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New UK Laws May Limit Gambling for Under-25s

New UK Laws May Limit Gambling for Under-25s

It is being reported this week that the UK Government is putting guidelines in place to create new laws in online gambling aimed specifically at those aged under 25. These new restrictions would see max bet limits placed on younger gamblers.

The UK Government’s New Gambling Laws

It was reported last week that gambling firm tax loopholes were going to be closed and that a new tax would be introduced that would help to fund gambling addiction treatment. Now, more information is coming out about the supposed new gambling laws that the UK government may put forward.

The new law for under-25s would see capping bets placed on online slot games. This would be a maximum limit of £2. For those over 25, the limit could be between £2 and £15. What’s more, MPs have said that they want to see tougher affordability checks put in place so gambling firms are not allowing players to spend above their means.

Will There Be a Ban on Gambling Advertising?

At the moment, there is no talk amongst MPs to enforce any type of total ban on gambling advertising. However, some have been campaigning for this to happen. At the moment, the Premier League is having discussions about banning gambling sponsorships on the front of football team shirts.

The Gambling White Paper

The Gambling White Paper, which will propose new laws, is set to be published within the next month. This will be the largest disruption in the gambling industry in over 20 years and is widely anticipated after many delays. These new law proposals, should they be passed, will come into effect in Scotland, England, and Wales, however, this is a devolved matter for the Northern Irish government.

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