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Glossy Bingo
Glossy Bingo

250% first deposit bonus

New players only. Wagering requirements apply. See website for full T&C.

Play at Glossy Bingo

New player offer

It's a simple and straightforward registration process and new players can claim a 250% first deposit bonus on amounts from £10 to £25, but the great deals don't end there. Players that deposit a second time will get a 100% bonus, the third time its worth 200% and the fourth deposit is worth a further 300% bingo bonus.

Bonus funds can be used only on selected bingo games and there is a limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

Other promotions

Free bingo is available in the Melrose Place room each evening.

There are 7 different Daily Special games, including a £100 Lunchtime Special, Weekly guaranteed games and 3 huge monthly guaranteed giveaways:

  • Big £10k
  • Monthly £2k
  • £1,500 Monthly Megapot

Earn free tickets for the Monthly Megapot as you play at Glossy Bingo.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 balll bingo
  • Slots
  • Casino games

Their are dozens of big name slot games - 13 of which feature huge progressive jackpots - including the popular Dark Knight and Mega Moolah slots. Add to that 29 casino games and poker games and you have an all round gaming offer at Glossy Bingo.

Mobile and tablet

Glossy Bingo has a small selection of its bingo and casino games available on a range of mobile devices, but not all. They suggest getting in touch with Support to ensure your device is enabled.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £20
  • Processing time:
  • Wagering requirement: 5x bonus on first two deposits

There is no wagering requirement on bonuses on 3rd and future deposits.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card will be requested prior to first withdrawal.

Help and support

  • Live Help
  • Email: via on-site form


Landing at Glossy Bingo you are transported into the realms of a glossy magazine cover page as its homepage, complete with Victoria Beckham lookalike dominating the page. Whether this background will change on a monthly basis to retain the mood of a magazine remains to be seen.

The site operates on Microgaming bingo and gaming software which means that the gameplay is second to none and there is a good range of jackpots and other games to take advantage of with cash stakes.

The 'G Team' are a friendly bunch made up of site hostess Glenda who is on hand to guide people round the site, together with Gabby, Gillian and Greg. Customers are the A listers at Glossy Bingo and nothing is too much trouble.

The site is simple to navigate and very slick, just like a top glossy should be.

Payment methods accepted

Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Solo etc. payments acceptedneteller payments acceptedpaysafecard payments acceptedskrill payments accepted
Powered by Microgaming

Glossy Bingo is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Glossy Bingo player reviews

45 players have reviewed this site

  1. nessy2000 nessy2000 says:
    Do not use the glossy bingo site they never pay out i call it robbery. i won £239 had to play till i got down to £80. Withdrew it and then they messaged saying I cannot have it as still had to use £100 more.
  2. Chezza62 Chezza62 says:
    I've been playing Glossy Bingo for a few years and quite enjoy the site. I have had several big wins (no jackpots but I do find that the limit on withdrawals is quite wrong.

    I won £11k in total, but they only allow you to withdraw £5k and then you have to wait a complete month before withdrawing the rest. When I won my first big one my withdrawal limit was smaller, but I found that having withdrawn the limit at that time that I ended up going and playing the rest...that was a mistake I have not repeated.

    I feel that by having to wait a whole month before being allowed to withdraw anything over £5k is their ploy for you to play back your winnings. Also the fact that you have to wait for 48 hours before the money is processed is another downside...again I feel this is their ploy for you to reverse withdrawals.
    I rarely play bingo because I don't really win, but when I do it is usually with bingo bonuses and then I will just buy in advance and I find that I win better that way then having the actual tickets on screen. Glossy and Butlers are the same company but I don't mind playing these sites.
  3. Lullaby Lullaby says:
    I have been playing on Glossy Bingo for a while now with minimal wins. Not a fan of the bingo, but like the slots. Unfortunately, wagering is very high. This weekend I received an email saying if I deposit 10.00 I get 100 free spins. The free spins generated in a win of around 18.00 but now I have to spend 300.00 to release any bonus funds to cash. Please do not accept free offers from this site as the cost is tremendous. Play with cash and ignore all bonus spins, etc.
  4. brookson3242 brookson3242 says:
    I have to say I am surprised with the negative comments, however people clearly do encounter problems. I personally have found Glossy Bingo to be a great site. I never do very well on bingo so decided to play the slots. Found one which was very lucky for me and won quite a bit. Decided to withdraw some of my winnings and I knew that I would lose the bonus amounts, but most sites apply these rules. I have received e-mails informing me where the withdrawal was up to and received my money back in my bank with no problems and also found the customer services team very helpful whenever I needed them.
    I will continue to play at Glossy and am sorry for the people that have encountered issues.
  5. Be aware of bonuses requirements. Slots hardly payout. I was new member won at first not enough to cover bonus requirements - 390 worth before can withdraw. chat host seem to know ppl and even called ppl out who was going win bingo, claiming they decide who wins jackpots. Took screen shot claimed i was going take it further and they laughed and kicked me out of chat. Be aware another money grabbing fix, there own words not mine. I dont beleive for one moment anyone has really won thousands of pounds. Maybe all know eatch other just promoteing the site who knows - let you make your mind up. steer clear, nothing to gain here.
  6. Sikugord Sikugord says:
    Be careful with Glossy Bingo. After having documents accepted and receiving first withdrawal, apparently for my second withdrawal they have not received them. What a farce. I have contacted lotteries and gaming, Malta,to complain about this site. I urge you all to do the same; withholding funds seems to be their game.
  7. kelmayo77 kelmayo77 says:
    Great in one respect as I have joined on Wednesday 4th Feb, deposited 20.00 and got 80.00 bonus, but found bingo limited so played on slots with my real money (as cant use bonus funds on slots) and I have won a massive 13,000 - it is safe to say that on Wednesday I was over the moon! BUT..I have tried to withdraw this 13000 (I had to forfit the bonus, but so didn't care about that as struggled to spend it anyway. First they tempt you by leaving it in holding for 24 hours (they are kindly seeing if you change mind for your benefit -not-). So I'm past that 24 hours and yesterday (friday) got an email early morning confirming its now being processed! Only I go to check my account (don't know why but just as well I did) coz 13000 has been placed back into my account!!! I contacted them via email and did get a quick response and they said this is because you have not sent documents requested - then listed photo id such as licence or passport and a posted utility bill (they had not already requested this it was the first I had heard of). I don't mind proving my identity, but what bugs me is they have put money back in the account in my opinion for more temptation and the fact they insist on a posted bill when they know that most people don't have them it is all tactics to prevent me from withdrawing which is getting my back up. But I do have the correct documents and can get them there if they actually tell me where to send them as they did not bother to tell me in the email reply so iv had to ask which is where I'm at waiting for an address, so I'll keep you posted guys ........
    • kelmayo77 kelmayo77 says:
      So its the 10th feb now and I am still no nearer getting funds. I have sent passport, driving licence, council tax bill, water bill, inland revenue letter, printed bank statement and my debit card (all photographed n sent via email), but only the passport qualified as suitable id! As the letters were out of the date limit I have sent an up to date letter from united utilities today, but I am unsure if this is acceptable as its more a letter than a bill! I have to wait up to 24 hours for it to be checked So I have a back up plan. I'm going to bank tomorrow for a stamped statement which glossy have confirmed they will accept, so if they decline the utilities letter I will have to wait another 25 hours for them to accept the statement, but at least I know It will then at least finely process the payment - normally a 3 day wait, but something tells me it may be longer. I shall let you know.
    • kelmayo77 kelmayo77 says:
      Its now the 14th Feb and no money yet but... I went to bank on the 11th for the stamped statement which they accepted and approved same day so then, as they had put funds back into my account I had to withdraw all over again(12,900 coz I gave into temptation and tried to gamble more and lost 100.00 - I could kick myself). I had to go through the full process including the 24 hour + holding time (you have to wait till the 6am following the 24 hours as that's the only time they send withdrawals to the finance team) so this took me to the 13th (yesterday) before the money even left the account. I then gets an email telling me I had reached the 5,000.00 withdrawal limit for the 30 day period!! Yes turns out in the terms and conditions you can only withdraw a maximum of 5,000 in any 30 day period unless its a jackpot win in which case there is not a limit. My win was not a jackpot just several lucky spins so yes you guessed it, 7,900.00 has been put back in my account and 5,000.00 is apparently on its way (I wish when I originally tried to withdraw it restricted the limit there and then and I would have known this on the 4th Feb saving me the heartache nearly 10 days later). I am eligible to withdraw another 5,000.00 on the 15th March!!!!! So it will be April before I get the final payment!!! I know I should be grateful I have won so much money (i am) but at end of day I would like to see it sat in my account as its mine. I am still mixed emotions about this site.
      • hmmm whot slot was this lol. I tried this site and slots are fixed value. if you maxed bet then even then dont get your money back. I tried and failed. Congrats on your wins though lol if you did win.
    • First off if you joined you have 100 pounds bonus. I joined and deposited 20 pounds same promotion - you did not say whot you won on. Personaly if you did its a miracle sounds like your trying promote the site, not leave review. If you really did win congrats, but personaly i think this is very unlikely.
  8. irwtsak irwtsak says:
    Glossy Bingo is typical of many bingo sites today. Lots of tempting offers to lure you in but if you actually want to withdraw some money it is like asking for the Crown Jewels. The people on their chat service are totally useless and unhelpful. I am trying to withdraw less than 50.00 and they are demanding to see all sorts of documentation first; never had this problem with other sites I have used.
    If you want to join a site that will make your blood boil Glossy Bingo is for you!
  9. welshdruid69 welshdruid69 says:
    Glossy Bingo is a site i had heard of but never bothered to play on until recently, but i am so glad i did. Not only did i get 4 amazing deposit offers for my 1st 4 deposits, i have a 50% redeposit bonus as standard and access to all the tournaments, big games, BOGOF offers and all. I have won on there and it took just a few days for it to reach my bank and the support staff and the hosts are fantastic, always ready and willing to help. The roomies are kind and sweet and you make friends real quick. Glossy is definitely the site for me, its fantastic, all of the features, the massive collection of slot games, the new Immortal Romance room and the Spinner Room which u can win spins in every night - theres not a bad word to be said about Glossy. It's ideal for anyone and everyone and i love it, come join in, i promise you wont be disappointed x :) x
  10. jacks04 jacks04 says:
    I found this site to have very limited choice in bingo games and felt like I never came even close to winning when I played. Good variety of slots though and I was a lot luckier here winning a couple of hundred pounds, however the withdrawal process is endless, 5 days alone just to get through processing stage so you're looking at best part of 2 weeks before winnings hit your bank which is ridiculous and I ended up re playing it and losing. Don't fall for the free spin bonus either on here as any winnings are placed in bonus funds. Very disappointed with this site, but mainly because of lengthy withdrawal process.
  11. MAW25 MAW25 says:
    This site is unbelievable! I have deposited £80 in cash & had £160 in Bonus, spent cash in slots which are very poor in payouts, lucky if you see bonus rounds! You are limited in bingo at £2.40 so you can't max on tics, you'll be very lucky to get a consolution prize for 1tg as you probably won't get past 3tg! In my opinion don't waste your time & money on this site as it is very boring indeed!!
  12. Lullaby Lullaby says:
    I'm not a fan of the bingo at Glossy, feel it is very limited. Games are expensive and not much choice. Have had no problems whatsoever withdrawing. Big downside is cash is always used first and if you withdraw cash you lose all bonus funds, but if you try to use up the bonus funds you have no cash left.This all seems a bit negative, but believe it or not, I'm completely hooked. Loving Piggy Fortunes, best game ever with tremendous graphics, such good fun. It takes a while and quite a few pounds to activate Big Bad Wolf Feature but well worth the wait. I deposited £10 and withdrew £100. Sorry about another negative, but withdrawals can be reversed in the next day or two so you wait a bit longer for your money and are so tempted to reverse the withdrawal when funds are low, like I did now to get another fix of Piggy Fortunes.
  13. ladybuggs ladybuggs says:
    Absolutely terrible. You deposit £10 at Glossy Bingo and they give you £50 bonus - GREAT!! not!! That bonus can only be used on 2 bingo games...all the rest are real cash play only. Not only that, but they limit how many tickets in those games you can buy if you are spending bonus money...and if you manage to have a win...after spending my £10 plus £30 of the bonus I finally had a win 86p woopy...then when you buy the next few tickets they took my 86p "real money" first!!
  14. loonybabe loonybabe says:
    What they do not tell you at Glossy Bingo is that you can't withdraw anything until you have lost over £150.00. I am trying to withdraw £29.53 and they won't because I haven't "wagered" enough. This is promoting irresponsible gambling and I am horrified.
    Taken from their website:
    7.2 Players will be required to complete an acceptable amount of gaming activity (defined as meeting the wagering requirements) on any cash deposited and BBz received, before being eligible to withdraw;
    7.2.1 Wagering requirements are calculated at three (3) times your deposit(s) plus bonus(es) awarded. This requirement applies to your first four (4) deposits. Please note that any roulette, video poker or blackjack play are not included in wagering requirement calculations. For example: your first deposit of £10 gets you a £40 deposit bonus. This is a total of £50, you must now wager 3 times this (£150) before being eligible to withdraw.
    • TheMeerkat TheMeerkat says:
      I have found ALL gaming sites are very transparent about their bonus money wagering requirements in their T&C pages. The moral is read the T&C before you sign up and try to roughly calculate what you need to wager from winnings to fulfill requirements in order to withdraw any profits. And remember nobody is obliged to accept bonus when offered. In that case you can play without the wagering requirements and have no withdrawal restrictions, other than the minimum allowed.
    • joshrosh joshrosh says:
      Thank you for letting people know about this .....0/10 Glossy Bingo!
    • cmap cmap says:
      I agree totally. I hadn't wagered £135. Its in the T+C's but not in their FAQs.
    • willsowls willsowls says:
      The Deals they offer you look good on first glance. But try to win and it's another matter - is difficult. Best avoid these deals! Been and tried and failed!!!!!
    • nessy2000 nessy2000 says:
      They take your money in seconds but never pay out i was so chuffed i won to be told no.
  15. Glossy bingo is a great site with great welcome offers. Easy to use, lovely roomies in all chat rooms. The chat hosts are the best and play chat games right throughout the day. The only downs side to glossy bingo is they give you a huge bonus, but restrict how many bingo tickets you can buy using bonus funds and usually less then the amount you need to get free cards in 75 ball room. Other then that all in all a great site i recommend giving it a try. It's surely going to be my new bingo home. 8/10 over all mark
  16. sianne sianne says:
    Glossy bingo is just what it says. A fab name for a fab bingo and the hosts are amazing. There's fantastic chat games and for the first twenty four hours u get double points for any games played and chat games won. You can redeem your loyalty as u play, just press add to funds. And when u sign up and deposit just a fiver they give u another twenty five pounds. So all round it great.
  17. ooooermrs ooooermrs says:
    Good news is Glossy Bingo is paying out £500.00 but beware of charges - £6.00 for normal postage or £30 for courier to deliver your cheque??? Have never had to pay this before and find it to be excessive.
  18. ooooermrs ooooermrs says:
    Joined Glossy Bingo to play bingo, you get bbz as bonus when you deposit, when your cash is gone and you rely on bbz you cannot max on cards your limited to 24 and no chance of winning. I ended up playing slots in casino to just use up what I had and after using the free spins I ended up winning £180 which I tried to withdraw.....a fortnight later I have still not got the winnings....however by playing same slot game this is now up to £500. Each time I send proof of who I am the money is returned to my account. I do not get paper bills, do not drive and my passport has expired!! Yesterday I sent copies of marriage certificate, birth certificate and daughters birth certificate that shows my address - money was put back in my account. This morning I received a statement from Scottish Gas, am hoping they will pay out now and then I can close this account. Ha ha if they paid the original £180 I would have left it at that but now they owe me £500. The reason I was going to leave the site anyway is because if you deposit using 'mastercard' which is on my debit card from Clydesdale bank, they cannot pay winnings directly into your bank, you are paid by Cheque! I work 5 days a week out of town and its not convenient to be paid by cheque. They need to make this more obvious to players as I would not have joined had I known this. BTW the best bingo site I have been on that is fair and treats it players properly is JPJ!!
  19. holidays11 holidays11 says:
    I liked this site - got £25 free when I deposited £5 and 10 free spins on slots. Won a line with my BB and used it to play slots and which I went on to withdraw with no problem - will play again.
  20. Huge thumbs up for Glossy Bingo. Have just had word that they are giving me the £2750 that I won last week by cheque. Love this site - the people you speak to on the phone are friendly and helpful.
  21. Undecided for the now. I have won 2750 and have requested a withdrawal. I have sent in marriage licence, birth certificate, provisional licence, but have been told that i need a recent bill or bank statement, but as i don't have paper bills anymore i don't have them. I have sent lots of other things dated just 2 weeks ago, so here's hoping that is enough. If not it's a trip to the bank to ask for a statement to be sent out. Will keep everyone informed how it has went - here's hoping it will be a thumbs up.
    • ShoutBingo ShoutBingo says:
      Good luck!
    • Thank you, all my paperwork approved, played all my playthrough amounts, just waiting on withdrawal to go through :)
    • Ms Bingo Ms Bingo says:
      Try a council tax bill or just ask the bank or utility company for a paper statement
  22. bells bells says:
    Worst site I have ever been on. Send emails offering bonus then do not fulfill. With bonus funds you can only buy a certain amount of tickets, also you cannot play on a lot of the bingo games with bonus funds. I closed the account with 20bbz left in as site was so awful.
  23. Riz Riz says:
    I don't know what times the other reviewers have been on Glossy Bingo, but get on there in the evening and it's buzzing! Good payouts, nice peeps. Slots aren't the best, but I'm there to play bingo. Well worth a look, it'll get a lot busier soon too...seen it happen enough times with other sites.
  24. BigHairyKev BigHairyKev says:
    I've just joined Glossy Bingo. So far, only a few rooms. In fact, there was only one bingo room running when I was on it, but more open later in the day. Friendly staff and players make this website well worth more visits!
  25. fancy that fancy that says:
    Joined Glossy bingo with a great 400% bonus. Deposited 25 pounds got 100BBz as they call them. Loads of different slots on this site and wide range to choose from. Now the bingo, well not so good. 87 players and jackpot total 16 pounds to split with the 1 line 2 lines and full house.

    Did ask the CH how come all these players and the pots are so low - most of them playing withBBz she said, not the same as cash players. These BBz are worthless, not like on cassava sites where you can play any bingo game with bonus money. Even after you deposit on Glossy bingo if you don't play with your cash balance you are very restricted and can't play a lot of the bingo games with BBz. I played 100BBz and didn't win once. 400% deposit bonus. but it's like you haven't deposited and playing with free money. Not many bingo rooms to choose from. Had a look in 75 ball room - the pot was 2 pound.
    • tiney54 tiney54 says:
      Agree with u - it's a rubbish site for those reasons.
  26. burtonlad burtonlad says:
    Just joined Glossy Bingo and don't like the idea that u depo 5 pound u get 25 free and u cant play the penny games with ur bonus money. Bit unfair when u made a deposit. Don't think i will deposit here again - should be able to play all games if u depositing player.
  27. tiney54 tiney54 says:
    Hi. I would not play on here again, too many silly rules. I deposited cause it was a good bonus, but once your cash is gone even after depo they do not let you play certain games with your bingo bonus. In the 10p rooms even after depo if you only got bonus money left they only let you buy 24 tickets, so if you want to stand any chance of winning you have to keep depositing, so you have cash to buy more tickets. I have never heard of this happening on any other sites.and i play on lots. You cannot play in 1p rooms with bonus money either,so yet again you have to depo.
    • spintee spintee says:
      Theres a few sites out there that catch you with not being able to buy full tiks, was caught out today at rovers bingo, and to make it worst there was only 2 rooms open and a handfull of fruit machines,
      Also I read the rules on glossy and only 1 withdraw per 7 days? how stupid is that, I think they can keep the bonus now I read your comment,
      Any decent genuine sites that care about players wouldnt do this,
    • MAW25 MAW25 says:
      Hi TINEY54, Well I've not long come off Glossy Bingo after joining a few hours ago! What a very boring site only good thing is bonus you get but really it's a joke, maxing out on tickets and lucky to get 3tg! Ha ha. My adised to all is don't waste your time like me, I have closed this account as it's a joke!!!
    • burtonlad burtonlad says:
      Hi I just joined Glossy and wished i never. 1st time i seen a site that only allow u to play only 24 tickets not happy and wont be back can't play in any the penny games or anything and i depo.
    • chocolat9993 chocolat9993 says:
      Very unhappy with withdraw rules,i won £120 they let you withdraw until you have deposited over £200 its a joke,wont be playing here again.
    • stoort2 stoort2 says:
      This sounds exactly like the same mob who run ButlersBingo..................dunno how they get away with it!!!!!!!! Are these companies regulated?

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