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Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller Finals

Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller Finalists

What was once knows as Dabbers Next Top Bingo Caller becomes Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller and we are here to tell you all about the final that is taking place on Sunday, 7th July at the Dabbers Club in Houndsditch.

This great event has been renamed and re-energised as all the contestants delivered such great comedy routines it seemed a shame not to recognise that fact.

Who are the Dabbers Comedy Caller Finalists

The final four will be battling it out on Sunday having been judged the best of the original 20 entrants in various comedy-centric heats. The talent on show will truly be working the room, revealing the bingo numbers in unique and funny ways.

The finalists are Freddie Main as Babs Romance MP, Kat Deller, Dick Speed and Lil Wenker (real name).

Clockwise from top left – Babs Romance, Kat Deller, Lil Wenker, Dick Speed

Babs Romance – Satirical comedy government minister and perpetual liar. The act is made up of a manifesto of ‘shoddy parody speeches and witty musical number’. Creator Freddie Maine hopes to make an ongoing success of Babs for many years to come thanks to her repertoire of ‘satire, drag and comedic performance’.

Kat Deller – New to the comedy scene and is described as ‘a standup comic and relentlessly optimistic queer Australian comedian’.

Dick Speed – Real name James Watkins, an alternative comedian who loves to use character based comedy – mainly as a clown character. Performing this way since 2017, James uses physical comedy together with mature and poetic language to be playfully silly and try to make people feel good.

Lil Wenker – Yes, her real name, but through performance wants to be ‘The Baddest Man in Texas’. An entrant from the USA who is also gearing up for performances at the Edinburgh Fringe. She thinks the Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller‘ is the craziest thing she has done so far.’

More about the event

Taking place at Dabbers Social Bingo on Sunday 7th July from 1pm to 5pm, comedy and bingo fans are in for a treat and our own Charlie Shakespeare will be in attendance to see it all go down and report back.

The event is being hosted by BBC New Comedy Award finalist, Sikisa, aided and abetted by DJ Crudi Dench – a past winner of the contest. There will be four expert judges and the winner will receive a £1,000 prize from event sponsor Malibu and a 12-month contract with Dabbers, during which they can ‘re-invent, transform and revamp the sought-after and glorious position of bingo caller’.

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