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Newzbitez - ‘Bingo Baby’ Collab Launched by Ashley Paul and Ritchie Neville

Newzbitez – ‘Bingo Baby’ Collab Launched by Ashley Paul and Ritchie Neville

It is time to turn up the music with the launch of the exciting new music track, Bingo Baby! This exclusive collaboration from singer-songwriter Ashley Paul and member of UK boy band Five, Ritchie Neville, sees the pair take inspiration from the hit Bongo’s Bingo events which take place up and down the country.

The two met in one of England’s most famous musical cities, Liverpool, where they had lunch and the famous Bongo’s Bingo events came up. Not surprising given that Liverpool is where it all began for Bongo’s. During the convo, Paul at one point exclaimed ‘It’s Bingo, Baby’ and the idea for the Bingo Baby track was born (sorry). The two hopped into the studio to develop the exciting lively track.

An array of top industry professionals worked on the track including Jackie Boy, the famed vocal producer who is known for his work as an R n B producer and has even won a Grammy. The Bingo Baby track has been described as a ‘new anthem for the young and young at heart’ and is available to listen to now.

Reader comments

December 14th, 2023, 16:03
It sounds awful! She sounds like an aged singer from the 1980's! Silly Ritchie spoiling his reputation with this cringe! Oh no! It sounds so dated! And that's not being ageist towards Ashley because she is in her late 50'S
January 24th, 2024, 17:33
That is lovely 🥰