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NewzBitez – 52 Lives and Gala Bingo are Helping the Elderly This Christmas

According to the charity 52 Lives, old slippers are one of the leading causes of falls among elderly people. This disturbing fact has led 52 Lives to build on its ongoing partnership with Gala Bingo to promote a new initiative called the Slipper Swap to Gala Bingo players.

Not only will Gala Bingo be donating some of its own profits to the charity drive, but players can also do their bit by purchasing a pair of slippers from 52 Lives’ Amazon wishlist (you can find the link on Gala Bingo’s Facebook page).

The project will help dozens of elderly people swap their old slippers for brand-new ones this winter, and they’ll also receive a cosy hot water bottle. The more slippers that are donated, the more elderly people benefit. For more information on Gala Bingo’s work with 52 Lives, head over to the Gala Bingo website.

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