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About Bingo Networks

Online Bingo Networks are when multiple sites link together to pool players and resources. Essentially it is the online equivalent of the National Game, where many clubs all come together to compete for a larger prize.

The majority of new bingo sites launch as part of a network, as it means from day one their games will have lots of players in the shared bingo rooms and decent jackpots to play for. Once a site grows large enough, they may then choose to leave the network to stand alone.

Sites tend not to publicise the fact they are part of a network, so it may not be immediately obvious you are playing in a networked room. Some networked sites are owned by the same company, and are sometimes referred to as sister sites.

Networks facilitate players from a number of different sites to play the same games so all their stakes contribute to the prize pot. When you see the number of players in a game in a networked room it is the total number of players across all the various sites and not just at the site you are playing on.

Some sites on a network may have one or two standalone rooms just for their players, outside of the network. This is often the only place where a networked site has some individual control over jackpots and promotions, but often these standalone rooms are only open at specific days and times.