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Christmas and Bingo – a Perfect Match

Christmas and Bingo – a Perfect Match

We’ve been around the shops, and we’ve been checking the retail online sites to see what is trending in the way of bingo themed games this Christmas. We’ve found some right ‘crackers’ (sorry).

Sweets Fix Frustrations

Haribo have launched Christmas Mishap Bingo which is its take on an advent calendar with bingo elements thrown in for good measure. Instead of dates the 25 windows feature different things that can go wrong or be very frustrating around getting ready for Christmas. So, when said mishap occurs the person shouts ‘bingo’ and runs off to open the relevant window and is rewarded with a lovely mini bag of Haribo sweets.

To try and get one for free just submit your funniest Christmas story to the Haribo website and the best ones will receive one of the limited edition Christmas Mishap Bingo boxes.

Christmas Bingo Games

At John Lewis we found a decent selection of fun bingo games and some particularly seasonal ones. This Family Bingo game is unusual in that it is a 48 number game, so will be something new to most people. The calling number cards have a seasonal image in addition to the number to add by whoever is doing the calling. One reviewer stated that it is ‘great value and sits well beside other traditional games played during the season’.

Charles also found some bingo games for animal lovers that might make a nice gift – also from John Lewis.

Amazon is always a great source of bingo games and this particular Christmas Bingo set caught our eye. It is a lovely little game for young children with festive images on the bingo cards instead of numbers – this one really can include the whole family, no matter how old they are!

Bingo for fun

The internet is packed with printable bingo cards for all kinds of occasions, often tied to upcoming special events and often known as Bulls**t Bingo. However, we prefer the more traditional game and for that we suggest a bingo cage and balls, some dabbers or plain old felt pens and a big book of real bingo tickets.

All these are readily available at at reasonable prices.

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