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The Irish Government

The Irish Government Has Voiced Support for New Gambling Legislation in 2023

The Irish Government has voiced support for a third instalment of gambling legislation which is set to be introduced in 2023. The Gambling Bill is part of the Government’s Justice Plan and this is the last instalment.

Why Is New Gambling Legislation Being Introduced?

New gambling legislation is being introduced as part of the Irish Government’s Justice Plan to keep up with the changing technologies of the 21st century. Gambling has been revolutionised in the era of the internet and this new legislation is to ensure that laws are keeping up with the pace of new technology and new forms of wagering.

Ireland’s minister of state for law reform, James Browne, has stated that with this bill the government is looking to create ‘a robust regulatory and licensing regime.’ This would cover Ireland’s gambling sector and it would establish an Irish Gambling Regulatory Authority.

 The new legislation will be designed to provide gambling regulatory authority to this new commission with the aim to have it set up by the end of the year. It will be given powers similar to those of the UK Gambling Commission such as fines imposed or imprisonment for offences. Furthermore, it will have a National Gambling Exclusion Register which will keep the details of those who want to exclude themselves from gambling activities.

What New Gambling Laws Could Be Introduced?

There are many new gambling laws that could be introduced as part of this new gambling bill. This includes potentially prohibiting gambling operators from offering free bets to encourage players to place a wager. What’s more, all promotional activity for gambling could be restricted in Ireland.

A social impact fund will be established, to help to fund initiatives that will help those suffering from a gambling addiction. There will also be areas of regulation that are brought into line with current UK gambling laws such as the banning of credit cards and credit facilities to fund gambling activities.

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