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Using iDebit at online casinos

iDebit Payment MethodiDebit is a Canadian online payment method. It lets you pay directly for your online purchases through your bank account, without sharing your banking info with the merchant. You can think of it as a gateway or intermediary between you and the shop. The transaction is instantly acknowledged so your purchase is immediate, unlike with making a payment through your bank that could take a couple more days. You just sign up for an iDebit account and then whenever you want to buy something online you can pay for it by using your iDebit username and password.

There are numerous online casinos as well as bingo sites that accept this payment method. We’ve looked around for the best iDebit casinos and gaming sites. Not only do we look for the payment method, but we’ve also checked that these sites have first class games, a good reputation among players and exciting promotions to top it all off. In the table below you’ll see our recommendations.

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The advantages and disadvantages of using iDebit


  • Keep your banking info private –Since you only your iDebit username and password when completing a transaction, your banking information is never transferred to the shop or casino.
  • Immediate payments – Whereas a regular online bank payment can take a couple of days before the money shows up on your casino account, with iDebit your deposit will be immediately there.
  • Widely accepted at online gaming sites – There are tons of online bingo sites and casinos that accept iDebit, which means you can choose from lots of quality gaming sites.


  • For Canada only – iDebit is for Canadian players only. Those living elsewhere will have to use another payment method. But hooray for Canadians!
  • Must manually withdraw funds – If you receive money via iDebit, such as when you withdraw your winnings, you have to go into iDebit to withdraw the funds to your bank account. The process is just a matter of a few clicks, but you have to do it.

Banking with iDebit

Here are more details on how iDebit works at online casinos:

Deposit and withdrawal times

iDebit deposits will instantly show up on your casino account. Withdrawals will depend on the casino but usually it’s around 1 to 3 business days after the request has been approved. It’s also important to know that the money will not be automatically transferred to your bank account. Instead, it will be held in your iDebit account and you will have to login and select to withdraw and it can take up to 5 days before you see it in your bank account. As of May 16 2019, iDebit can only hold your money for a maximum of 28 days due to regulation changes.

Ease of opening an account

The signup is easy and you can even make a payment as a guest without pre-registering. Once you’ve created an iDebit account, you can connect it with your bank account so that you can actually make payments. You will need to have a Canadian bank account with online banking setup with one of their partner banks. TD, Royal Bank, Scotia, CIBC, Bank of Montreal, are some of the banks they work with.

Fees structure

iDebit fees are minimal compared to most e-wallets. Some transactions like purchases and receiving money are free. Other transactions like payments from your bank to iDebit is $1.50, which barely gets you timbits.

Our final thoughts

All you need is to have online banking set up with any one of the major banks in Canada and then you can use iDebit to make deposits and withdrawals at a multitude of online casinos. It keeps your banking info private and the transactions are instant. The one little inconvenience is that with withdrawals, the money will arrive in your iDebit account and you have 28 days to login to to iDebit and withdraw the funds your bank account. If you’re in the land of the free and home of the brave, then check out all the top rated iDebit online casinos here!

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