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Barry bingo hall cannabis farm is uncovered by police

NewzBitez – Police Discover £3m Cannabis Haul in Old Bingo Club

Most people think of Barry in South Wales as a quintessential seaside resort. However, just outside Barry Island, visitors to the area would have been blissfully unaware of a secret cannabis farm being cultivated just miles away.

Last week, police raided an old bingo hall in Barry to find over 3,000 illegal plants being housed inside the 6-storey building. The police were alerted to the potential of a crime being carried out when the National Grid noticed that unusually high levels of energy were being used at the premises, despite it having been closed for several years. Although the gang responsible for the cannabis farm was nowhere to be seen, the police discovered beds, clothing, and kitchen equipment alongside fertiliser, fans, and lighting. Each plant was estimated to have a £1,000 street value.

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