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Bacta and the Bingo Association

Bacta and the Bingo Association Join Forces to Improve Safer Gambling Practices

Both online and on land gambling safely is the top priority of any operator of note. These same operators will usually be members of the trade associations Bacta and/or The Bingo Association. These are big names in the world of gambling – Bacta representing amusement and gaming machine operators that feature prominently in those coastal resorts we love, while the Bingo Association supports bingo operators. And they’re teaming up to support the future of gambling.  

Bacta’s Technical Standards Group and Bingo Association’s Gaming Machine Working Group have announced their collaboration to propose ways to enhance gambling safety in both arcades and online platforms. The duo aims to refine regulations, ensuring player safety while bolstering the industry’s standing and standards overall.

Led by Alan Claypole from MERKUR UK, the two associations will present a Technical Standards Proposal to the British Gambling Commission by April 30th on how existing regulations can be improved before a potentially more thorough review.

A Word from Bacta and the Bingo Association

Commenting on the collaboration, Bacta’s John Bollom says: “In partnership with the Bingo Association we are drawing up a concise six-point plan to update those areas where we believe that changes could be explored whilst always upholding our unswerving commitment to safer gambling.”

While Bingo Association’s CEO Miles Baron says: “[..] addressing technical standards will enable the industry to continue to engage responsibly with consumers in what is an increasingly competitive and blended land-based/online environment. It makes sense for the Bingo Association to be working closely with Bacta in the area of Gaming Machine Technical Standards where we have much in common, and we are grateful to Alan for his work to date on this proposal.”

Why all this now? 

As for the timing of their new focus, we know that Bacta recently launched a survey of its members with the aim of creating a ‘Bacta Fact File’ on UK gaming machines and arcades. Bacta hopes to gain insights on important issues in the industry, like stake and prize limits and machine numbers. Having this evidence will help lobby certain gambling strategies when in discussions with the government and the Gambling Commission. 

In an industry that’s always changing, Bacta and the Bingo Association are likely aiming to stay ahead of the game. By working together, they can devise smart solutions that serve both parties, ensure a thriving industry, and safeguard players’ interests.

Whatever the reason, WhichBingo supports any step that keeps players protected.

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