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Jay-Z Makes Request to Open a New Casino in Times Square

Jay-Z Makes Request to Open a New Casino in Times Square

Rap superstar Jay-Z, has penned a letter through his entertainment company, Roc Nation, outlining why they should be allowed to open up a casino in New York’s famous Times Square alongside partner, Caesars Palace.

Times Square is one of the most iconic locations in New York and there are many big names looking to invest in a casino here. This includes the owner of the Wynn Resorts, Steve Cohen, who is also the owner of the Mets.

So far, the authorities have held firm on not allowing casinos to set up in Times Square. However, this new proposal from Roc Nation would see the casino built on the top eight floors of the Times Square skyscraper.

Many in the area are against this proposal, including nearby theatres and producers. However, a donation of $115 million from Roc Nation and Caesars Palace to create diverse theatre programmes in the local area could soften the blow for those who do not wish to see a casino opened in Times Square.

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