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National Bingo Day to Become National Bingo Week

National Bingo Day to Become National Bingo Week says The Bingo Association

On 27th June 2021, the UK’s very first National Bingo Day took place. This special day saw people from across the bingo industry and players of bingo come together to celebrate the hugely popular game they love. On this day, every single bingo hall in the country held special events, many involving live entertainment, guest callers and celebrity appearances. A total of 88% of online bingo sites also got in on the action, supporting the day with various promotions and offers.

National Bingo Day was such a success that it took place again in 2022, then for a third time in 2023. But this year, something different is going to happen: there’s going to be a National Bingo Week for the first time.

The New National Bingo Week

The Bingo Association, the trade association of licensed bingo operators in the UK, introduced National Bingo Day to the UK, after it proved very successful in the USA. To make this day a success, it encouraged as many bingo operators, players, industry representatives and public figures, to get involved as it possibly could. People responded and took part, ensuring the day was a big hit for the UK bingo scene, and making future National Bingo Days possible.

Naturally, the Bingo Association has been working closely with people associated with bingo – whether they work in the industry or just play the game – to gain feedback. The Bingo Association looked at the responses and has decided that a single day isn’t enough to celebrate bingo; the game deserves a full week.

And so, the UK’s very first National Bingo Week will be taking place from Monday 24th June to Sunday 30th June inclusive. There will still be a National Bingo Day, which will fall on Thursday 27th June. This day will be the focus of the week-long event, though there will still be plenty of activity and events taking place on the six other days.

As you were probably expecting, the new National Bingo Week is going to be similar to National Bingo Day, but much bigger, with a lot more going on and more operators getting involved as they enjoy more time to offer their special offers and promotions.

National Bingo Day 2024

While National Bingo Week will be all about celebrating and promoting bingo, National Bingo Day will have a particular theme: Value Day. This is the same as previous National Bingo Days, and it’s all about running promotions to encourage people to visit their local bingo halls and play – and bring their friends along too. On Thursday 27th June, it’s expected that all bingo venues throughout the UK will be offering any of the following:

  • Half-price bingo
  • 2-4-1 games
  • Penny bingo
  • Bring a friend for free
  • Free bingo

And more. The idea behind Value Day is to give all venues hosting bingo games a boost. By offering reduced prices and even free games, hopefully old players who haven’t visited in a while, as well as new ones who have never been before, will be encouraged to come along and play.

An Extra Celebration on the Saturday

While National Bingo Day will very much be the focus of the week-long celebration, Saturday 29th June will also be a highlight. On this day, there will be a special theme, and it will be all about creating winners and celebrating both winners and the bingo community as a whole. Those who are lucky enough to win should of course be celebrated, but bingo is about everyone, and so even the unlucky players who don’t win deserve to be celebrated.

Lucky 7

There’s also going to be a third element to National Bingo Week. As well as special themes on Thursday and Saturday, there’ll be an ongoing theme throughout the whole week: Lucky 7. Bingo venues are being asked to incorporate the number 7 into their activities and games throughout National Bingo Week; they could, for example, have extra prizes for people who win with a number 7.

How WhichBingo Will Be Taking Part

Of course, WhichBingo will be getting in on the action. National Bingo Week is the perfect event for us, and there’s no way we wouldn’t be doing something for it. To celebrate the first National Bingo Week in the UK, we’ve put together a very special event/giveaway that we’re sure people will love. However, we’re not going to announce the details just yet, so stay tuned and you’ll find it closer to the time.

We’re very pleased that there are now going to be seven full days of celebrating bingo in the UK. It just goes to show that there’s a lot of love for this game and that its ability to bring people together and put smiles on faces shouldn’t be ignored. We can’t wait for National Bingo Week to start and we’re sure it’s going to be a huge success.

Here’s to National Bingo Week 2024!

We’re very excited about this week-long celebration of bingo and hope you are too! We hope you take part in the event and have a great time playing bingo, a game that so many people can’t help but fall in love with. Let’s make National Bingo Week the success it deserves to be.

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