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New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.

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    About Sun Bingo

    Sun Bingo is the official online bingo site of The Sun Newspaper and was born from the popularity of the bingo game first introduced on paper cards issued with the paper - which is still going strong today.

    Sun Bingo is a household name and will be familiar from its TV ads. The welcome bonus is a good one and it has straightforward and simple wagering requirements.

    Sun Bingo opened for the first time in 2006 and since then has gone from strength to strength - remaining popular enough to win two awards in the WhichBingo Awards 2014 - Best TV Advert and Best Chat Team, having previously scooped the Site of the Year award.

    Sun Bingo offers simple bingo fun at great value prices. 

    New player offer

    New players signing up with Sun Bingo receive a 300% first deposit bonus on amounts up to £100, meaning that there is a potential bingo bonus on offer to new players of £300. Deposit £10, get £40 to play*.

    New players at Sun Bingo can take advantage of its 'Learner Room' for a full 7 days following registration. The room opens from 11am to 1pm and again from 6pm to 8pm. Play free bingo, meet the CMs and lots of other newbies.

    *New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.


    Whether it's giving away thousands of pounds every week or a car a day for a whole month, Sun Bingo comes up with the biggest and best offers and usually all that is required is to play your favourite games to earn prize draw entries.

    Session Bingo - players can take advantage of the discounted Session Bingo offer which results in a total saving of over £30 a day if players buy into each of the four sessions - 10am to 11am; 3pm to 4pm; 7pm to 8pm and 11pm to midnight. Play them all or choose just one, it's great value.

    Mystic Meg was the resident astrologer at The Sun newspaper for many years and she has her own place on The Mystic Meg 'Wheel of Destiny' is a free daily game that offers the chance of cash prizes and free slot spins. Every depositing player that has spent £2 in real money during the week gets to play the free game the following week for the chance to win real cash for free. Also choose from Doubly Bubbly or Sundown Park free daily games as an alternative.

    February special

    Escape to the Sun - Win a £1000 holiday voucher every day at Sun Bingo during February 2016. Just spend a minimum of £10 on bingo or £30 on slots or slots mini games each dayuntil Monday 29th February to enter the Daily Prize Draw.

    Help and support

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    • Tel: 0800 458 4664
    • Email: via on site form 

    197 players have reviewed this site

    1. Oolala Oolala says:
      Sun bingo is like all the other gamesys sites....greedy! The slots pay out peanuts, but what's more laughable is when you play the demo slots the payouts are fantastic! The same names win over and over and over. Gamesys sites are well known for it! Save your money, you will never get a decent win and if you do, they will take it back and more!!
    2. Shocking site for repeat winners. I stupidly spent nearly £100 on 40 bingo games in a row. Pre-bought (24 tickets at £2.40 each game) and didnt even come close to a win and must of had about 6 1tgs in the whole 40 games. I saw the same 7 names winning and never again! This site does not look random at all - it picks winners imo and I don't care what anybody says.
      Also spend 30 on slots or 10 on bingo and get a cash prize the next day. In the last 3 days having spent a fortune I've had 32p, 56p and 55p back!!! Whats the point lol? Also they used to give out cash bonuses a lot, now they have dried up they and you dont get them anymore and they dont do many deposit bonuses anymore.
      I will never put a penny back on this site again id rather play at a fairer site.
      id love to see sun reply to some of these reviews but you know they wont.
    3. Samborambo Samborambo says:
      This site is no way random! I have never seen such repeat winners on a site like the Sun bingo! the ''free'' newbie room is the worst for it - they could be 70 players, you all have 6 tickets yet for the whole 2 hour sessions you will see the same constant 4-5 names win over and over again.
      A lot of players in the freebie room have 0tg on there names. i questioned it and was told its a ''popular'' name. yeah right so its a fluke that all the winners randomly have 0tg on there usernames!
      The bingo session is great value for money though, but once again same winners a lot of winners in there have ''MO'' on there usernames to me its like it picks usernames this site is no way random generated.
      Aside from that the site's easy to use, withdrawls are fast and they dont mess about with withdrawls and ID etc, its simple and straight forward (so thats a plus).
      The moneys great. It can be decent money and you do get value for your money, tickets from 1p-25p. Slots can be dire and there own branded slots can be the pits and the bonus rounds can pay out poorly.
      Aside from the repeat same winners Sun Bingo is ok i guess.
    4. mesonya mesonya says:
      Been a member os Sun Bingo for a number years now..i had stopped playing for a while as was not winning. Looked at my emails the last time I won any thing worth taking out was feb 2013 - the date now is November 14th 2015.
      I joined all the sister sites an played a fair amount on all them. On jpj I won a nice amount back in early 2013. Since then any thing I deposit I don't win on any except for Starspins. Now I wont win on there till payed that back either.
      Seems once you joined them all u win a little on 1 an lose on others,,,yet they say its down to luck yes may be but 2 an half years since winning on sun bingo is a lot bad luck. Don't dare question why not wining, does not go down well.
      I am in navy have loads friends I could ask to join an I get bonus ,,I wouldn't dare as them as I seen how it works. I used to love the site would put it at top of others, but now its in the bottom. Am not saying don't try it am just saying if your not lucky find some where better amlookinggd,
    5. I was a member of Tombola Bingo for 8 years and I've been with Sun Bingo for 2 and a half years and withdrawn more from Sun than I ever did with tombola.
      I had a massive fall out with Tombola and closed my account in disgust after playing up to £500 a week at times for months after months, year in year out, to try beat the random number generator into giving me a win - only to watch constant same names make a fine living out my and others deposits.
      I admittedly have lost a massive amount of money on Sun Bingo too, but in their defence we are the ones who deposit and there are facilities to regulate what you spend using deposit limits. I lost over £3000 in 30 days and withdrew £600.00. It was my choice to gamble so much money and it's called gambling because no wins are guaranteed, its pure random luck and I am just not lucky and lose a heck of a lot of money.
      I am at the giving up stage for Sun Bingo as well now. I just feel there is no return from such large loss and constant deposits.
      Dare I say ive become extremely bored of it now, even after short and long breaks. A decent large withdrawl now and again would keep punters who spend large amounts interested and have them come back.
      The site has a great choice of games and slots and a great atmosphere with friendly chat and good cms who like a laugh and can take a joke. I am only a member with Sun Bingo nowadays - closed all other sites accounts and fear I will have to do the same with Sun and face up to the fact that im just another unlucky punter who couldn't win my bus fare home.
      I intend to stay there a while longer until the end of 2015 as I feel this site to be fair and friendly etc but im going into 2016 free of Sun Bingo if I cannot win by the end of the year.
      My advice after experience and my own failures on the site is It's all about having a bit of fun with what you can afford to play. It's a great place to be at anytime.
      Give me a shout in chat if you join up to Sun bingo site. I'm always friendly to new players and old with my banter in chat. Games are good and chat is a great laugh.
    6. jennifer64 jennifer64 says:
      Been a member of Sun Bingo for year...took a long break...few months ago rejoined, but put a deposit limit of 10 pounds a week. As soon as you do that you win nothing. Play for free and observe. You will see as soon as anybody starts moaning some one will pipe up 'ohhh ive won hundreds haha'
      You also get ones saying 'i only deposited ten pounds and have withdrawn thousands' - do not believe a thing. Waste of time, but do play for free and observe it can actually stop you gambling on the net.
      • sweetpea sweetpea says:
        I agree, you dont win thousands with 10 pound its become a bit of a joke, do they think were idiots. Maybe once upon a time.
    7. Probability Probability says:
      Sun Bingo... It's true, 100% the sam players winning time and time again in each session (amazing enough when everyone has equal tickets & thus the same odds to win - learner room). Then to "somehow" magically repeat the feat for the evening session and for days on end! So, if 100 people are playing and these people get 6 wins, that's 6 times they did it at odds of 100/1, try that in a bookmakers! But thats not enought. No.They do it again, and again and again each day!!! Work them odds out!! Of course the site claims it is fair, and well, I suspect they would be idiots to ruin their easy income, so maybe they believe they are, but something is wrong!!

      Another thing that annoys me about the site (as if any other where needed) Is that apparently - as told by a mod, anyone can join, NOT deposit ANY money and join in the Learner room, win and withdraw!! So, basically people are reaping cream from the people who deposit, for they are the one financing the sites "free games".

      Another thing crossed my, as you can "apparently" Join, Play, Win & Withdraw without making any deposit, whats to stop people making multiple accounts? Well, nothing really, and I have no doubt they do as well. The issue would then be confirming thier identity in order to make any withdrawals. Unable to confirm thier identity, the money would be returned to......Dah Dah Dah guessed it!! Sun Bingo!!! So, money that should rightfuly be played for by paying customers, is taken back to the pocket of the site!

      Oh, and if you request a list of winners over the past few days in any given room?...they apparently cant do that, even though they names are flashed on the screen at the time. Luckily, some people pay attention while others distract in chat with all sorts of false pleasantries. Pay attention if you dont believe this (and other peoples reviews) will see for yourself. Its a plain as the nose on your face...

      • Fey fey Fey fey says:
        I agree. In my opinion luck plays no part on this site. How can winners be that lucky every day? If you played in a bingo hall and went every night/day, would you see the same handful of players winning multiple games? No! Because in reality nobody is that lucky!!!
    8. SUKINA SUKINA says:
      Strange But True ..... Every time I play in the session bingo the name MO always seems to win or get picked for chat games - seriously, always a name with Mo in it. Thought it rather odd, but played again over the weekend and yet again a MO won. Not impressed at all with this site, I agree with all the other comments below about the repeat winners. If your not in the click its like spectating a soap opera. Nobody speaks to you, its like watching paint dry. Chances of winning low and the slots are horrendous. It's a NO from me.
      • sweetpea sweetpea says:
        I agree it is difficult to win in bingo although i have had the odd win. Been playing more bingo recently and yes the same names all the time .I find the roomies who play slots will have a chat and most are pleasant, the same as the hosts always ready for a chat.However have to agree that it is difficult to have any conversation in the bingo rooms unless your in the group of regulars. i have been ignored countless times ,dont normally even bother to try anymore .sad really ,but it takes allsorts.
      • Probability Probability says:
        A mod told me people can: Join, Play Learner Bingo for free - no deposit, Win, and withdraw!! So dont be suprised if people are making multiple account!! They dont realise though, that to withdraw they need ID, so the money will be conveniently returned to the site.
        • sweetpea sweetpea says:
          As far as i know you have to make a deposit to join sun bingo. I have never seen no deposit needed ,i could be wrong though. It would be awful if sun bingo was being underhanded, wouldent this be illegal?
    9. evesgirlcaz evesgirlcaz says:
      I've been a member of Sun Bingo now for about 16 months and I have played at lots of sites, but i do think this is the best so far.

      I have had just 'one' win in bingo and that was when i won Max tickets in a chat game and not counting the wins i had in the Learner room during the first 7 days, which i think is a great feature of the site for new players.

      Yes i agree its frustrating to see the same names winning in bingo, but to be fair, i think some max a lot. i've seen one player win 1000.00, 250.00, plus a few other lesser amounts in a matter of days. That same player was complaining about never winning a week or so later despite them maxing every game. It's just luck.

      Your odds of winning if you max are bound to be better than if you play just a few tickets like i do, but money isn't going to last long maxing every game and you would need to win quite often just to recoup your losses.

      I personally love the site. I think the hosts are lovely and most of the players are friendly and welcoming too. You have to accept that it's a gambling site and like all gambling sites, there will always be more losers than winners. How could they pay the hosts, technicians support staff etc if we all won ? They would go bankrupt.

      I only wager what i can afford to lose, and yes sometimes i do lose a lot before i get a win and yes i get frustrated, but i also get the occasional nice win in slots which is good. For a minimum 1p stake X 50 lines spin on peggle slots i won 135.00 so i don't agree you have to bet high to win decent money, just the higher the stake the bigger the payout, but also the bigger the losses in between wins. You can't have it all ways. It's personal choice how much you wager and the hosts are always encouraging players to set limits and not to wager more than they can afford to lose. On the other hand I've played on sites where the hosts encourage you to buy max tickets in bingo, "buy more roomies", but the Sun hosts will tell you, you only need to buy one ticket if your lucks in to win.

      Sun bingo is by far the more generous with it's promotions, free games, prize pick, chat games etc and it's also better at paying out when you are lucky enough to withdraw. Some sites impose stupid wagering t&cs and do their best to block a withdrawal or leave it pending for ages, but i haven't had any problems with this site.Unless things change, i wouldn't play anywhere else.

    10. Happy Days Happy Days says:
      Sun Bingo is the most shocking site I have ever played on!! Its laughable when you see the same names winning over and over regardless of how many players there are.The bingo has a bad vibe about it, like you know its ripping you off! And don't bother playing the slots unless you can afford to max every spin and even then the payout is pathetic! All gamesys sites are the same. I don't mind losing when its fair, but in my opinion this site is very iffy to say the least! You have been warned!!
    11. Stella22 Stella22 says:
      Funny ain't it how they answer all good reviews but no bad ones. Never join this site someone sent an e mail to sun bingo full of lies and without talking to my mum they closed her account on hear say. By the way my mum is dying. Tried to contact them and they ain't bothered - terrible customer service stay clear.
    12. marmite66 marmite66 says:
      Joined many bingo sites and must say this comes up top of the worst bingo sites ever. The slots and mainly the roulette are just one been con. you can cover 31 numbers out of 32 and the number which comes out in the number you did not pick- happened many times. Do not play any other game then bingo.
    13. sweetpea sweetpea says:
      What has happened to Sun Bingo? It has gone from bad to worse. Come on Sun, play fair please. Log in most days only to hear roomies saying the same. You must be aware of unhappy members. Maybe you don't read reviews or you don't care because for every member closing account there is a new member joining .Shame - used to love Sun Bingo.
    14. Noluckme Noluckme says:
      What a joke of a site. Slots have pathetic payouts, spent 15.00 and won 20p. Bingo has the same winners over and over. Played 10 games of bingo and watched the same winner win 5 of those games! Unbelievable! Save your money and play on fairer sites. How this one gets away with it is beyond me!
      • glitzy glitzy says:
        I wonder why sun bingo have not replied to our comments? because we are telling the truth!

        Disgusting customer service
        • Probability Probability says:
          My guess is they genuinely think nothing is amiss. They seem to not know (or care?), that gambling sites are hacked and compromised all the time. A lot of poker sites have been hacked in the past allowing players to cheat. I suspect this to be the case here as well. I've studies probability and statistics and there is something else influencing these games other than chance. Someone could get a lucky streak of course, but to do it consistently means something is amiss. I need not say it again, as the proof is in the pudding. Just look at the amount of people saying the same thing! If they want to disprove it, simply publish the results and lets analyse them.

          As for chat, it is populated mostly by a banal group who distract and attack anyone who suggets anything is amiss. Wouldnt be suprised if some of these people are later found to be "in on it" the saying goes.

    15. glitzy glitzy says:
      Do not join Sun Bingo, i have been playing on here a while now and every time i deposit, i always lose. The slots are terrible, the payout is disgusting, i really don't know how they get away with it.

      The same players win in the bingo rooms and it only seems to be players that the Chat hosts are really friendly with.

      Don't bother with customer service, they are not interested, they couldn't care less, it's all down to luck they say, what a load of rubbish, i won't be playing anymore

      Save your money, stay away from sun bingo.
    16. sweetpea sweetpea says:
      Joined sun bingo in 20013 lost more than won. Agree with most that it is difficult to win on bingo. i mostly play on the slots for this reason. What i do find strange is people popping up in chat claiming they have won big yet they dont appear in winners list. happens frequently.
    17. eyeswideopen eyeswideopen says:
      When i played on Sun Bingo it was an eye opener. Someone had asked a host do they allow family members on and they replied that if they do then they are not allowed to deal with them ie;comp them for chat games etc. What bingo site allows friends and family on?The hosts have their own player account which they say is so they can see from a player point of view.

      Also played early hours and it was more like a chat room for a dating site. Learn more about peoples sex lives than anything with people sending pics of themselves to the site? weird. Also some players were talking about when they had met up with the chat hosts outside of the bingo and had drinks with them in Stoke. Not exactly a professional thing to do and these were the ones who guaranteed won on the chat games when in a room.

      Never been on a bingo site that allowed family- what a weird set up. A lot of bullying went on and the host would allow people to get bullied for a while if they complained about something, then the band wagon of players would jump on the player and slag them off and after a bit the host would intervene and tell the bullied person to take a break or close the chat if they weren't happy.

      Cant see how they got chat host of the year unless its their own family and friends voting for them.

      • cruizar cruizar says:
        yeh! I no exactly what you mean. A lot of that carry on LBN NETWORK, it makes you think. They type I need a win and it magicley next ball out they win.
        • Donnastep Donnastep says:
          I agree! No employees should be allowed to play the games. It isn't allowed in bingo clubs so the same rules should apply online.
          • sweetpea sweetpea says:
            Recently been on one of the gamesys site where one of the roomies was giving out her mobile number to the chat host. I dont think this should be allowed.
            • Happy Days Happy Days says:
              If other players even mention their personal details, they get a ticking off from the chat hosts. So no it isn't normally allowed but only when it suits! Don't like the site!
              • sweetpea sweetpea says:
                I agree it is wrong to give personal details in chat. Some players get too involved with the chat hosts. The host are there to do a job and i think to be honest most hosts handle the situations very well .It is not fair on the hosts themselves to be put in these situations.

                Some members need to understand this is a bingo site where the hosts are there for every member and some members should not become to familiar with hosts. I just want to add it was not on sun bingo where i saw roomie giving out her mobile number.

    18. jaynefitz68 jaynefitz68 says:
      Joined Sun Bingo..and I can't play as my tablets r not now have to wait 30 days to get my money back. Which I think is wrong. So y can you not play on Android devices? So advice please....thank you....Just seem a bit odd.
      • Donnastep Donnastep says:
        You can play on iPad
        • Noluckme Noluckme says:
          I see sun bingo have not replied to this post!! I wonder why??!!
    19. starbug86 starbug86 says:
      Love Sun Bingo (not for the bingo, as everyone say's, it is usually the same names that pop up). The staff are super friendly, I withdrew via paypal and had the money in the bank within a few hours of winning! I deposited 10.00 and won 1,000.00 on the slots! Got to treat myself to a well needed holiday! Highly recommend this site!
      • Thank you starbug86! We appreciate your review
        • Stella22 Stella22 says:
          Do u not think you need to answer to all the bad reviews
          • Happy Days Happy Days says:
            starbug you are very lucky to win that amount on 10.00. Well done to you if you have, but I'm not sure I believe it!!
        • glitzy glitzy says:
          How rude, why don't you answer some questions from unhappy customers, there seems to be a lot of them
    20. avarose avarose says:
      deposited £20 withdrew £24,000 just from slots :) same names in bingo but iv won a few times playing, played on jpj ect and never won a penny money drained in seconds so was shocked to build it upto 24k sent id was with me within 24hrs of my id being verified
      • Happy to hear about your win avarose! Thank you for your review!
      • Noluckme Noluckme says:
        And if you believe that, you will believe anything!
        • sweetpea sweetpea says:
          I agree find it hard to believe someone can win that amount of money from 20 pound deposit if i ever do i will be sure to let you know.
    21. turnitup135 turnitup135 says:
      I have never in all my life playing online bingo seen such a site were you constantly see the same names win all the time! I know people can win over and over again, but this site must have a group of people around 15 of them that win in every single room, the free bingo, the session bingo, the links that jackpots. Its absurd. Please be careful when depositing on this site as you find your money drains away and you see the same names win all the time it gets boring and you can be in a room with 130 players and you will see the same names win over and over again week in week out. they needs to be something done about this site. Its not that i didn't win or anything, but one of the site winners can win around 10xs to your one win and that's maxing out every game. Apart from that the CH are friendly, the money is good, the slots can be hit and miss (more miss but can pay out kinda ok). The payout is fast usually back in my bank with in 2-3days.
    22. tens10ten tens10ten says:
      Careful when depositing on Sun Bingo. Most of the reviews are true about repeat same winners! Joined, made a a few deposits and didnt win a thing from about 100.00 i had! The learning room bingo (free room) is a total joke - its like site picks about 5 of the same people to win constantly every session! Same names constantly win through out the site its kinda shocking just how bad it actually is. I'm not a soar loser, but no same 5 people can be that lucky. The CH just brush it off as some people are luckier on some days! The Session bingo, lol, what a total joke. It's the same. I bought 5 session for 2 days and saw the same names constantly popping up! this site deffo seems strange to me one way or another. I wont put a single penny back on this site again. Plenty of sites out there that don't seem to have the same group of winners day in day out!

      If you want to try the site join and go into the learning free bingo room (11-1pm) and 6-8pm and just see for your self just how bad it really is to me this site really needs investigating!
    23. Lstime Lstime says:
      Out of all the bingo sites, this one has to be the worst for repeat winners. Same winners winning 3 or 4 games out of 10. And this happens most days.
      Didn't think it was possible to make a living out of bingo, but it seems some people do. My advice to all is to set a small limit and stick to it. If you win withdraw and take a break.
    24. harry123 harry123 says:
      Played Sun Bingo for a while and managed to withdraw about 80 pound winnings. I deposit what i can afford to play with and advise others to at least set a limit on their account. Games can be good, the session is good value, the slots not as good as we all would like, but fun. But it's gambling so you take the risk. A lot of same winners as many other sites and does become a bit monotonous. Some not all hosts are friendly and can have a good laugh with the roomies. Money does go quickly, so play small then perhaps up stakes, but each to their own.
      his is a great site but I agree with some of the comments on here so far, it is not easy to win on here, particularly on the 90's bingo as there are so many players at any one time. The 80's game is very good but there is definately a game play pattern on there and on the 80's the wins all seem to go to the new players, to get them hooked I guess, and then once u are no longer considered a ' newbie ' ur wins go down dramatically and it becomes very hard to win. I must disagree on the comments about a sign up bonus, they do have one and its a match for match up to £25. However, customer service is second to none and any games that u miss thru tech problems u get ur money refunded without even having to ask for it! The CM's are fantastic and the chat rooms are mega friendly
      • Hi STE_STOBART, thank you for your review, we really appreciate your views and opinions and hope that we have provided you with a satisfactory service! We hope u continue to game with us in the future and wish you the best of luck! :)
    26. Donnastep Donnastep says:
      I don't like the bingo at all! 10p bingo and max tickets are 30. 1p tickets max 1.00. So why do the same winners win continuously? I've maxed in both rooms and no win. I've bought fewer tickets and still no win and I have been playing for months. Yet some winners can win every other game. I just feel that sun bingo is take take take!
    27. Islandgirlxx Islandgirlxx says:
      After reading reviews on here I was a bit dubious about parting with 20 pounds. My mother in law plays on Sun bingo and has had a few wins in the past, so I thought I would give it a go. Well.. what can I say..fantastic!! This has to be the best bingo site I have played on..and believe me I have played on a few! I joined at the weekend, won full house, 2 lines etc, then decided to try the slots as I had to meet the wagering requirements. I ended up with 250.00 that I was able to withdraw back to my Paypal account. All I had to do was put in my passport number to verify my age and the funds were transferred the next morning. What a great no fuss service! I will certainly be playing on this site again at the weekend. Thanks Sun Bingo for a fab experience
      • Thank you for your review Islangirlxx we appreciate your kind words! And are glad you enjoy our website! :)
    28. It doesn't matter how many tickets you buy you just won't win. I played bingo for 5 hours or more recently and watched the same names winning. Then the link games came on and those names won again. The following day I played again for a few hours and low and behold same winners again. Sun bingo should be loyal to their paying customers and stop pocketing peoples hard earned cash.
      Needless to say I have closed my account!
      5 months of playing on the Sun bingo and spent hundreds of pounds. Not impressed, agree with the majority below of the repeat winners syndrome. The slots are well bad, even if you are lucky enough to get a bonus on the Sun Slot, it rarely pays more than the actual stake. Fed up of seeing the same old names winning in the Sessions, and same people getting chosen to play the chat games. Bingo rooms are slow to load and often do not load up at all. If anybody says anything about the repeat winners (who seem to be in a clicky little group), they are bullied and given lots of abuse by the other members of the little click. It is horrible to watch, and the CMs can also be rude and pompous. Not a good site at all.
      • Hi Jingle_bella, We're sorry to hear about your bad experience on our website and hope that you understand we treat all players equally and fairly. We hope you choose to come back and try your luck again. Thanks
    30. Father Father says:
      There is something not right about this site. There seems to be a pattern of winners on the bingo. If there's 150 players or 25 the same names repeatedly win. That's not luck. I've been playing for 6 months and watched these names win game after game. This site should be investigated, people are playing in the hope of a win but trust me you won't get one. One big rip offfff!! People have aright to know.
      • Hi Father, we're sorry to hear about your bad experience using our bingo rooms, we hope that you have been able to keep using our service and have had better times. Please rest assured every player is treated equally and fairly and that our CS team is on hand to address any queries you may have. Thank you for your review
    31. DoctorVodka DoctorVodka says:
      I have to say having read all the comments above (and spent a fair few hundred quid on Sun Bingo) it does seem strange to see the same winners over and over again.

      I remember the first day I joined I won 600 quid - again, is this just luck? Having bought 12 sessions this week and played 180 quids worth of bingo I would say no.

      The site seems to be clearly fixed somewhere. The same winners and big wins for new members is a recurring theme.

      SunBingo has the market, however with other bingo sites struggling to match the jackpots and number of players.

      If your wise you will spend 4 pounds a week on the national lottery and leave Sun Bingo well alone - it does not seem like luck, nor coincidental that the site behaves the way it does.
      • Sorry to hear about your mixed bag of luck on our site DoctorVodka! Please be assured everything is done at random and all players are treated equally and fairly! We hope u continue to game with us, your review is valued! Thanks.
    32. ruth47 ruth47 says:
      The best thing about Sun bingo is the hamster games and it is really the fun bit of it. Had fun with chat hosts too, i guess the peak times get really too crowded and i don't enjoy it much then..i prefer to have a good laugh during the early morning time when it is a bit quiet & u can have some really nice early morning giggle with the ch!!
    33. judie93 judie93 says:
      Do not waste your money. Joined Sun BIngo a few days ago, deposited £10 and received my bonus, played a few bingo games didn't win though, tried the slots and won around £30 altogether.. after wagering my bonus i tried to withdraw money i'd won on slots as the site is very boring. Would not let me withdraw and live chat said even though my wagering was completed 100% i could not withdraw less than the bonus i first received - £30. Very hard to win and even if you do it's not a lot and only has around 13 slots max.
      • Hi Judie93! We're sorry to hear about your experience on our site! Please take any issues up with CS who will be more than happy to address any problems you might have and we hope you get satisfactory results from this! We hope you continue to game with us!
    34. Only just joined Sun Bingo this week. So far not impressed with my experience. Didn't receive my start up bonus or reload bonus, but I'm assured someone is looking into this for me. Didn't have much beginners luck either. I can relate to other peoples comments about repeat winners popping up almost every game. After many deposits I didn't manage to get a 1tg never mind a line with less than 30 players in the room.

      But on a positive note, the site looks fun and airy, the CM's are really friendly. The promotions page is full and has a lot of different things going on which looks fun. I did enjoy the Learners room. People were friendly and did sympathise with me (moaned a bit I'm afraid). I'll hang around for a while and see if things improve for me. Overall I do like the site and the layout.
      • Hi justmyopinion! Thank you for your review on sunbingo! We hope you continue to use our site and good luck gaming in the future!!
    35. andreamatty1 andreamatty1 says:
      Love Sun bingo. Not very often wins but when you do win you can win big. Hosts are really helpful and friendly. Love slots and also play daily side bonus games and win bonus money, promotion codes sent email - must admit not very often.
      Great job Sun Bingo XXXX
      • Hi andreamatty1! Thank you for your kind positive words, we appreciate them!! Good luck gaming!!
    36. Nanofthree Nanofthree says:
      Didn't like this site, far too many repeat winners. Now I'm not a sore loser, far from it but when you see the same winners time after time, day after day it kinda makes you feel that something isn't quite right. After all nobody can be that lucky can they???
    37. wisp48 wisp48 says:
      A counter balance to all the negative comments, I love Sun Bingo. I have been playing here for about 18 months, I don't win that often but that adds to the buzz when I do. The hosts are all really friendly, I had made lots of on-line friends and yeah, we do talk amongst ourselves, but if you don't join in, we don't know you are there.

      Recently there have been some great promos, as well as the On the Ball series which was brilliant.
      • Hi wisp48! Thank you for your kinds words we appreciate it and they are a massive help!
    38. Father Father says:
      Sun bingo has to be be the worst site ever. Winning on bingo is virtually impossible even when there are few players. The last straw for me was I wanted one number with only 42 numbers gone and the site froze and a message came up saying sorry but we have to close for 15 mins to do maintenence work. Steer clear you have no chance of winning!
      I joined the Sun Bingo about 2 weeks ago. Good points are - good first and second bonus offers and a newbie room where you can play bingo in twice a day. I won about a fiver in the Newbie room and then won about £12 when I ventured out into the usual rooms. The slots played really good at first, but unfortunately I never managed ti make a withdrawal, due to the wagering requirements. I have deposited a few times since, but no luck as yet. I played in the Sessions about 5 times, but was not impressed, as the chat was going to fast and I felt like an outsider looking in. The hosts seemed to know some of the other players extremely well and nobody bothered to chat to me. I never won any bingo games in the Sessions, nor was I chosen to play any of the games. I just felt like a spectator to be honest. The Newbie room was nice and friendly though, and I did win a few of the chat games in there, or was chosen for a bonus. Rachel the chat host was very nice and she is sending me a goodie bag in the post. I also received a Love To Shop Voucher for £10 in the post today which was nice. During my 2 weeks here I have noticed a few repeat winners, maybe my day of winning will come soon. I will keeps my options open for the time being. So far not a bad site.
    40. 0tgguys 0tgguys says:
      The site is utter rubbish!!!! Lost so much money on the slots, you will hardly ever have a bonus and if you should be that lucky to have one, it gives you no money back! I won't be wasting my money on this site any more....You will win when you first join but nothing after that.
    41. mrsb mrsb says:
      This site a complete rip off; same names win bingo over and over again, day in day out. If you say anything your told "some players are just lucky" - what all day everyday. Seems to be if you get on with the host you win more and same winners on chat games. Hosts are rude and unfriendly unless your part of the click. There's a player who comes in wags shopping spree and says come to collect my £200 pound and wins it within minutes. They done this 3 times on the trot. This player has a very good relationship with host, nicknames for them, private messages with them and so on.
      • kissifur kissifur says:
        All these people having the same gripes cannot be wrong. Can someone please look into this site, people play there hard earned money with faith, but on this site stand no chance. Please please please the powers that be look into this god awful site.
    42. wisp48 wisp48 says:
      Took me a while to find my way round the various rooms when I first joined Sun Bingo, but all the hosts and roomies have always been very friendly and helpful, I would recommend the site without hesitation. Still waiting for a big win but am enjoying myself trying.
    43. kissifur kissifur says:
      One nasty nasty site, please i urge you do not ever deposit on this site, unless you like to see the same few names win over and over again. I do not know how this site gets by the regulations but it does, loads of money they have i suppose.
    44. kissifur kissifur says:
      This site had me in tears tonight, some roomies bullying. Been on this site several times and same roomies think they own the site. I am so upset. When I spoke to the cm they said " for my own good" they would ban me from chat. The CM was not considerate and upset me more. I was crying and that was what i got. I feel so gutted, i opened my heart and was made to feel i was to blame. It seems they feel roomies bullying is ok because they spend a lot, but I was made to feel downtrodden. This site does not care about players unless u have spent a lot. Another corporate company out to make money and does not matter to what cost at peoples feelings.
      • fee2008 fee2008 says:
        kissifur i dont no how you could write this you do nothing but swear at peeps in the room and wonder why they are nasty back. as for same winners they are just lucky and play lots of money. cant believe what i have just read, you are never nice when you come on.
    45. broosie broosie says:
      I just closed my account after years of being a loyal customer at Sun Bingo as I got so fed up depositing with very little reward with the slots. The bingo is virtually impossible to win. all in all wouldn't reccomend this site nowadays. The hosts are non sympathetic and have been quite curt when ive complained. never again sun bingo i'd rather poke out my own eyes.
    46. Purrrfection Purrrfection says:
      3 wks after my last review and still the same old people winning the same jackpot games. It gets tiring watching for those 1tg`s that never seem to appear. But always appear for the same lucky people nearly every day!! I guess i just wish i was that lucky lol. By all means try this site but i do advise you to set a deposit limit before you start playing as its so easy to just click a button to deposit.
      • Ms Bingo Ms Bingo says:
        who are the people who keep winning all the time ?
    47. Purrrfection Purrrfection says:
      I have been a member of Sun Bingo for quite a few years and have read the reviews. I have to agree with most of the negative reviews as i have experienced them myself. After being a member for over 9yrs I have never won a jp, but have spent nearly 50k - not a good result in my opinion. Love the Session Bingo but when u don't win it gets expensive. The host and roomies are very friendly which encourages you to deposit and play more because you are having a laugh. It also does seem at times the same people win the huge amounts. It would be nice to win a nice amount one day, but i guess I'm just not that lucky. Although I still do play session on here I no longer enter into chat as it saves me money. Good luck to all who venture onto Sun Bingo though.
    48. I cannot understand all these negative comments about Sun Bingo . I have been a member for coming on 3 years and i find the staff cm's all very understanding good people who can take a laugh and joke and are very fair people to deal with and give excellent advice on site issues etc. I play very regularly on Sun Bingo and slots and win and lose. It's gambling. I went on with £16.00 the other day and won a £127.64 full house in Bingo. I then ventured to the slots, my favourites, and was up and down winning and losing a bit. 1 hour later my balance was £1297.45p and i played for a good while longer and eventually withdrew £1000. You can win on this site and you can lose as i have done many a time. It's gambling but i reassure players that Sun Bingo is a genuine site and you can and will win. It's pure random luck. Come and join and look me up in chat my username is RABCNESBITT42 and we are all a very friendly bunch of people in chat and always welcome many new players. Sun is real and the wins are very real.
      • Bingo Basher Bingo Basher says:
        Thought you were going to close your account because the payouts were so bad? I wonder how much more money you spent this year to manage to win. Good luck Rab, and well done on managing to win something back, I personally do not like the Sun bingo site, lost a fortune and seen so many repeat winners it got boring.
    49. sho123 sho123 says:
      Having again lost over 300.00 in less than a week I have shut down my account at Sun Bingo. I have been a regular member with all gamsys sites for at least 5yrs and like I have said before with other reviews on Jackpotjoy, Virgin I know I am wasting my money before I deposit. It has took me this long and numerous self exclusions not forgetting the huge amount of money wasted to really realise i am being taken for a fool. If you are a new member you will win probably 900.00 playing 1p max depositing 10.00 in the first month then, like me and countless others, you will be hooked and then never win more than 200.00 after depositing double that.
    50. SUKINA SUKINA says:
      I have been a member of Sun Bingo for over 2 years. I used to love playing here, but the past year it has gone awful. Same winners every day and hosts have their favorites. Session bingo is like watching paint dry, same old winners 80% of the time, with the odd person winning under a tenner now and then, go on to the big prize money and it is the same old click winning and winning, sometimes 2 or 3 times and getting chosen to play the "random" games too. If anybody dares to mention anything about the same people winning they are bullied and ridiculed by the little click of clucky people. Slots have gone from bad to worse but again, when anybody mentions anything about their lack of wins, they are ridiculed and someone will suddenly shout OMG £300 tyty and then state they are winning hundreds on every other spin. Total farce, in my opinion.
    51. willsowls willsowls says:
      This site is so big with too many games and players. The chance to win any games of Bingo on this site is more harder! Was rare if I did win! Won more on the slots! But at the end of the day you lose more then you win! Bet small, as the more you play on this site the more you lose!!!!
    52. I was a member of tombola bingo for 8 years and I've been with Sun Bingo for 2 and a half years and withdrawn more from Sun than I ever did with tombola. I had a massive fall out with Tombola and closed my account after playing £500 a week for months only to watch constant same names make a fine living out my and others deposits. I admittedly have lost a massive amount of money on Sun Bingo too, but in their defence we are the ones who deposit and there are facilities to regulate what you spend using deposit limits. I lost over £3000 in 30 days and withdrew £600.00. It was my choice to gamble so much money and it's called gambling because no wins are guaranteed, its pure random luck and I am just not lucky.

      The site has a great choice of games and slots and a great atmosphere with friendly chat and good cms who like a laugh and can take a joke. I am only a member with Sun Bingo and will stay there a while longer as I feel this site to be fair and friendly. It's all about having a bit of fun with what you can afford to play. It's a great place to be at anytime. Give me a shout in chat if you join up to Sun bingo site. I'm always friendly to new players and old with my banter in chat. Games are good and chat is a great laugh.

    53. I found Sun Bingo okay when I joined earlier in the year. When you start off, you get a small win here and there (£3-£5 or so) but things completely dull and things get repetitive. The same names daily, popping up on the wins (But not you). One of the most irritating things being that some people don't even say thank you, or they might type a "ty" in the chat box.. Hang on, you've just won £70!! I'd be over the moon!!!! A £10 win would have done me, but in my time and dozens of deposits, I didn't even get that. People in the slot rooms type their win in the chat box and you'll sometimes see people saying things like "£40" "110" etc. So calmly. It's obvious it won't be put to good use and will go back to Sun bingo
    54. kissifur kissifur says:
      What an awful site, the "click" in the rooms is steadfast - if ya face don't fit they don't talk to you. The winners are those in the "click" constantly, if u have any sense u will not play on this site as it would be a complete waste of money.
    55. I have played at Sun Bingo for 2 years now. The bingo is good value and I've had a few wins, nothing big, but to be honest I am a slot player and there is plenty to choose from. I've had a few good wins, as much as £200, but as most slot players do I've played it all back lol. I ALWAYS HOPE TO MAKE A BIG £3000 WITHDRAWL LIKE SOME LUCKY PUNTERS BUT NOT HAD THAT LUCK YET AFTER 2 YEAR. My luck will come in one day though and i will report any massive wins loudly in here immediately. The site itself is easy to use and chat is funny and entertaining. The staff are very helpful and friendly and like the odd joke, etc., in chat unlike some other sites i could mention. Sun bingo is a fair site with good odds of winning compared to most sites I've played on. I would recommend the site to anyone so come along and join and look me up in chat and say hello my username is rabcnesbitt42. We are all friendly players at Sun Bingo and welcome anyone
    56. I have been a member of Sun Bingo for a few years; I saw it advertised in the newspaper I think one day. Honestly cannot remember making my first deposit or if I got a bonus and TBH I don’t visit this site that often. Not because I don’t like it, just because there are better sites out there (no offense Sun Bingo). Don’t get me wrong I will pop in £10 here and there. The CH are really friendly and despite all the negative comments I have just read, I don’t see ‘same winners’ – Thumbs up Sun Bingo.
    57. I used to love Sun Bingo after winnings 25 grand two years ago, but then they banned me from site for something that had nothing to do with them, but they was happy to take my money. Now on the 6 month ban think i would have to put a limit on if i ever got back on the site, if not i would have to take it further.
    58. xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx says:
      Well what can be said that has not already been said. Same winners, jp winners who log out after winning jps.Slot bonuses - well if you find one let me know. Chat game's with the same winners be them "random" picked or win it, but do not comment on it or they pull them anyway or mute your account.Not played there in ages and don't intend to. I shall not feed money to ignorance and blatant favourtisim in regards to players.The issue is however this seems to be a regular occurence on all gamesys based sites.
    59. Bazza92 Bazza92 says:
      Having played Sun bingo for a number of years,and like most sites you seem to get the same people winning, i have had a few good wins.But i have just cancelled my account, as the site was having technical difficulties the other evening, and rather than shut the games down they continued to play, I won a game fh £71 pound and it was not credited. I was informed by customer service, that it was a "hung game", and because of that i will not be getting paid my winnings. This happened for about 2 hours in total, one woman being denied £500 after winning a link. The fact they knew they had a problem and allowed people to continue playing is beyond me, giving people their stake money back does not make up for not getting paid what they won.
      • duffpixie duffpixie says:
        Happened on Virgin too the other night, quite a few unhappy people there. Both Gamesys sites.
    60. harrybear harrybear says:
      I recently joined Sun Bingo and wouldn't deposit another penny on it. The win rations and payouts on the slots are a disgrace (£200 without a single win spin at one point). The hosts are rude if you comment on the lack of bonuses or payouts and encourage the other chat regulars to gang up on you (that's right!, tell em! etc) while their rudeness goes unchecked. Same winners all the time in bingo. Watched on person win 6 out of ten games!!!! The hosts keep on about how it's luck and positive mental attitude and I saw one person who complained be told"You're being too negative to win!" You also find that as soon as you comment on how bad the payouts are someone will turn up and rhyme off a lot of big wins OMG OMG OMG, then disappear from chat only to reappear the next time someone complains saying the exact same thing. Fortunately most of the money I lost was bonus money but I wouldn't put any more of my own money in it. Horrible site.
    61. Really good laugh at Sun Bingo. All of the Chs are super friendly, especially Ch Ben and mollie :D Keep up the good work guys!!! <3 GlitterySparkes (:
    62. QueenB25 QueenB25 says:
      WOW - well what's there not to like about Sun Bingo. It's absolutely the BEST online bingo site by far. The CMs are fantastic, always chatting and the players are brill too. Everyone is friendly. It's the only site i go on now. Totally fair. Bingo wins are great, jackpots are lovely ha...this site is a total 10/10 XXX
    63. Tiddy Tiddy says:
      Have played at the Sun Bingo for 2 years and have never seen so many repeat winners. I don't know how they do it. I note Dennys comments below, and yes, I have seen her win a lot. It only seems to happen to a few people, whilst the majority of other people just lose night after night, day after day. The session games are really bad for it. The slots are not good, but whenever anybody complains they get yelled at by the small team of endless winners. You will also find 2/3 players who seem to win hundreds on every spin, night after night. I get fed up of reading OMG £200 OMG £300 etc etc from the same people who just seem to appear when anybody grumbles. I have had enough now. Bye Bye Mr Sun, would like to have said it was nice knowing you, but .............
      • harrybear harrybear says:
        Totally agree. I just joined and as soon as I said the payouts were bad on the site someone appeared saying OMG just won £428 then £376 and then £205, played out the rest of my money and when someone else commented about the lack of bonuses and wins same person appeared again rhyming off a lot of wins.
    64. Love Sun bingo - i tend to always win on it x
    65. Sun bingo is the best site ever. I have lots of friends on there and hosts are lovely. I've been playing Sun bingo for about 4 years and I've won a car and also 5 jackpots. I do belong to other bingo sites, but non match up to Sun bingo.
    66. Alchemist Alchemist says:
      Hosts are fair, very entertaining welcoming and friendly
    67. Marc Marc says:
      Gave Sun Bingo a miss for a few months as I got fed up of seeing the same old names winning. Gave it another go over the weekend. Guess what? Still same names winning 80% of the time. Lots of people complaining but getting ridiculed by the clicky little group of people who always seem to win. I have spend thousands on this site over the past 2 years and in my opinion it has gone from bad to worse. Won't be back again unless I get really really bored and I want to play "guess the winner".
    68. Just a quick update. Since i was last here leaving my review I've had no luck on the slots in fact I've lost near £3000 in less than a month. I have been playing near daily with winnings from other gambling sources (not online gambling) and lost the lot.

      I am not complaining as it was won money and i know that my turn for a decent withdrawal will come one day from Sun Bingo. I have a lot of faith in Sun Bingo and don't like to site hop like some folks. I will stick with Sun Bingo a few month more to see if my luck changes, but meantime my spending will be dramatically reduced until my luck changes.

      I will keep you all updated of any wins and wish you all & myself lots of luck on Sun Bingo Slots. Like everything in life, there are winners and there are losers. Its pure random luck folks. I will report back next month or earlier if i get a large withdrawal .
      • quick update , been playing on average £200.00 a day depositing £20 a time since my last review . I have withdrawn nothing either and my balance of wins have not been above £100.00 . I declare i am the most unluckiest player on the site , lost thousands this year . All the best for 2013 Sun Bingo , my accounts getting closed 31st december 2012 if i dont win and withdraw a decent amount . I have had enough and lost more than enough compared to the average punter . GAME OVER !
      • rachie155 rachie155 says:
        Sorry about your losses :( I know you said you don't like to site hop but now maybe you have changed your mind. There are so many better sites out there and if you join a new one at least you can take advantage of the bonuses so can play without spending so much. You might get lucky on a new site. I tend to think it's always best to move onto another site for a while (or permanently) if the winnings dry up on one site. Good luck!
    69. Although i dont withdraw very often i have a couple of times. One of the times i was playing Mystic Megs weekly free game and got 20 spins at 4 pound a spin and withdrew 200 pound for something i hadn't even deposited. Don't get me wrong a lot of the time its 5 spins with about 1.00 winnings. But the fact you know its possible to get the highest thing on free whereas on other sites don't think I've seen anyone get anywhere near the top prize. Good site, friendly people, lots of choice, great ch's :)
    70. traceywiner traceywiner says:
      Hi all. I've been using Sun bingo for quite a while. It's the only bingo site that i have found that has a penny room which is seven days a week, plus you always have a jackpot in every room. I've won on a good few occasions 1 line 2 line and full house. Somtimes I've had a treb. I find the chat room very pleasant and fun and i think it's the best site I've been on and I've been on quite a few.
    71. I have played at Sun Bingo for 18 months now. The bingo is good value and I've had a few wins, nothing big, but to be honest I am a slot player and there is plenty to choose from. I've had a few good wins, as much as £200, but as most slot players do I've played it all back lol. I always hope to make a big £3000 withdrawal like some lucky punters.

      My luck will come in one day though and i will report any massive wins loudly in here immediately. The site itself is easy to use and chat is funny and entertaining. The staff are very helpful and friendly and like the odd joke, etc., in chat unlike some other sites i could mention. Sun bingo is a fair site with good odds of winning compared to most sites I've played on. I would recommend the site to anyone so come along and join and look me up in chat and say hello my username is rabcnesbitt42. We are all friendly players at Sun Bingo and welcome anyone .
    72. jean0962 jean0962 says:
      Sun Bingo also has the mini games and weekly free games that I love to play.
    73. rachie155 rachie155 says:
      Can only say what everyone else has said-it's the same winners all the time. I only just joined Sun Bingo, but won't be playing any more. I did win with my first deposit/bonus and was told I could withdraw when I went and asked on "Live help", but on my account it said I couldn't withdraw because I still had the £20 bonus left and had to wait until it expired (30 days) or meet wagering requirements. I didn't fully understand what I had to do as I was told by live help that I had met the wagering.

      I then proceeded to spend my winnings and bonus thinking I had over £40 I was bound to win again and meet the wagering requirements, but suddenly it became much harder to win and I noticed that all the same people were winning every time. I noticed this having only spent a morning on the site. I asked one of the repeat winners what her secret was and she said she'd been on the site all morning and lost loads so there was no secret. Well I was referring to the past hour where she'd won at least 6 times. I am on lottts of Bingo sites so I know a good one and do understand the wagering requirements (some sites are worse than others for this), but it really got to me that the same people were winning and that it didn't appear that I could withdraw at any point even after spending half of my winnings. A lot of times I was down to one number to go, but every time it just didn't come up, it really felt like a set-up. Like I say I'm on lots of bingo sites and am not a sore loser, but like everyone else with a bad review I got very annoyed (after only a day!) with the repeat winners. Waste of money!
      • hot4tv2 hot4tv2 says:
        I totally Agree with you on this! I also joined JPJ and Sun Bingo deposited £10 on both and guess what I won £213 of Sun bingo (of my first deposit on a link game i won the Full house on my first ever go on the site, I'd literally been a newbie for 5mins) and around £110 on JPJ of my first go (been a newbie for like 10mins) and off my first deposit (about week after joining sun bingo). I noticed first with sun bingo I had another little win around £19, that and my bonus and the £213 I had won my balance was over £290 I thought wow!! and guess what maxing out in every single room I didn't win a thing again! and I kid you not the exact same thing on happened on Jackpotjoy 1 biggish win to start of with then not a single win at all maxing out too! The slots were shocking on both sites and both payouts were the same I got a few bonus rounds on the Alice in Wonderland slot at £2 a spin and never won much more than £14-20 for a bonus game, and at £2 a spin it was kinda low payouts. The slots on these Gamesys sites are the worst I have ever seen on any bingo/casino site. You can spend a fortune and you literally get nothing back. The session games are also horrible you see the same names winning all the time! For such big sites like Sun and JPJ you would think the payouts are a lot better, but they aint! I wanna play on a site were you play slots and bingo not knowing if you're gonna hit it big, but after playing them for a time you finally see they don't pay out and when u do its nothing big! Customer service etc I found very helpful, never had a problem. I play at a few cassava sites and the slots like Temple of Isis and White Wizard I've got bonus rounds at 50p a stake and won over £100 a few times, and a few times I've had bonus rounds at 1.25 and won a few hundred pounds.
    74. sexz79 sexz79 says:
      I really enjoyed Sun Bingo when i first joined up but they never have any redeposit bonus, they never seem too offer anything new and if you do win on the games you're very lucky...:(
    75. Bingo Basher Bingo Basher says:
      If they had side bets for picking the winners of the bingo games and session games I would be a millionaire now lol

      Seriously, every time I play I see the same old winners day after day and night after night. A few other players will win about 25% of the time.

      The slots have gone really bad and many people complaining in the chat about them and also many people complaining about repeat winners in the session bingo.

      Hosts can be very rude as well and they seem to ridicule any players who question why they never win. Then a gang of winning players will jump on the band wagon and start to mock and bully and accuse people of moaning.

      Same winning names also appear to be chosen by the random generator which picks out chat games.

      Very boring and highly annoying. Would not recommend this site at all.
      • MinnieMay MinnieMay says:
        i totally agree with bingo basher also slots there seems to be the same names for all the big wins in bingo and slots
    76. ANNOYED ANNOYED says:
      One of the best bingo sites ever. Thank you Sun BIngo - I have banked £3,000 this year. Great CHs and will be staying here for a long time. Thanks!:)
      • bradlondon bradlondon says:
        Iit's a great site, there are always losing days and people who are playing with lots of money and max cards that of course seem to win they do. I bet they also lose more!
    77. soozieque soozieque says:
      I have been a member of Sun Bingo for many years now and have deposited numerous times when I could afford it. I also have played the free bingo, but went on this morning to play the frees and found out they have implemented a new rule that states you must of played 2 pounds in the last seven days. Not too happy. So when is free bingo not free bingo - when it's played at Sun Bingo.
      • Gordon57 Gordon57 says:
        Free Bingo is whatever the site operator decides it is. They want your money, they have wages to pay, so they have to make sure that people playing are also paying, otherwise they would be out of business.
        Obviously, they have worked out that there are people just going on for free plays so have changed the rules to stop that.
        All they'll say is that they have rules, and those rules are there to stop anyone trying to benefit from freebies.
        It's like putting 'free' salted nuts on a bar, apart from the fact that lots of other people may have had their grubby fingers in there before you, the salt is supposed to make you thirsty, so you will drink more, which is money in the till for them.
        Freebies are just a way to get you into their grasp...
        Bingo is gambling, gambling means taking a risk on losing your money, the site owners don't gamble on losing theirs!
    78. jay jay says:
      Utter rubbish. I made my first deposit of £20 at Sun Bingo and received £40 bonus. Played through the whole £60 without even getting close - think i got to 1 number once. Even bought 2 sessions and seemed to be same people over and over again! put another £10 in and received £5 bonus. Bought session again. I started to play in other rooms and still the same players winning.

      Got down to my last £3 and couldn't buy tickets! Contacted support and they said they had frozen my account and wanted me to verify. I told them I didn't have a passport or driving licence, but i have birth cert and bank statements. They told me it wasn't enough!

      So I said I wanted the £3 I still had and wanted a refund on my session that I had bought since I could not watch it play. Again they said any wagering could not be refunded and until I verified with the 2 forms they want, I could not have my money. A total rip off.

      I cannot check to see if I won on session until I get a passport or driving licence. All I can say is avoid at all costs unless you have a passport or driving licence.
    79. mumov3mags mumov3mags says:
      For the last few years i've not been on line, my lappy broke, and fixing it fell behind in the "things to do" list, i had a few kids and forgot all about the internet.
      Then my partner gets me a new laptop and the rest is history. I started going from bingo site to bingo site, trying out all the no deposit sites, i thought before i deposit i should find out what the best one was.
      Site after site and none really excited me, then i came across Sun Bingo, and funny enough, i had to deposit, and im so glad i did.
      From the moment i joined i felt at ease, and also felt accepted by the many regular players, where some sites felt clickie and unwelcoming, Sun Bingo was the complete opposite. The prizes are decent, even at 4am, the slots addictive, there is a chatroom in every room, and the chat hosts are fantastic, they all have there own styles, there is constant quickie games played along side the bingo, hosted by the chat monitors, and a quiz every morning at 6am, that is great fun, with great competitions and prizes, and brilliant bonuses, lots of rooms and game styles to choose from, the best members and chat hosts, I for one have not found a site to rival it, and i have been through lots and lots of sites, so thank you chat hosts Ben, Matthew, Dex, Chris, Minni, Elvis and Josh to name but a few, you have given me hours of fun, and value for money, and i would give u 10/10 any day. from: mumov3mags
    80. ladybuggs ladybuggs says:
      A great site, easy to use. I win nearly as much at Sun Bingo as I deposit, so playing lasts ages. :-) Fun games. I love Alice in Wonderland spinner and session bingo is pretty good too.
    81. bister bister says:
      I found Sun Bingo to be one of the worst bingo sites I have played on. Terrible prize money, unhelpful staff and worst of all I got a deposit bonus which I spent and I deposited for the second time and I was unable to withdraw anything due to the fact I had 1p on my account. This meant the whole first deposit bonus was still on my account. Tried to speak to customer services and they said they would ring me back within 24 hours - that was 2 weeks ago and nothing!
    82. Leeza1956 Leeza1956 says:
      I have tried many sites, probably too many, and Sun Bingo is the one I always go back to. The people are friendly, the hosts are wonderful and the prizes are worth winning, both bingo and promotions. I would recommend Sun bingo to anybody.
    83. Rab C Rab C says:
      I have played at Sun Bingo for 3 months now. The bingo is good value and I've had a few small wins, but to be honest I am a slot player and there is plenty to chose from. I've had a few good wins as much as £200, but as most slot players do I've played it all back lol. The site itself is easy to use and chat is funny and entertaining. The staff are very helpful and friendly and like the odd joke, etc., in chat . You get the odd player moaning there not winning, but it's all a gamble - you pay your deposit in and if you're lucky you win, it's really that simple .

      Sun bingo is a fair site with good odds of winning. I would recommend the site to anyone so come along and join and look me up in chat and say hello my - username is rabcnesbitt42.

      We are all friendly players at Sun Bingo and welcome anyone so I don't know where these rumours start about clique of players etc . With a site so popular and full to capacity with 1000's players I suppose you can't satisfy everyone. There is always one player disgruntled at losing their odd £20.00 deposit without a win. Be reasonable. I would recommend Sun Bingo 100% better out of the possible 12 other sites I've played on over the years and without hesitation .
    84. timekeeper timekeeper says:
      Joined Sun Bingo in January 2012 and have deposited quite a few times on the site but never managed to go above the original balance just constantly went down. After 10 deposits I think I have given it a fair chance and believe it to be a too high risk.
      • KRIS KRIS says:
        I have deposited loads on this site and keep seeing the same old familiar names winning. A lot of the regular players are quite hostile too.
    85. willow.29 willow.29 says:
      I have been playing Sun bingo for a while. I received a promo for a sister site at fabulous bingo so signed up. Spent far too much money on there so asked they close the account. Like others here they also closed my Sun Bingo account despite there being an active balance which they are refusing to refund as apparently they can't get to it as the account is closed! Customer service is appalling, they give false information. According to them their word is final and there is no regulator I can complain to, is this correct?

      I would recommend that people avoid SunBingo.
      • Ms Bingo Ms Bingo says:
        there is a regulator, contact the gambling commission, but I always read these reviews before I join a site, some have good reviews, some mixed and some 'don't touch with a barge pole', Sun bingo is the latter, it has really gone downhill.
    86. bayls03 bayls03 says:
      I played here for a lot of years but over the past year this site has went down hill in a big way. Also was insulted by a CM then other roomies jumped on the band wagon to continue insulting and bullying me. I complained with little remorse from customer service so I asked for perm self exclusion, but what they did was self exclude all my accounts with in the gamsys network of sites with out telling me. TBH I am thankfull. The slots used to have decent payouts and random bonus rounds, but you're lucky if you see a bonus out of £100 on 15p a spin and that is no lie. They did offer me £10 because of the CM's insult, but I would rather walk away with my head held high than accept their pitiful £10 gesture. Stay clear. I will stick with tombola.
    87. Mr_Kris Mr_Kris says:
      I have been a member of Sun Bingo for over a year. At first I won several times on the bingo and also on the slots.

      Then came the losing streak, no matter how much I deposited I just could not win or get a decent run of wins on the slots.

      However, I carry on playing here, I enjoy playing the bingo and the slots (which start from 1p). I did have some luck again just before Christmas and I live in hope that some luck will return again.

      I have noticed a lot of familiar names winning, but I guess it's all down to luck and the amount of wagering at the end of the day.

      One thing that does really annoy me is that when I am playing slots there will always be one or two people who keep claiming to win hundreds of pounds every few spins - yet they never seem to appear on the winners page the next day - so now I just take it all with a pinch of salt.

      There does seem to be a lot of arguments in the chat, but the hosts are usually quick to jump in and resolve the matters - usually by banning any people who use bad language, fairly rapidly and apologising to other players.

      I have also noticed a gang of people who moan about the moaners, ha ha, they drive me potty!!!

      I do like playing at Sun Bingo though, it is the best site for graphics and you receive your winnings within 48 hours.

      The hosts are brilliant too, and the support is above average.
    88. gemgemz09 gemgemz09 says:
      I've been a member of Sun Bingo for about 5 yrs now and won a bit when I first joined to soon find I was losing every week, yet these same players can win every day!! Regulated site???? I think not, how can it be if it's same winners every week and same losers every week. Surely if they have enough complaints they will do something about it. Advice to anyone thinking of joining - avoid!!! and tell everyone you know not to join . Your money is better off in your pocket than giving it to this site.
      • vixon vixon says:
        If you play and win a few times in an evening, then yes, fair play and good luck - to win 8 times in an hour is a miracle - which is needed for most of us! Just go to the Value Room and max your tickets for an hour - the winning names become regular as clockwork - I don't care what people say regarding repeat winners being very lucky - something just seems very odd. Maybe the random generator needs to clear its cookies!!!!!! PS I never win there (well rarely anyway, and if I have it has only been a couple of quid on a line).
      • I totally agree with what you have said and have spoken to other people who have said exactly the same, and have experienced it myself. It's totally ridiculous.
      • eddie20 eddie20 says:
        I too was a member for 5 long years never withdrew 1p in that whole time. Then 5years on, I decided enough was enough and put a 4 wk self exclusion on.Tried to log in to other Gamesys sites and they had all been closed! The reasoning is if you're self excluding from one site for 6 weeks apparently you have a "gambling problem"! Never have i seen so many repeated winners, nor repeated jp winners, in fact it became a joke between players because we knew where the next jp was going!
    89. Marc Marc says:
      Spent a fortune on Sun bingo but never had the chance to withdraw anything.

      A lot of the winning names seem to resemble chat hosts names from across the Gamesys network and they seem very friendly with one another.

      Ridiculous amounts of repeat bingo winners on this site, same familiar names winning jackpots and in the session games you can see the same winners winning each day, often winning 3 or 4 times in the same session. Unbelievable when there are 300 players with the same amount of tickets.

      I used to play in the value bingo room and within an hour, 1 person had won 5 times and several others had won 4 times. A lot of moaning by other players, but can't blame them for they were only stating what the majority of other players were thinking.

      The slots do not pay out very often, but now and again you will get a good run.

      • Ms Bingo Ms Bingo says:
        I closed my account last week for exactly the same reason, same winners, one person had won the free bingo three times.
        • cheekywummin cheekywummin says:
          Yes Ms Bingo I noticed the regular free bingo winner too........... annoying I agree but I'm quite lucky on sun bingo. so swings and roundabouts ....
    90. vixon vixon says:
      Far to may repeat winners. Session games are good but here again you will see the same winning names night after night and the same names winning "random" chat games too.
      I agree about the close knit members who bully other players too. They ignore new players and chat with each other and the hosts and brag about winning, but if any people happen to mention anything about the amount of money they are losing they are laughed at and horrible comments are made to them. The slots have gone awful the past few months too.
      The free daily Mystic Meg spins are now no longer free - you have to have made a deposit of at least £2 each week - but the minimum deposit is £10. I have deposited most weeks but the highest amount I have won is 16p and most weeks I have won nothing. Never won on the daily free bingo either, but some players have won 5 times. I wont be playing here again. Marks out of 10 - 4
      Sun Bingo used to be my favourite bingo site. Unfortunately the site is slipping down my list due to the familiar names which are winning big time and time again. I have had a few wins on the slots, but then again, the wins have been few and far between. Some of the hosts are good, Matt, Josh and Chris - they seem like nice, genuine blokes who have good sense of humours. Matt seems to have a lot of fans and he is good at defusing arguments which break out continuously in the chat rooms.

      I do feel a little disappointed when I am losing, and sometimes I will state this, as do a lot of other players, but it is terrible when the regular winning players tend to gang up on anybody who "moans". I also think a lot of slots players wind people up, which can be very annoying.

      The site has a good selection of bingo rooms and also a very good selection of slot machines. Technical issues have been making my play there a tad miserable the past few weeks. But all in all, the technical side of things is usually excellent.

      I hope the site and my luck pick up again soon.

      Overall a good site, but the familiar winning names are becoming a bind lately.
    92. claire4401 claire4401 says:
      I used to be a member of at least 7 different bingo sites before joining Sun Bingo. I love this site (especially session bingo) and have closed most of my accounts with other sites as I prefer Sun Bingo and don't really play on the other sites anymore.
    93. susannah10 susannah10 says:
      Sun Bingo is fantastic and would recommend to all! All the hosts are very friendly and you do not get ripped off like some sites. The site is very trustworthy and you are always able to speak to someone. Fun games whilst playing bingo and the best site so far I have tried. Some sites I would not recommend so be careful. Great bonus and jackpot games.
      • gemgemz09 gemgemz09 says:
        not the sun bingo i know, i find it very unfriendly if your not in the little gang so to speak and as for not ripping u off...pfttt biggest rip off bingo site ive ever played on
      • susannah10 susannah10 says:
        Sorry to hear that! but so far I have3 not noticed this? I think this could be said for most sites. Some you win on and some you lose on? I think most people are happy when they are winning. some nights I have won on sun bingo and some nights I have not won anything. Its the chance you take I suppose? There are some sites that I personally see as a con to get you on there! in other words, you can sign up and get bonus but you least amount you can withdraw is from £30 - 50 therefore be careful
    94. Chris Chris says:
      Far too many repeat winners at this site. The session games make me laugh, full of the regular winners who win time and time again and get picked by the other random generator to participate in the games.

      The slots are terrible lately too.

      The people I know there do actually chat and only bother to state what they win if it is high. Don't ever complain about your losses or you will be hung drawn and quartered by the hosts and the regular winners. A lot of us have all clicked on now to both the bingo winners and the slot winners. We have all been ganged up on at some stage by the regular winners for stating the obvious.

      I have had enough of the site now and will be closing my account. Shame though as some of the real players are a good laugh and the site is easy to navigate around and the games are good - apart from the repeat winning names.
    95. Anne Anne says:
      How on earth did this site win bingo site of the year last year? I play on quite a few bingo sites, but have never seen so many repeat winners as I have on this site.
      They have a chicken which is meant to randomly choose a "random" player to engage in chat games or to choose winners from side games which are played. The players picked are far from random - if you play there for a 3 week span, especially on the session bingo and 90 ball bingo games, you will see for yourself just how random these players are. Even the high money linked games, jackpots and free bingo have been won by the "randoms" - agree with all of the bad comments are here.
      I was playing the other evening and 1 player was randomly picked by the chicken 3 times in the room I was in, and also in another room at the same time (a player came into the room to inform her that she had been picked to participate in a game in another room at the same time). The person did not answer.

      Not keen on a few of the hosts either, they can be very rude and one in particular seems to love having a little bit of authority and I have seen him be very rude and arrogant to players who mention anything about not winning or repeat winners - this host seems to be fuelled by the gang of regular winners who laugh at his comments and agree with him and then intimidate other players. I felt very uneasy and on many occassions I have disabled my chat as I get so annoyed by the bullies.

      Been a member for a year now, but closing my account, wont be back and will also close my account on Fabulous Bingo as it is a mirror image of the Sun and the same winning names are appearing here too.
      • annoyed annoyed says:
        free games are no longer free
    96. bingo boffin bingo boffin says:
      Nothing left to say as it has not already been said about Sun Bingo. Very hard to win anything, no wait, impossible to win. The slots are dreadful and the free games that once paid out a little, now pay nothing. The site has a free bingo game that pays £125 full house prize, I've been in this site since it opened, never won, but one player I asked in a chat room last night said she had won it three times..

      'Which bingo' in their myth buster article went to great lengths to say that no bingo site is rigged, well, I think they're wrong, I have accounts at most bingo sites, you join, you win a little, after a while, nothing. It happens too often to be a coincidence, and it's certainly no coincidence that there are so many bad reviews about Sun bingo. It got best site of the year last year, now it's worst.
    97. christopher wadsworth christopher wadsworth says:
      I am of the same opinion as every body else. I find it a bit off when I have deposited 20 pounds and win nothing. I have won more on the lottery and Euro millions than I have won on Sun Bingo and the chances of that seem a bit steep. I have only been on the site for a week and have noticed a lot of the names that win are the same.
    98. Woozer Woozer says:
      Sun Bingo has gone downhill rapidly in my opinion. Many of the regular players I used to chat with have now left or self banned. There is still the regular clique of players who flirt constantly with the hosts and condemn any player who complains about not winning etc. The clicky people are constantly saying how much they are winning and it is so annoying. I don't mind people saying they have won, but why do they have to state what they have won every spin? It is so disheartening for players like myself who deposit regular and lose.
      If players complain about not winning anything then they are bullied and intimidated by the group of regular winners. The bingo games are good and entertaining, but alas, the same names seem to win time and time again. I think about 25 players seem to have the monopoly of winning big. I agree with all the comments about the chat games too, same old members winning these games and getting chosen to play them in the session bingo.

      Come on Mr Sun, let some other people have big wins for a change please.
    99. rabcnesbitt42 rabcnesbitt42 says:
      I have played at Sun Bingo for 3 months now. The bingo is good value and I've had a few wins, but to be honest I am a slot player and there is plenty to chose from. I've had a few good wins as much as £200, but as most slot players do I've played it all back lol. The site itself is easy to use and chat is funny and entertaining. The staff are very helpful and friendly and like the odd joke, etc., in chat . Sun bingo is a fair site with good odds of winning. I would recommend the site to anyone so come along and join and look me up in chat and say hello my username is rabcnesbitt42. We are all friendly players at Sun Bingo and welcome anyone .
      • John Mcfarlane John Mcfarlane says:
        Thanks Rab. I have been looking for a good site to play on and so have other family members . We will have a go and see how we get on. Cheers mate see you there.
    100. sara sara says:
      OK, I liked the site when I 1st joined. Deposited £10 and got £30 to play. I did win on bingo with it, although I had to send id in to be able to withdraw the winnings. Not a problem, I agree with sites verifiying players. Then the losing streak started. I deposited and deposited and got no wins at all, not even little lines. Seems to be a newbie thing on Sun bingo. The players are friendly, but they do have a little group that no 1 seems to be able to get in. I have seen a few people complain and this group seems to jump on them. The hosts seem to play cgs when they want and make the rules up as they go along and they show a lot of favouritism towards this little group of regulars. The random winner on cgs is not so random after you see the same name over and over again. You can almost predict who's going to win a chat game by looking at the players list 1st. Session bingo is good value, but as said before it seems impossible for the same repeat winners when everyone has the same amount of tickets. The slots pay out pennies, unless you can afford to play the max amount and on one game that's £20 a spin. Most people cannot afford that, but you see people in chat saying that's what they playing and winning hundreds. A big jp was won but again it was to 1 of these players in the little group. I love the set up of the site but now my newbie statues has gone I think I will take my losses and run
    101. marc marc says:
      Spent almost £1000 on Sun Bingo as I love the bingo games, the chat games and the session games. Problem is, I have seen many many repeat winners on the bingo games. You would not expect to see so many repeated winning names in session bingo as we all have the same amount of tickets, but the same names win all the time.
      A lot of people complain about this but they get told not to play if they can't accept the losses.

      I did win £200 one evening on the slots but after waiting 4 days, I was then sent an email asking me to send them a copy of my passport or driving licence to proove my age. I don't have either so I now have to go and get a copy of my birth certificate to prove my age, I am not happy. Ended up reversing the £200 - £50 every couple of days whilst I wait for my birth certificate to be sent to me. I did not win anything else, highest win being about £20 for the whole £200. Even deposited another £150 but won once on bingo - £9 and nothing to scream about on the slots - highest win was probably £10.

      Shame about the repeat winners and the clique of bullies because I think this site has by far the best software and slots.

      Can't afford to keep losing though guys, so please let some other people win who are not in the clique.
    102. Guy Guy says:
      Seems to be a lot of repeat winners at Sun Bingo, winning the free bingo and the full houses. Session games are constantly won by same names. CM's seem to make up rules as they go along regarding how many times people can win. One day it was "only 1 player can win in a 24 hour period", then an hour later I saw the same person win 3 times - strangely enough it happened to be one of the regular big money winners. The names are so familiar now that I can reel them off by memory. Considering there are 400 people playing, it seems odd that a group of about 20 people win everyday and night.
    103. Michelle Michelle says:
      Steer well clear unless you want to just throw your money down the drain. The slots will just eat your money, often going over 100 spins before getting a bonus which on many ocassions pays zero. I went through £90 (depositing £10 a time) and highest win was £14 (which went back in within ten minutes playing 1p per line) no bonus round, just the odd 10p every 7 spins. I used to be able to deposit £20 and play for an hour or more - albeit not fantastic high wins, but enough to keep me playing and entertained. It's gone rubbish. People are so very correct regarding the session bingo winners. There are a close knit group of about 25 players who seem to win everytime, people are getting wise now and think these "players" must be some type of promotions people.
      • rabcnesbitt42 rabcnesbitt42 says:
        I play on the slots on Sun Bingo. I win a good few hundred, but deposit £30 at a time then more and more. I've had a lot of wins some big as £200, but always seem to play it back and end up burst. That's slots for you, you play more and more and always want to win more. It's gambling - some you win, some you lose. Will report back when I get a big win. I find it a fair site with fair odds and very entertaining. Chat is friendly and CMs are always nice and players very nice and make you most welcome. I'm new to the site - played for 3 months. My username is rabcnesbitt42 be sure to say hello if you join.
    104. loser loser says:
      Let's start with the bingo - a LOT of same players winning here, the winning names have a lot in common and somebody has suggested that these names resemble CM names on their sister site. Session bingo winners are often repeated, some people winning 3 times in a session and same names being picked for chat games. If anybody mentions anything about not winning or mentions anything about same names winning they are bullied into keeping quite and accused of being childish and to shut up moaning. One of the chat hosts called a player an idiot the other day -I was horrified. Then another day a player was told to shut up and stop moaning and told not to play again - this was said by a player - then the host said "you have said something that I would love to say but am not allowed".

      Now for the slots, WELL, how about 20 spins - playing 1p a line - total of 15p a spin - no wins at all for 14 spins, then winning 10p, then 5p on the 20th spin. Depositing 4 times before getting a bonus round which paid 9p? Many people complaining, but random players seemingly winning hundreds - I think they are ploys to make us deposit more. Same names appearing night after night, stating they are winning hundreds. Most other players grumbling as they are losing loads. There was a man playing the other evening who lost over £900, he was crying out for help and asking why he could not get a bonus. He asked to speak to somebody from Support, but was just given a pre typed message which have the numbers for support and the times they were open.

      The past few evenings I would say that 90% of the people who were in the chat room were losing lots and questionning why the slots were paying out so low and why the bonus features were so sparce. Answer by the Host- "It's a Gamble and it's your choice" - "would you question the lottery if you did not win"? - no empathy at all. The hosts seem more happy chatting and flirting with their close buddies.

      Will be sending my report to the Manager of the Sun Bingo and then the Gaming Commission - something is just not right here in my opinion!
      • sandra swindells sandra swindells says:
        On all of the previous comments made about Sun Bingo I'm sorry to say I totally agree with all that's been said and it's all true, which is a shame. I had a confrontation once because I myself commented and chat host had a private chat with me. I was really upset by it all and I banned myself for a while because of situation. Like I was the baddie of whole situation because I complained. Certain people did sort of gang up on me which was stupid especially in a chat room.
    105. Pete Pete says:
      Started to play the twilight and evening bingo sessions at Sun Bingo 2 months ago. Not bad for £5 per session which lasts approximately 1 hour, with 90 ball and 80 ball games (bit of a time gap between the games) and also they had various chat games happening throughout the hour. WELL, at first I thought this was a good deal and found it fun. BUT after 1 month of playing most nights, I realised that the same names were winning night after night. It has got to the stage now where I can almost actually pick the winners from the play list before the game sessions begin! This can't be a coincidence, especially as some of the winners win 2/3 times, always winning the high money, whilst the odd random players will win a line or the odd chat game. People all have the same chance as they are given the same amount of cards, yet the same names win every night - I am not joking, I have been keeping track, same names constantly! I know people can strike a lucky spell, but not every night for 2 months!!
      The slot games have gone bad now as well, bonuses are rare and don't pay much. Chat Hosts sem to have their favourite people to chat to and do not offer any empathy to people who are losing a lot. They just get told they are not being forced to play etc.
      I have decided to cut my losses and close my account. I don't mind losing if I lose fairly, but this is beyond a joke.
      • pamela stewart pamela stewart says:
        I agree 100% with what pete from staffs says. He's spot on with everything he says. I've spent hundreds in here and waited for 1tg for full house in 28 numbers on max cards and game went on to 62 numbers and guess what - yeh same old winner won it. What a joke
        and yes pete right in chat hosts have there fav players - and yes they always win and yes chat hosts I think have put a lot of new players off playing in Sun Bingo because of their attitude. Sun Bingo is beyond a joke now - such a shame because I've played on Sun site quite a few years - but afraid gone right down with rest of rubbish sites in last year - so closing my account.
      • Sue Sue says:
        I agree with Pete. The same names keep winning the big money, even on the free games. When you play session bingo the same names get chosen to play the instant win games and also go on to win the big money games. It is unbelievable that in a session game with over 300 players which lasts an hour, that the same names win all the time, often 2/3 times. sometimes you can see a new name winning the line or the odd 2 lines, but not on the wins that pay over £40, oh no, strangely enough the big winning names become regular as clockwork. Wonder if these people are staff members? makes me think and makes me very suspitious because they seem to be very friendly with the chat hosts. I hope this site gets monitored soon and the auditors check for the validity of these big winners. There is no way that these same people can keep winning time and time again when we are all meant to be in with the same winning chances.
        Not impressed at all.
    106. Wendy Wendy says:
      Sun Bingo also seems to have the same winners over and over again, often with same winning all three lines and same promo games winners too. I have won a couple of times, but paid in at least triple that amount. You can easily go through 100 pounds a day on this bingo site and not win anything.

      I bought sessions every day for a week and won £5.00 the cost of one session, with certain players winning big again and again. When mentioned players get defensive and CMs just say sorry you feel that way. I saw one persons name come up in the random player picker every session I played and they won the bingo also in those sessions.
      I have now closed account won't be back. Dont understand how thses sites win awards for anything, unless the winners are the ones voting. Lots of people complaining about same winners in rooms also so I know it was not just me. As for the famous 80 Bingo I maxed tickets time and time again and never won once.

      One free game a day, but with 3000 players no chance really is there. Only good thing was linked games with big prizes, but again same winners. So can't help but feel something is wrong. Surely with amount of people playing you would see a few more different names winning. Strongly recc you give this site a miss.

      • Nanny B Nanny B says:
        I totally agree with you Wendy.

        I have been playing Sun Bingo session bingo for over a month now and I am fed up of seeing the same names winning.

        What also annoys me is the fact that certain people seem to be playing day and night and constantly winning hundreds and thousands of pounds. These people are very friendly with the chat hosts and they spend most of the time chatting and being annoying, so when do they actually find the time to play on the slots games? I get fed up of hearing "yay bonus again OMG £300" ... then a few seconds later "£250 thank you Mr Sun" - yet they are also constantly typing and chatting to the hosts - erm when do they find the time to actually spin the wheels? It is so annoying, especially when 90% of the other people are winning pennies, and if they dare to moan they are made to feel intimidated by the hosts and their little band of followers - the endless "winners" .... hmmm I have been very suspicious these past 2 weeks - I have deposited hundreds and won pennies. Strangly enough, like you, I did actually manage to win £5 one evening in the session bingo - but that was after I had spent over £50 - needless to say, I did not go on to win again in any other game (unlike the regular winners).

        I have also played in 90 ball regular bingo - have so far won the grand total of £3 - lost count of the number of games and cards I have played, same winners in this room too.

        One word - DISGUSTING - I presume it will pick up again towards the end of the year when they are vying for brownie points to win the awards!
    107. motherinlawtobe motherinlawtobe says:
      Sun Bingo is a clear and easy bingo site to navigate; chat rooms much the same as other sites - people who constantly feel the need to 4tg, 3tg etc - I just turn it off. The prize money is very good and I was lucky when I first joined. However, after making a withdrawal early on, I have not even been close. My biggest gripe is that while you don't keep seeing the same winners generally, last time I was on I moved round the rooms and in each of the 5 rooms I played in, the same name won. Maybe coincidence they were doing same as me, but I worked out an anagram of that name which related to the Sun newspaper. Will be a long time before I deposit any more hard earned cash which is a shame because it is definitely the best site I have joined.
    108. sam sam says:
      I have been a member of Sun Bingo since the split with tombola 4 years plus ago, and keep leaving and re-joining in the hope it will one day sort out server problems. In a typical week there will be at least 1 night where you cant see tickets playing or you can't even log in. This last week it has been 4 nights- when you only have money in the one site and you can't even get in or stay in it is more than frustrating. CM's and players are great - just a shame they can not sort constant play. I have not got a response other than an apology from support when you are asking for a session bingo refund that has chosen a different day to what you have selected to play - your money is taken quick, but never refunded with their errors.
    109. benster5 benster5 says:
      Sun bingo is a very good bingo site with great games. I used to belong to another bingo site, but have left that one to play here. The prices are good and as long as you don't go too overboard you can get some good wins.
      • edward hurley edward hurley says:
        I've been on most bingo sites and to me Sun Bingo is the best. It'ss straight forward (no big wagering requirements) like some bingo sites and no hassle. Keep it up Sun Bingo
    110. virtualtina63 virtualtina63 says:
      I have been playing on this site for nearly a year, have won various games and amounts, which makes a change from some others. Its not linked to any other sites which is good, max tics to buy is £2, you cant pre buy bingo tics only separate ones in the bingo shop, which is then your choice. And these do not interfere with the normal bingo games. CMs are good, b but will tell you off if the filter doesnt accept what you type in,people do moan about serial winners but that happens everywhere.
      I have had some really chatty/funny times on sun bingo unlike all the other sites i have joined i always go back to the sun.
      Never won a JP but got closer than any other site and regulary get down to 1tg
      • weezey78 weezey78 says:
        NOT LINKED????? The slots are linked with Jackpotjoy, and the site is mirrored with Fabulous bingo!!
    111. Donna OPrey Donna OPrey says:
      I absolutely love sun bingo!!! The graphics are bright and clear, software is easy to use; admittedly it sometimes experiences problems but I am sure this is just teething problems as this new site is only a few months old. The new instant games are great, clearly a lot of work has gone into it. The hosts are outstanding, they are fun, witty and friendly and engage with everyone; great convos and fun can be had and the chat games are such fun with good money prizes.

      There are a few yappy players who insist its always the same winners and who appear to only come on to moan but I guess u get them everywhere!! The chat hosts keep things in order and remove trouble makers immediately. The site is improving constantly and I for one have definitely been won over!
      • michelle darbyshire michelle darbyshire says:
        no matter how lucky or how many tickets you buy its always the same winners all the time on sun bingo never do you get to deposit money back into your account its as if they see you comming and its the worst online bingo ive been on
    112. lossie663 lossie663 says:
      I played here for a few weeks and was starting to enjoy it. After putting a fair amount of money in I won £60.00! I was happy until I tried to get it back. They wanted me to prove who I was, and after countless phone calls I was asked to send in a copy of my birth and marriage certificate, a recent utility bill, a photo of my debit card and a bank statement, all for £60.00.
    113. Johnny be good Johnny be good says:
      The game play on this site is some thing to be desired, there don`t seem to be any chat masters, and there is a long gap between each game. I played this site for quite a few hours at the cost of £70, I did win once so it is possible to win, but it seems the same old thing with the same old named winners cropping up.

      Anyhow be careful with this site as your money could run away from you, good luck if you decide to try Sun Bingo, you`ll need it, but I certainly wont be re-visiting.
    114. angela angela says:
      Yes fair enough this site has big money, but with that said its the same winners on the big money games! I have played for a while and spent money and never won a thing but new people just come on and start winning if your lucky enough.
    115. rach rach says:
      It is impossible to win on this site, as I expensively learned. I did like the layout ect of this site so I stuck with it for a couple of months, but did not win once. The 90s bingo is impossible to win and the 80's and 75 not much better. Its good if you're a newbie to online bingo or just bingo on the whole because its easy to use, but dont get sucked in by the big money pots!!!
    116. Minuette Minuette says:
      I love this site, no hassles, easy to deposit and withdraw. The CM's are great, well most of them, some can be offish and cold. But most are really nice.

      The Customer services for this site is first class.

      It is easy to use and fun to play on. Give this one a go guys, you will be addicted shortly afterwards. ;)
    117. Caroline Bradley Caroline Bradley says:
      I have been on loads of different bingo sites and this is by far the best. Easy to use and very good money. All other sites have biggish money but are imposible to win. The jackpots on Sun Bingo can go four to five times a day, which means they can be won.
    118. Linda Linda says:
      The best site I have played on, best prize money, best graphics, easiest to use. Nice when you win, although the busier it gets, the harder it gets, unless you have a lucky streak. Who knows, it's just luck I guess, no point moaning about it. Definitely the best bingo site and I will stick with it.
    119. Vikki Vikki says:
      This is a good site. I haven't been playing there for very long and already had a couple of good wins! Also, if you deposit £10 you get another £10 straight away. I've played on a lot of bingo sites and i have to say this is the best one by far. And I would recommend this site before any other!
    120. Pamela Pamela says:
      My favourite of them all, Sunbingo. The only site I know who isn't greedy. £2 maximum for tickets, yet excellent prize money. Good chat rooms, what more can we ask. Top marks from me. Try it!
    121. Anne Hopkins Anne Hopkins says:
      Out of all the bingo sites I've played (and that's quite a few!), this has got to be the most boring bingo site on the net. I'm all for feeling like you are getting value for money but boy oh boy if the caller went any slower I could nip out to the local club, play a few games and be back before bingo was called at The Sun, zzzzzzzz.
    122. Sam Sam says:
      I've been playing the Sun site for nearly two years now, have seen many changes, some good, some not so good but overall it is a fun place with great chat, great CMs, and high real prizes. Unlike some sites, there are almost daily jackpots won of thousands of pounds and you can chat to the winners.
    123. Jaq Jaq says:
      A very nice site let down by 3 common moans seen in all the chatrooms : newbies get a good run of luck which soon disappears, certain names get repeated wins (i've seen someone win every 3rd game over an hour) and if you withdraw winnings, you can kiss goodbye to another win for a while. Shame as its a very friendly, well presented site and the cm's are great.
    124. Mathew Mathew says:
      I loved this site, very easy to use. I disagree with some of the other comments on here though, as I think its easier to win on here as the tickets are cheaper giving everyone a fair chance to win. Unlike gala - for all tickets in gala you have to spend 6.00 and the same with gonebingo UK but with sun the max number of bucks you can get is 4 pricing at just 2.00. What a bargin, and they also do quiz time where you can grab an odd pound here and there.
    125. Joanna Joanna says:
      What a brilliant site. Max bucks you can buy is four, so it gives everyone a fair chance and, at just £2.00 for the four bucks, it’s cheap as chips. As well as offering bingo, there is Seaside Bingo at £1.00 and Stars and Stripes too, which is patterns, and last but not least Chicenco, which is a card game.

      Unlike most bingo sites, to buy max tickets its £6.00 and when you deposit £10.00 you receive £10.00 free play. The friendly staff are always happy to help and they do quizzes as well where you are able to win a sneaky pound.
    126. Janice Letts Janice Letts says:
      This is a great site but I agree with some of the comments on here so far, it is not easy to win on here, particularly on the 90's bingo as there are so many players at any one time.

      The 80's game is very good but there is definately a game play pattern on there and on the 80's the wins all seem to go to the new players, to get them hooked I guess, and then once u are no longer considered a ' newbie ' ur wins go down dramatically and it becomes very hard to win.

      I must disagree on the comments about a sign up bonus, they do have one and its a match for match up to £25. However, customer service is second to none and any games that u miss thru tech problems u get ur money refunded without even having to ask for it!

      The CM's are fantastic and the chat rooms are mega friendly.
    127. Mickey Mickey says:
      Great site but difficult to win, Good prize money but can get expensive if like me you win a couple of wins to get you hooked you think you on a winning streak then two thousand pound later i won a line and shared it getting me a wopping eight pound win... good site but unlucky for me !! Be Carefull
    128. Stella Shields Stella Shields says:
      Fantastic prize money... pay per strip not per ticket so better value for money... regular link games... easy to navigate... fantastic site probably one of the best!
    129. lesley lesley says:
      I have played on this site since it started and I think it is fantastic, I agree with the comments above it was very hard to win but now they have split the rooms into two clubs and it is much easier to win. They have also introduced a 80 ball bingo which is very similar to the shutter bingo.
    130. Anonymous Anonymous says:
      I found this site amazing, really friendly chat rooms and excellent cash prizes, i wont use any other site !

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