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Nine Buzz Bingo Clubs Identified for Potential Closure

Nine Buzz Bingo Clubs Identified for Potential Closure

Gala Bingo has been a household name since the 70s when the operator opened its first bingo clubs. While it has since rebranded as Buzz Bingo, it continues to operate more bingo halls than any other brand, which is why it’s sad to discover that the company is considering shutting several of them.

Which Buzz Bingo clubs are under threat?

So far, there are nine clubs which have potentially been identified as being at risk. They include two Buzz Bingo clubs in Scotland (Cumbernauld and Dumfries), three branches in the North-West of England (Carlisle, Belle Vue Manchester and Bromborough), Slough in Berkshire, Surrey Quays in London, Keighley in West Yorkshire, and Grantham in Lincolnshire.

If the above-planned club closures go ahead, Buzz will lose around 10% of its land-based bingo venues.

Why is Buzz Bingo thinking of closing more clubs?

The operator has given multiple reasons for the potential closures, although overall, it states that the clubs have “unfortunately ceased to be financially viable”.

It says that COVID-19 changed customer behaviour, resulting in fewer people visiting its clubs even after restrictions were lifted. On top of this, it cites a loss in consumer confidence due to the current cost-of-living crisis. Rising costs (including energy bills) are also taking their toll on the land-based bingo operator which is having to absorb rising costs while trying to offer customers value for money.

What will happen to the staff if the clubs shut?

Buzz Bingo has said that it’s fully committed to supporting any employees that could be impacted by the closure of the bingo clubs. If all nine clubs were to shut down, over 150 workers could be affected. In the past, the company has tried to offer employees alternative jobs in nearby clubs. It also stepped forward when Mecca Bingo closed several of its clubs to accommodate as many former Mecca employees as possible into its own workforce.

Previous club closures

Back in the summer of 2020, the operator announced its plans to permanently shut 26 of its UK bingo halls as part of a CVA (Company Voluntary Arrangement). The decision was made due to the government’s COVID-19 restrictions on entertainment and hospitality venues creating “an unsustainable operating environment for the foreseeable future”.

Reader comments

May 11th, 2023, 19:18
I go to Buzz Bingo Aldershot twice a week I thoroughly enjoy it. I buy food each time, now I see the discount has been removed and the price has jumped up quite a large amount I know the cost of living has gone up as well but surely keeping your prices down it encourages people to eat more in club, please can you reconsider your prices or give regular customers a discount voucher. thank you await your reply
April 24th, 2023, 08:15
Think another reason for drop in customers is the Electronic Touch Pad.. If your marking books with 6 tickets and your up against a touch pad with untold number of tickets there's not much chance of winning. I have checked on the nights I am there and your lucky if one paper ticket wins anything. I enjoyed going to Buzz bingo but think you got too greedy.
June 14th, 2023, 16:38
Winning is a needle in a haystack luck and has very little to do with ticket numbers. Week after week we sit with 339 electronic between us to get nowhere and watch paper shout over and over. The difference in those ticket numbers makes such a minuscule difference to your chance amongst the millions of possible number combinations is almost insignificant. I totally agree with the latest ripoff prices, especially for food, a complete ripoff compared with Club 3000 prices. Also, Buzz prizemoney has been crippled to the point that call or not, you are out of pocket.