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Strictly Come Dancing Week 5 Review – 100 Years of BBC

Strictly Come Dancing Week 5 Review – 100 Years of BBC

100… but no 10s

You know what? This week we saw a brilliant celebration of the BBC and the whole evening took us down memory lane with the songs and the costumes. It was a really lovely episode and yet no-one quite blew our socks off and was able to get a 10. Why?

It could have been for a few reasons. It was a new themed week, and we had theme tunes from many different BBC shows over the years. Now, even though in themed weeks it’s easier for the celebs to have clear characters and storylines, some of the themes and tunes weren’t in the traditional style of the dance.

The drama in Eastenders is not usually associated with a soft and lovely Foxtrot. As Shirley pointed out, the same can be said for the Viennese Waltz which doesn’t usually have as much attack and drama as the Line of Duty theme. 

Let me be clear, I am all for changing things up in dance styles, but it could have caused some problems or slight confusion for our celebs.

I don’t know. I’m not quite sure. Everybody did dance well, just not “10 worthy.”

There could also have been pressure from last week’s show where EVERYONE upped their game and gave it their all.

Let me clarify again though, I loved the show and loved the performances!

It IS possible to push too hard!

Again, maybe because of last week, some celebs did put too much energy into their performances. Both Hamza and Will fell a little off balance this week, possibly because of how much they were going for it. I wish the judges hadn’t noticed though, because Will was definitely BACK WITH A VENGEANCE this week!

Maybe similar for Tyler, who the judges said needed more moments of stillness.

For me, Kym put loads of energy in, even if the judges disagreed, and that was maybe why her frame was a bit loose.

If Tony takes the energy down from 110 to 100 then maybe he could be slightly more co-ordinated, because again, this week he had content and technique, it just needs co-ordination.

For me, Helen got the balance of energy and technique right this week.

My top 4

Helen and Gorka     (9)  Best dance yet for her.

Fleur and Vito          (8)  Naturally brilliant as always.

Ellie S and Nikita      (8)  Great character, shape and technique.

Hamza and Jowita   (8)  Excellent use of body weight and swing.

Did the right couple go?

Another shocker of a dance off. As I’ve said, this week, no-one was at their very best, yet I was still taken aback at these two being there. If you’ve read my articles, you’ll know that I’ve praised both couples very highly.

Molly is an absolute natural and in my opinion, after this hiccough, she’ll go very far. She has the skill and natural talent.

Jayde has given us all absolute joy with her dances. Personally, I’m have been moved to tears at many of her performances. She was also improving.

It’s always sad to see people get knocked out of the competition, but yes, Molly was the better dancer on the night.

Joanne’s Verdict: Yes – the right couple was eliminated

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