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Accreditation Firm GLI Group Takes Over iTech Labs

Accreditation Firm GLI Group Takes Over iTech Labs

Gaming Laboratories International Group (GLI Group) has fully acquired iTech Labs. This takeover will see two of the largest accreditation and certification laboratories in the gaming world come under the same business umbrella.

GLI Group Buys Out iTech Labs Shares

The GLI Group has completed a takeover of iTech Global by purchasing its remaining shares. This is in order to expand the expertise offered by the company and to strengthen its reach in the gambling industry.

It has been announced that iTech Labs is a 100% owned subsidiary of the GLI Group and that it will continue to operate under the iTech Labs branding. Its business will continue to operate independently of the GLI Group and there are currently no plans to change how the company operates, its structure or its employees. However, iTechLabs will work with the back office staff of GLI to improve its commercial results and bring on more clients.

This acquisition is also good news for customers of iTechLabs as they will get the wealth of knowledge and experience that GLI Labs has to offer plus, it is a well-known regulator around the world and operates in many jurisdictions. This can help to ensure that any licensure processes operate smoothly.

More From the GLI Group and iTech Labs

The president of the GLI Group, James Maida, has said that he is excited about this new partnership with iTech Labs and that the brand will continue to operate under its founding name.

The chief executive of iTech Labs, Kiren Sreekumar, also reiterated how excited they are for this new deal and talked about both companies’ shared values and commitment to providing the best service in the world to their clients.

iTech Labs has been extremely successful in recent years and this new acquisition by the GLI Group will help them reach the next level of the brand’s development. The new partnership will help them grow significantly as both companies aim to offer the best products and services to an international market.

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