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Changes to Rangers FC Shirt Sponsorship to Emphasise Safer Gambling

Changes to Rangers FC Shirt Sponsorship to Emphasise Safer Gambling

Rangers Football Club is launching its new kit range for the 2023 – 2024 season and rebranding will see its sponsor, the Kindred Group, update its sponsorship branding to help re-emphasise its commitment to safer gambling.

Kindred Changes Rangers FC Sponsorship from 32Red to Unibet

Rangers FC, a Scottish Premier Football League team, is updating the branding of its shirts for the upcoming season. To coincide with these new changes, its current shirt sponsor, Kindred Group, has announced that it will be updating the sponsor message to help promote safer gambling.

The current Rangers FC front-of-shirt sponsor is the Kindred Group’s 32Red brand. The brand completed a £175 million acquisition of 32Red Plc in 2017 when it bought 97% of its shares. This will be transferred to the training kit while the new principal sponsor will be its brand, Unibet. On the new shirt will be Kindred’s safer gambling logo ‘Zero % Mission’. It is currently the only gambling brand to promote such messaging on the front of a football shirt.

Kindred Group has been working with Rangers FC for a decade and the Stockholm-founded brand is looking forward to the upcoming season and continuing this business relationship. The incoming CEO of Rangers, James Bigrove, said of the partnership with Kindred that it had been ‘incredibly successful’ and that this was highlighted by the longevity of their partnership.

Kindred Group’s Safer Gambling Message

The ‘Zero % Mission’ from Kindred is a message from the brand to convey its ambition to have 0% of its revenue collected from problem and harmful gambling. The brand has emphasised that it wants to easily provide the tools that players need to ensure their gambling is safe and enjoyable. Furthermore, they have highlighted that they are promoting messaging on where players can go if they are having problems with gambling.

The general manager of Kindred Group, Neil Banbury, said of this new branding decision that the company wanted to be an industry leader in innovation as well as transparency around gambling. It aims to make Kindred platforms the safest places to enjoy gambling online.

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