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Alternative Euro 2024 Survival Guide

Alternative Euro 2024 Survival Guide 

Euro 2024 promises a summer of thrilling football action, but what if you’re not a football fan or want to diversify your Euro experience? This guide provides a balance of traditional football enjoyment and alternative activities to make the most out of the Euro 2024 season, whether you’re a die-hard fan or indifferent to the beautiful game. 

For the Football Fanatics 

Stock Up on Beer and Snacks 

Football and beer are a classic combination. Make sure your fridge is well-stocked with your favourite brews and snacks. Whether you’re hosting friends for a match or just enjoying the games solo, having plenty of cold beverages and munchies is essential for a perfect football viewing experience. 

Create a Match Viewing Schedule 

With so many matches, it’s easy to miss out on key games. Print out the Euro 2024 fixture list and mark the games you don’t want to miss. Plan viewing parties for the big matches and make sure your TV or streaming setup is in top condition. 

Decorate Your Space 

Show your team spirit by decorating your viewing area with flags, scarves, and memorabilia of your favourite team or country. This can enhance the match-day atmosphere and make the experience more immersive and enjoyable. 

Get Social 

Engage with other fans on social media during the matches. Twitter, Reddit, and football forums are great places to share your excitement, analyse plays, and celebrate victories. Being part of the online football community can add a new dimension to your Euro 2024 experience. 

For the Non-Football Enthusiasts 

Binge on Love Island 

While your friends and family are glued to the football matches, take the opportunity to catch up on your favourite TV shows. A new season of Love Island is the perfect escapist fare to indulge in. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the drama without the distraction of a match schedule, unless you only have one TV – maybe a quick trip to Currys! 

Book a Summer Holiday 

Maybe Euro 2024 is a great time to escape the football frenzy. Look for travel deals and plan a relaxing summer holiday – preferably in a destination without a team in the competition! Whether it’s a beach resort, a city break, or a countryside retreat, a vacation can provide a refreshing change of pace. 

Alternative Euro 2024 Survival Guide

Online Shopping Spree 

Football-free time can be spent upgrading your wardrobe or home décor with a leisurely online shopping spree. With many retailers offering summer sales, it’s a perfect time to snag some bargains while the a good part of the population is occupied with the games. 

Play Online Bingo 

Enjoy some quiet time with online bingo or other relaxing online games. With less competition for internet bandwidth, you can play your favourite games uninterrupted and maybe even win some prizes while others are engrossed in the latest football match. Or you might prefer to get away from the football frenzy altogether at your local bingo hall. No loud televisions with goal scoring celebrations there! 

Euro 2024 Bingo Card 

Make the matches even more engaging by playing Euro 2024 Bingo. We have a couple of options for you. We have a ready-made England team-oriented card and then some things you can watch out for in any match. 

Alternative Euro 2024 Survival Guide

As you watch any match, check off each of the following scenarios: 

Euro 2024 Bingo for Everyone

  • Goal scored in extra time
  • Goalie makes a spectacular save
  • Controversial VAR decision
  • Player receives a red card
  • Stunning long-range goal
  • Fans doing a wave in the stands
  • Commentator says “against the run of play”
  • A manager gets a yellow card
  • Underdog team wins
  • Match ends in penalties
  • Player celebrates with a somersault
  • A team comes back from a 2-goal deficit
  • Fans sing national anthem loudly
  • A player misses an open goal
  • TV shows a close-up of a nervous coach

It adds an extra layer of excitement and keeps you engaged throughout the tournament. 

So, Something for Everyone 

Whether you’re a football enthusiast or a non-fan, Euro 2024 offers something for everyone. For football fans, it’s a time to immerse yourself in the sport you love. For those less interested, it’s an opportunity to enjoy alternative activities and perhaps even a peaceful summer. With this guide, you can make the most out of Euro2024, regardless of your level of interest in the tournament. 

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