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Buzz Bingo Announces New Musical-Inspired Live Events

Buzz Bingo Announces New Musical-Inspired Live Events

In addition to Bada Bingo, Abba Bingo, and Zander Nation Bingo, there’s now a brand-new and exciting way to enjoy live bingo thanks to Buzz Bingo. From April 2023, you can book to attend one of the operator’s Bingo Battles, where two of the greatest films and musicals of all time are going head-to-head.

What are Bingo Battles all about?

Bingo Battles see two of the world’s biggest films – Grease and Dirty Dancing – battle it out over the course of the evening.

As part of the event, guests can enjoy action-packed bingo games with generous cash prizes, as well as physical prizes that are based on references to the two films. For example, you could win yourself your very own Pink Lady jacket or carry off a watermelon like the one that Baby was holding in Dirty Dancing when she was first introduced to Patrick Swayze’s character, Johnny.

Along with entertaining hosts and bingo games, there’ll be the chance to take part in quizzes where you need to guess the song from Dirty Dancing and Grease, as well as the 80s and 90s. Plus, dancing is actively encouraged!

The event ends with a tribute act performing a Battle of the Bands, where guests can sing along to all the hits from both films.

Where can I attend one of Buzz’s Bingo Battles?

The Bingo Battles tour will be taking in many of Buzz Bingo’s most popular bingo clubs from 7th April 2023.

You can book tickets for Shrewsbury, Stoke, Bexleyheath, Leicester, Bromborough, Enfield, Birmingham, Slough, Basingstoke, Feltham, Brighton, Bristol, Lincoln, Coventry, Walsall, and Southampton via the Buzz Bingo website right now.

The last date of the tour is 27th May 2023.

How much do tickets for the events cost?

Bingo Battles run from 7 PM until midnight, and entry (including the bingo games) costs £20 per person.

Another type of live bingo event that you can enjoy at Buzz Bingo clubs is XXX-Rated Bingo, where hot hunks and a fabulous drag queen will be getting players’ pulses racing.

XXX-Rated Bingo starts its 2023 tour at Buzz Bingo Ashton on 17th March 2023 and ends at Buzz Bingo Swindon on 27th May 2023.

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