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Sadness as Mecca Bingo Announces Closure of Another Bingo Club

Sadness as Mecca Bingo Announces Closure of Another Bingo Club

Over the past few months, bricks and mortar bingo halls seem to be dropping like proverbial flies, which is very concerning. Just a week after it told customers that proposals to shut its Mecca Chester club are being discussed, Mecca Bingo has announced that the doors to its Hull Cecil bingo hall are set to close next month.

What bingo hall is closing?

News that Mecca Bingo Chester was closing was taken very badly by the locals that used the site and we can now reveal that the latest Mecca Bingo venue to be earmarked for closure is on Anlaby Road in Hull.

Why does Mecca Bingo want to close the club?

While the operator has not confirmed the reasons behind the venue’s closure, an employee has told the local press that it’s due to struggles with costs and admissions. The same member of staff says that the club’s employees (some of whom have worked at the club for 20 years) were given very little notice about the plans to close the bingo hall and that the staff will be made redundant.

According to Mecca Bingo’s Operations Director, John Dyson, an official announcement will be made when “conversations are complete”.

When is the closing date?

The last day that customers will be able to visit the venue is Sunday, 26th February 2023.

Local bingo lovers are sure to receive a warm welcome during the club’s remaining weeks of operation, and players can still take advantage of its January Sale up until the end of January. In addition, the venue will be taking part in Mecca’s Big Money Weekend from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th January 2023.

How do customers feel about the proposed closure?

Hull Live, a local online newspaper, shared the news of the closure on Facebook earlier this week. So far, its Facebook followers have left over 900 comments on the post, with one fan pointing out that “this is the 3rd Mecca to announce closing this week!”. Other commenters say that “if more people go then they might keep it open” in a bid to rally extra customers for the club. An ex-employee who worked in the venue in the 1970s says that the news is “so sad” while another poster depressingly predicts that “ten years from now [there’ll be] only food shops everywhere”.

Which Mecca Bingo halls are closing?

The list of Mecca Bingo closures is quite long. Along with Mecca Chester closing, Mecca Bingo Dewsbury closed down. Also closed are Mecca Bridgewater, Mecca Plymouth and Mecca Andover. Mecca Bingo sites in Hunslet, Leeds, in Sale and in Rochdale and Hayes have also been closed. After some confusion regarding the future of Mecca Bingo Bilston, as plans were seen regarding demolition of the site, that branch seems to have avoided permanent closure.

Reader comments

Mr pernoe
February 3rd, 2024, 22:34
I was a member of the hunslet Leeds mecca bingo club. I a way I was not surprised of the club closing it's doors. 1pppl.
April 9th, 2024, 02:49
If you worked for Mecca in the 1970’s please contact me. I was a chief cashier in the Manchester area based at Sale Mecca at Washway Rd in Sale. Known as Sale Locarno , the Blue Rooms and the Embassy Club