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Purpose-Built Club3000 Blackpool Finally Opens its Doors

Purpose-Built Club3000 Blackpool Finally Opens its Doors

When you first see the Welcome to Blackpool sign, if it’s still there, or Blackpool Tower looming in the distance, what to you think of first? Fish and Chips, Blackpool rock, or the famous seafront arcades with slot machines and prize bingo. Many people who visit Blackpool love bingo and not just in the arcades. Visitors love to visit the local bingo halls as well and as such it came as no surprise to see the town as the location for a purpose build venue by Club 3000.

We first heard about the potential for a purpose-built, state of the art bingo hall in Blackpool from Club3000 in late 2020. It all looked very exciting and glamourous, but pandemics and land ownership changes, cost of living crises and the rest, heaped delay on delay.

Now, however, after all the eager speculation, Club3000 Blackpool has opened its doors to the public, bringing an unprecedented level of entertainment to the iconic seaside town. Boasting a mesmerizing blend of glitz, glamour, and excitement, this long-awaited establishment promises to be a haven for both locals and visitors alike – opening as it has just in time for the full-blown summer season.

Club3000 Blackpool is huge and has been meticulously designed to offer a diverse range of activities that cater to every taste. From state-of-the-art gaming facilities to tantalizing culinary options, the club is a comprehensive entertainment destination, and we expect to see an array of live entertainment too, designed to captivate audiences with every performance.

Club Manager Sean Connolly is an industry veteran having started working in bingo clubs in 1988, and a Blackpool native, hailing from Fleetwood.

He said of the Club3000 opening: “I’m incredibly excited and proud to be general manager of Club 3000’s brand new club in Blackpool. 

“Bingo is still incredibly popular, and a big town like Blackpool will love the great value, fabulous prize money and first-class customer service that Club 3000 Bingo always offers.

We haven’t visited (yet), but from the opulent decor to the promised exceptional service, every aspect of the establishment has been meticulously curated to create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere for bingo fans and to underline the fact that bingo is here to stay.

Picture credits: The Gazette (Blackpool)

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