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About Beaky Bingo

This site was originally launched in 2000 as Beacon Bingo and traded under that brand name until a full relaunch took place in August 2014. The basis of the business was the successful land based bingo sites and customers loved the simplicity of playing the game online. Another update took place in mid-2017 when the site got a new range of games and adopted the Playtech HTML5 platform and the navy blue of the old Beacon Bingo days was finally consigned to history.

Beaky Bingo has retained the Virtue Fusion software it has always been associated with, but with added rooms and promotions, although it still retains some standalone rooms and offers just for its own players.

Beaky Bingo is no longer just a basic bingo site with minimal games. It’s bright and cheerful based around pale green tones so the brightness of ‘Beaky’s’ colours stand out more. The Facebook page is updated almost on a daily basis and has a huge following, so if you want to know about the latest bingo promotions, you should give them a follow.





UK Gambling Commission & Alderney GCC

Good news is that there’s plenty of bingo games on offer, games such as Deal or No Deal Bingo, Who Wants to be a Millionaire and many more.

The site would benefit from a telephone customer service number, but they do operate over Facebook and Twitter so you may be able to contact them that way should the need arise.

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 80 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Deal or No Deal Bingo
  • Rainbow Riches Bingo
  • Joker Jackpot
  • Slots
  • Scratchcards
  • Casino games

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £10
  • Processing time: 3 – 15 working days, depending on your card issuer.
  • Bingo wagering requirement: 6x the bingo bonus.
  • Games wagering requirement: 20x the games bonus.

Wagering requirements can differ depending on the games you choose to play. See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Photo id, proof of address and copy of card may be requested.

Help and support

  • Live Help
  • Email:

Beaky Bingo on mobile and tablet

You can access the site via any mobile device on the relevant mobile browser. The games are fully optimised for mobile play. Be aware however once you login and go to the bingo or slots section, your phone loads up a totally separate section just for bingo or slots. However getting back to the home screen after going these separate sections can be tricky.

The layout style of the mobile version of the site is similar to the desktop version, it’s simple and easy to understand. The menu is located at the top left-hand side of the screen and contains all of Beaky Bingo’s sections, such as bingo, slots and the promotions.

This mobile version of the site has all the same games as the desktop version, such as Deal or no Deal 75 and 90 ball bingo and Rainbow Riches Bingo.

Overall the site offers a great experience on mobile, the games run really well and we experienced no crashes during our testing period.

iOS App Store – The iOS app has an identical layout to the browser version.

Google Play – There is presently no app available from the Google Play.

Android – The site does not provide an alternative way of downloading an Android app. However, you can add Beaky Bingo to your home screen.

Reviews for Beaky Bingo

Beaky Bingo User Name: bingovic27071962
User Rating:
Monday March 6th, 2017

I have to disagree with all the reviews about Beaky Bingo. Of course in the free bingo which is now 7 till 9 every night you do see the same names a few times, that is the same as most sites, and in the daytime when there are only10 players at most of course you will see the same names over again, what do people expect.
I did find chat clicky at first, but once I had started speaking I found it ok. I’ve been a member for two years now and not once seen any bullying going on and the cms are lovely.
I’m on a few sites and have played in the big linked rooms on all of them, but the only site I’ve ever won on in a linked room is Beaky. Withdrawals are fast never had any problems. Personally I would recommend Beaky.

Beaky Bingo User Name: tammy123
User Rating:
Sunday August 9th, 2015

omg what has happened at Beaky Bingo! Logged in last week to a new layout. Every time u go in a room slots open???? i dont play slots. its not just that the slots tab open a game opens so if ur not careful and your mouse is over it you could actually spin. When asked CM why this happend she replied just close it, but why should i have to close slots over time i play bingo.

Also i had to lol as i could only see one, yes u heard correctly, one ticket in DOND 75. If you play that game just one 75 box and it was the size of my thumb on my screen. The rest of the room was half chat and half slots. I asked CM why i couldnt see tickets and she told me there was a scroll button so u use that and u scroll on to next ticket just one at a time so by the time i got to fourth had to scroll back to 1st to see if i was close. Was very stressful. More stressful was i could not see my numbers on tickets they were so small, so if i flashed i just put 1tg no idea what number i wanted so couldn’t wish it out lol.

I tried 80’s and even though i could see strip of four tickets in this room was still very small and room overtaken by chat and slots either side. I maxed just to get rid of money and within 3 minutes of playing last game had closed account. This new layout is not the layout that Sea and Scarlet have, its something much worse and have no intention of re joining.

Beaky Bingo User Name: old_git
User Rating:
Monday January 26th, 2015

Just when you think beaky bingo could not get any lower, thy now changed their so called free or super bingo yet again.
They changed the free prizes so that they are so low , the only way of any useful winnings is to trade up…7p for one line, 13p for two lines and 20p for a full house.
This is a synical ploy of advertising free bingo but essentially forcing people to upgrade to even get a reasonable prize.
the room is still clicky, cm’s are rude… bullying is rife.. and then they try to force people to buy tickets by lowering the prize money for free bingo to almost non existent.
Shame on them!!

Beaky Bingo User Name: welshie1969
User Rating:
Sunday September 14th, 2014

Well Beacon has changed to Beaky Bingo.. the layout has changed, but the way in which the same few players win certainly hasn’t.
The free Sunday games are now replaced by nightly super games, (free or trade up).. I played every night for the full week and not once did anybody win on a super ticket. Also, It was bad enough when the same few people were winning the frees every sunday night.. a small group of around 15 players or so.
But now that very same few players are winning on the free tickets every night. To me after this has been happening for at least two years is highly suspicious. Whilst if it is fixed, it is not illegal as the games are free.. it is highly unfair to those that also play regularly, and if you so much as complain you are banned without warning from chat.
It is statisticaly impossible given that there are always 150+ players on frees, that the same 15 or so players win several times in a week between them, and a few every single night…always on the free games.
If it was truly random.. then randomly there would be a lot more different names wining.
I would never reccomend this site to anybody – the chat unfriendly and clicky, an enourmous amount of bullying goes on from the regs and when the cm deals with it, she always sides with the regs, and bans the newbies.

Beaky Bingo User Name: hookieduckie
User Rating:
Tuesday August 12th, 2014

i love the bingo games even the frees especially sundays but now i cant play due to recent hacker got into my account,emails and bank details beacon has mistreated me no replies dont listen to customer needs beacons email doesn’t exist exist very ignoring

always same winners very annoying

20% recommend have good bingo rooms withdrawals fast process customer service needs improving slighty

something has to do done

Beaky Bingo User Name: kab007
User Rating:
Sunday April 6th, 2014

I would say play this bingo for good prizes.. but not if you expect to win very often at all. I have played for nearly a year now, and won probably twice.. both occassions a share that did not amount to much. They give a free room every sunday.. and as others I have noticed that every sunday .. around 10 names keep winning., I know there will always be peeps winning several weeks in a row, but these names win every week.. more often two or three games.. and this goes on week in week out month after month.. when there are usualy 280 people playing I find it hard to believe it is not fixed when they win every single week.
The chat is clicky and the cm’s ban at the slightest comment, one player commented jokingly that someone called neverwins** “I omit the rest” so as not to name call” should change names as he always wins.. he was instantly banned without warning.
Yet the regulars who the cm does chat to get away with bullying , name calling and ganging up on other players.
I think the frees are fixed in favour of the reg depositors.. they advertise it just to draw people into joining and depositing, once you have only the regs win.
If your after a friendly fair site.. then do not join this one, I am not playing again after the bullying and unwarranted bans I have seen of late.

Beaky Bingo User Name: welshie1969
User Rating:
Sunday April 20th, 2014

I fully agree kab007.I left my first review 2 yeass ago. It is now nearly two years later.. and still the very same names win on the free games every single Sunday. i complained during chat..there was no swearing, nastiness .. personal insults etc..but i got permanently excluded from chat without a warning. Only reason i’m staying on site is to continue watching for how much longer these “lucky” players keep winning. Chat is still clicky..members gang up on each other, they are so much in each others pockets, they have each others telephone numbers..fb.. whats app etc. I see new players coming on..welcomed at first..then ganged up on if they say something the others disagree on. The cm’s ban the newbies..but not those bullying

Beaky Bingo User Name: mishakay
User Rating:
Monday December 16th, 2013

an excellent site, have a good choice of games, good cms, and the community very friendly would recommend you take a look, also good variety of bingo games and side games, I get e-mails weekly offering me re-deposit bonus, very easy to find your way round the site go for it guys money well spent

Beaky Bingo User Name: pacnchez
User Rating:
Saturday August 3rd, 2013

I love Beacon Bingo. I play there every day it has lots of free bingo and weekly promotions. This site really treat you like you’re part of the family. Every cm is great, welcoming and friendly. They always say hello when you enter the site and help you all they can. Beacon doesn’t have a huge choice of bingo games, but i like that as it doesn’t over face me with which room the play in. The withdrawals are easy and stress free. They have a facebook page and Chris the owner and his son Oli and daughter Becky are always on hand to help, so you don’t always have to go to live help. I like this and I think it makes the site more friendly and personal.

Beaky Bingo User Name: HonestJohn
User Rating:
Saturday June 22nd, 2013

Quite good, good choice of rooms and free bingo, slots are good also. But what I will say is that the CMs shouldn’t favour the regulars on here as it is very off-putting and can make new players (like me) feel very uncomfortable.Sadly can’t give a neutral opinion, so will have to give a thumbs down because of this.

Beaky Bingo User Name: TheMeerkat
User Rating:
Friday June 14th, 2013

I give Beacon Bingo a thumbs up for their very good X2 only wagering requirement on bonuses received. Their choice of bingo and other games, such as slots, are modest but good. They are also a trusted established UK gaming company. However I give them an over all thumbs down for their dependency on 2nd party management (in partnership with Virtue Fusion), for their online bingo site. Chat hosts and other customer services are not joined up for verifying new customers. All the bigger brands and most the smaller online gaming sites have their act in order confirming customer ID through automated verification via your banking details when making a cash deposit. Beacon Bingo does not it seems…

Beaky Bingo User Name: 8lennon0
User Rating:
Wednesday June 12th, 2013

Why oh why do these bingo sites think we, their bread and butter, really believe they require id by law. Mecca, Will Hill, Laddies, Gala only ever ask if they feel they really need to. I’ve never been asked off any of them in 7 years, even when i changed my bank details, Expect a nice email off Beacon as soon as you have deposited saying,,,PLS send 3 forms of id. OK some peeps are comfortable with that, but I am not.

Beaky Bingo User Name: rachie155
User Rating:
Tuesday June 18th, 2013

I’ve been really lucky in that they’ve always ok’d my ID. Just got asked for some from Gala because they can’t verify my address for some reason but at least Gala only asks for one form of ID not three! I mean why do most sites need three it’s ridiculous!

Beaky Bingo User Name: 8lennon0
User Rating:
Thursday June 13th, 2013

i did try and send my details in once to another site all 3 forms of id refused,so i thought no way are they keeping me winnings so kept trying to email my id in for about 4 days,eventually i gave up spent it and closed me account lol.thats willpower for ya,,gambling eh,!!!!

Beaky Bingo User Name: rachie155
User Rating:
Wednesday June 12th, 2013

I totally agree it’s very annoying. I was someone who had never been asked for ID from any site, then I changed my bank card and I’m always asked for ID except from the sites you mentioned. Have spent my winnings before instead of sending in ID, I have no will power, that’s my fault but if it’s only £20 you sometimes just spend it instead. I’ve now sent in ID to most of my regular sites so won’t have to again unless I change my details. I can totally understand people not wanting to send in ID and some don’t even have most of the documents they want like driving licence etc.

Beaky Bingo User Name: MissSunshine
User Rating:
Saturday May 18th, 2013

I love it at Beacon Bingo, there are so many great promotions and I found the chat hosts and players to be very friendly. Such a giggle in the chat room especially during free bingo. There are lots of different bingo rooms so plenty of variety and some good slots too. I feel the a few of the reviews are unfair. There is a strong community feel, but from my own experience and what I have witnessed new players are made very welcome. Try it for yourself and make up your own mind.

Beaky Bingo User Name: Littleminxymoo
User Rating:
Saturday October 6th, 2012

What a horrible site where hostility is encouraged. I have played at Beacon Bingo both during day and night where I have seen several CMs allow bullying of new players. It seems they warn/ban/ punish the new person instead for standing up to these bullys! Seems the more you spend on here, the more you can get away with. So if a friendly site is what your looking for, and unless you are willing to suck up to the hosts then keep clear. You have been warned! And i’m not the only one that says this

Beaky Bingo User Name: HonestJohn
User Rating:
Saturday June 22nd, 2013

I had noticed this also!!!! So it seems nothing has changed since your review last year in 2012, and now, in June 2013. Seems the longer you are on there the more you get away with when it comes to the CM’s. Put me off totally.

Sue Denholm
Beaky Bingo User Name: Sue Denholm
User Rating:
Tuesday May 29th, 2012

Cliquey, unfriendly and the CM’s tend to pick on new players for no apparent reason. I don’t chat, but sit nightly during the free/superbook bingo where its the same CM and the same players all nattering to one another and totally disregard any newbies. I have came to the stage that I will no longer fund this site as there is blatant bullying taking place between newbies and regulars which the CM seems to turn a blind eye to. However, if the newbie speaks up about this they are besieged by the whole room and the CM included who makes horrid threats of a ban if they continue. If you are here reading this to find a friendly site, then I suggest you keep moving and give your cash elsewhere, as this is a total disgrace of a place to spend your free time.

Beaky Bingo User Name: funnygirl
User Rating:
Sunday May 27th, 2012

I joined Beacon Bingo with the promise of 10 pound free for signing up, but I never even got that far. The live help team was useless and they work on more than one site. One connected to me, but never answered my question. Then she cut me off, so I tried again. I asked about the sign up bonus only for him to take 15 mins to tell me he would have to escalate it. What a load of rubbish in my eyes. You can always tell a site by their customer service in my opinion, so I won’t even bother with it now, but that’s my choice as I’m a stickler for good customer service.

Beaky Bingo User Name: welshie1969
User Rating:
Sunday April 29th, 2012

I totaly agree with the negative reviews..the site is very clicky in chat..CM’s allow their faves to say mostly what they plz..but pounce on new players threatening to ban for the slightest hint of a complaining comment.
Its always the same winners..and on a Sunday free hour it’s even worse. You could make a list of the regular winners b4 games start and %90 will win. Although I am sure if I posted the names here..the post would be removed.
3 names have won every Sunday for two months running without fail even though there are up to 300 players on free Sunday games. That’s why ppl end up thinking it’s fixed even if it isn’t.
But if you so much as utter a word..CMs pounce and threaten to ban you.

Beaky Bingo User Name: welshie1969
User Rating:
Sunday February 2nd, 2014

An update to this comment on Beacon Bingo. It is now nearly two years later.. and still the very same names win on the free games every single Sunday. I decided to make a list a month or so ago..wrote ten names that seem to win mos. For two months i managed to cross off eight or nine of those names correctly as winners… i complained during chat..there was no swearing, nastiness .. personal insults etc..but i got permanently excluded from chat without a warning. Only reason i’m staying on site is to continue watching for how much longer these “lucky” players keep winning. Chat is still clicky..members gang up on each other, they are so much in each others pockets, they have each others telephone numbers..fb.. whats app etc. I see new players coming on..welcomed at first..then ganged up on if they say something the others disagree on. The cm’s ban the newbies..but not those bullying.

Beaky Bingo User Name: scoobysnack
User Rating:
Tuesday December 6th, 2011

I really love Beacon Bingo. I’ve found it to be one of the friendliest bingo sites around.

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