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London Set to Host ‘Regulating the Game’ Conference in September

London Set to Host ‘Regulating the Game’ Conference in September

The Regulating the Game conference has announced that it is set to be held in London this year for the first time. Attendees get to share their ideas at this gambling regulation education conference.

What is the Regulating the Game Conference?

The Regulating the Game conference is normally held each year in Australia, but this year it will be hosted in London. The event is a gambling education conference which aims to bring together both Australian regulators and regulators all around the world to discuss best practices.

An array of organisations will take part, each bringing knowledge in their area of expertise within the gambling industry. They will meet together to discuss and develop the best practices moving forward in gambling regulation.

Paul Newson is the event founder and has said that he expects this to be one of the most anticipated events of the autumn. He also said that the event has been designed to contend with policy changes, share ideas and try for continuous improvement in the leadership of this sector.

Content from a variety of experts will be delivered which will allow stakeholders to engage in conversation surrounding various opportunities and risks. The improvement of key regulatory bodies will also be discussed.

Who Will Be in Attendance at the Regulating the Game Conference?

A variety of speakers are set to take the stage at the Regulating the Game conference. Some of the key names include:

  • Leanne Oxley – director of enforcement at the UK Gambling Commission
  • Andrew Lyman – the Gibraltar gambling commissioner and executive director
  • Harris Tsangarides – Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission’s chief executive officer
  • Cathy Judd-Stein – Massachusetts Gaming Commission chair
  • Paul Buck – founder of Epic Risk Management

The conference is set to be held over five days between the 25th September and the 29th September 20203.

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