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How to Make a Personal Bingo Card on TikTok

How to Make a Personal Bingo Card on TikTok

If you’re familiar with TikTok, you’ll know that you can watch just about anything on it, and it’s a great place to find inspiration for your everyday life. In 2022, thousands of TikTokers started a new trend in which they created bingo cards to remember their achievements over the course of the year.

What’s a TikTok bingo card?

If you search TikTok for bingo cards, you’ll find plenty of videos available that include templates containing pop culture moments and world events that could potentially occur over the course of the year. However, the most recent trend involves creating a bingo card that’s based on your personal life, and as we’ve just entered a brand-new year, it seems like a great time to make one for the year ahead.

One TikToker, who goes by the alias “ixlogo.official” has already shared their bingo card template, which contains events likeL

“discovered a new hobby”

“dyed your hair”

“read a book”

“redecorated your room”

“went to a party”

“fell in love”

“made a really bad decision”

If you’d like to use it for 2023 or want to use it as a template to fill with your own life events, simply find the video on TikTok, hold down the video and click “clear mode” then screenshot the card. Once you’ve obtained a screenshot of the template, open it in Instagram, Snapchat or iMessage and use the draw feature to fill the squares with your chosen events.

Many people have already started creating personal bingo cards with their predictions for the year ahead while others are using them to help achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

More bingo goodness on Tiktok

If you search TikTok with the tag “#bingo”, you’ll find plenty more bingo-related videos for your viewing pleasure. For example, you can watch players dabbing their cards and claiming prizes at their local bingo hall and pick up tips on how to boost your chances of winning at bingo.

Other ways to celebrate bingo in 2023

If you’re thinking about taking up bingo in 2023, why not look at our list of the best online bingo sites? If you’d rather play at a land-based club, we can help you find venues that are close to where you live.

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