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UK’s Seagull Attack Hotspots

The UK’s Seagull Attack Hotspots

If you’ve ever had a chip stolen, ice cream pecked out of your hand or seen your Cornish pasty flying off into the sunset, we’d hazard a guess that the perpetrator was a Seagull.

As the Summer holidays get underway, we’ve discovered the beaches in the UK where you’re most likely to have your chips stolen, your ice cream pecked at and even chased by a Seagull.

Kicking things off with how many Brits have ever been chased by a Seagull, or a flock of Seagulls (no, not the band) and it turns out its quite a common occurrence.

Almost 1 in 2, 43.25% claimed to have been given the run around.

What does a Seagull Attack Consist of?

Next, we wanted to know what exactly a Seagull attack consisted of, so we could be prepared…

It turns out that having chips stolen was the most common form of attack, with a staggering 65.66% of those surveyed saying they’d had to defend themselves and their bag of chips from the ravenous gulls.

Ice cream theft was the second most common form of attack, with 42.45%, followed surprisingly in third by Seagulls attacking pet dogs (23.23%).

11.01% reported they’d had personal items like mobile phones, car keys and wallets stolen, while 8.92% claimed to have clothes stolen. Not cool Seagulls, not cool.

The UK’s Seagull Attack Hotspots

The British Beaches Seagulls Attack the Most

Right, which beaches are the most dangerous for Seagull attacks, the question we’re all here for.

Taking top spot as the Seagull attack capital, almost 20% of beachgoers to sunny Brighton reported being the victim of a Seagull attack.

Blackpool Beach placed second with 18.93% of those surveyed reporting attacks, with Scarborough placing third with 17.76%.

Cromer Beach in Norfolk and Broadsands beach in Devon were the safer beaches, with just 9.78% and 8.31% of those surveyed reporting they’d been attacked by a seagull.

You can view the results of the most dangerous beaches for seagull attacks below.

Commenting on the findings, WhichBingo’s own Charlie Shakespeare said, “Our research shows almost half of all UK holidaymakers have had a run-in with aggressive seagulls.

“Whether they are stealing chips, dive-bombing loved pets or grabbing anything they can get their beaks on they have become a real seaside menace.

“Unfortunately, nothing discourages them, and they seem to be getting bolder than ever.”

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