anytime soon.

We saw tremendous improvements from Ellie T and Matt, and I was so impressed with Ballroom Boy James!

Get The Tissues

Perhaps because the bar has been raised and everyone is doing so well, emotions seemed to be running high in the studio and – I’d imagine – at home.

There were some strong messages behind some of the performances and you could really feel it. When a dance means something, you don’t even need to try to act it. Emotion flows out and we all feel it, even through the TV.

The people who were so happy and taken aback at their high scores also got to me.

I must mention Will. It was pretty clear how unwell he was and he was given one of the hardest dances. It wasn’t his best. I’m sure he’ll come back and smash it out the park next week.

Joanne’s Top 4 – Week 4

Hamza and Jowita (10)  Absolute perfection with the shock factor on top.

Fleur and Vito (9)   Amazing comeback and she showed us how diverse she is.

Molly and Carlos (9)  Brilliant technique and so natural.

Tyler and Dianne (8)  I’m unfamiliar with this style of dance but they pulled it off. Very in sync.

Did The Right Couple Leave?

Matt isn’t as co-ordinated or as natural as Kym, and Kym had an amazing night. However, it is such a shame. I feel he was just coming out of his shell and that Jive was his best dance yet! I would have liked to have seen his journey of improvement and enjoyment through the show. I feel he was just getting started.

Verdict: Yes – The right couple did go

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