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There is the welcome offer, new games, promotions and a scrolling menu full of the latest slot games.

  • A popular bingo site from the Microgaming stable
  • Live help: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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About Bingo on the Box

Bingo on the Box is a popular bingo site from the Microgaming stable. It features a welcome page that is bursting with information. There is the welcome offer, new games, promotions and a scrolling menu full of the latest slot games.

Microgaming is a big name in slot game development so this is a great place to try all their top titles. You will find all the newest games almost as soon as they are released/

Wagering and bonus spending rules were updated in June 2016 so be sure to check the current terms. Wagering is realistic and bingo bonus spending means only being able to purchase a limited amount of tickets in any given bingo game so each game is fair for both those playing with bonus and playing with cash.

Whether you’re looking for bingo or casino games, Bingo on the Box has a great variety of games for you to play.





UK Gambling Commission and Malta GA

Games available

  • 90 ball bingo
  • 75 ball bingo
  • Instants
  • Slot games
  • Scratchcards
  • Casino games

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £10
  • Processing time: 3 – 10 working days.
  • Bingo wagering requirement:
  • Casino wagering requirement: 50x bonus

Wagering requirements can differ depending on the games you choose to play. See website T&Cs for further details as requirements may have changed since the time of writing.

Photo id, proof of address and payment method will be requested.

Help and support

  • Live help: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Tel: 0808 238 0050
  • Email:

Social media

Go and follow Bingo on the Box on Facebook. This is where they post about exclusive offers, bingo promotions, latest news, free spin offers and so much more. You’ll find the link to Facebook under the Community tab.

Bingo on the Box on mobile and tablet

You might not find a reference to Bingo on the Box being available via mobile and tablet, but it is! You head to the site and click the Play Now button. You’ll be taken to a registration form, but you can click the ‘Already have an account’ option, which will then take you to the log in screen.

The mobile site has a small range of 90 ball bingo games, but there’s a huge range of slots and casino games for you to play.

Even though it’s a mobile site, you can still chat whilst playing bingo, impressive for a mobile site.

Reviews for Bingo On The Box

Bingo On The Box User Name: nicki2866
User Rating:
Tuesday April 28th, 2015

This site is a rubbish. They give you a free bonus if you deposit and you have no chance of winning…. game play goes so quick. One unhappy closed account player. Support are unhelpful and lack good customer service skills. Wont be playing on this site again.

Bingo On The Box User Name: Thirteen
User Rating:
Wednesday March 25th, 2015

What on earth has happened to this site??? It used to be the best!!! Now we have chat hosts who don’t speak or if they do speak they talk to you like you’re 5 years old!!! Chat games are rubbish now and nobody plays ! All the lovely chatty players are now silent!! Boring!!!! The bingo games are ok, but it now seems impossible to win anything on slots now! I’m looking elsewhere now this sites gone downhill fast!! Why try to fix something that wasn’t broken!!!!

Bingo On The Box User Name: jacks04
User Rating:
Thursday January 1st, 2015

I am amazed this site gets away with what it does…..they offer you an ok bonus only because they do not allow you to spend deposit bonuses on many bingo games and max tickets you can buy are set at 6!! So when you have players being able to buy over 100 tickets per game the odds are not in your favor. The prize money on games you are allowed to play using bonus money amounts to pennies for full house on most of them. They also offer 50 free spins on your mobile on Avalon slot……good luck there….I won a whopping 14 pence lol. I am just playing through bonus money ive had for ages then I will not be going anywhere near this site again, compared to other sites bingo on the box is very very poor and horror stories i have read about withdrawal process just makes me feel BOTB is a place to steerclear of

Bingo On The Box User Name: springchick7
User Rating:
Friday May 16th, 2014

I played Bingo on the Box and won and withdrew £200. They took 2 weeks and put £100 back into my account and confiscated the other £100. No replies from emails. I gave up and will never play this site again. How do these sites get away with it – quick enough to take deposit.

Bingo On The Box User Name: bugsy2000
User Rating:
Sunday March 16th, 2014

Seriously disgusted with the withdrawal system at Bingo on the Box. Deposited around £250 in total and won £400. Tried to withdraw only for it to be placed back on the site. Turns out you can’t withdraw for 14 days after joining and you can only make 1 withdrawal per 7 days. Must be breaking some kind of gaming rule here surely. Did not see this on the t&c’s when joined. Would avoid like the plague.

Bingo On The Box User Name: bingolover
User Rating:
Saturday October 26th, 2013

I won £56 on my bonus and was told I can only withdraw £20 if I deposited £10 which I did. They took the £10 from my account then I got an email telling me my withdrawal hasn’t been approved. After this this they banned me from their site so I could not complain. Whatever you do keep well away from this site

Bingo On The Box User Name: Puddles27
User Rating:
Monday October 14th, 2013

I recently won £538.79 on this site, but I was unable to withdraw as I had bonuses they had given. Granted, seems fair right?? NO – they wanted me to put a further 10 quid to meet the depositing needs, then wager a further £1660. This is a perfect example of daylighy robbery. However I’m not going to let this matter lie as I won that money using my money not the bonus money and to add insult to injury I added to there bonus money as well.

Big z
Bingo On The Box User Name: Big z
User Rating:
Wednesday February 4th, 2015

How did u get on

Bingo On The Box User Name: Bingobingo
User Rating:
Monday July 29th, 2013

I received a flashy glossy shiny leaflet through my door for Bingo on the Box telling me if I deposited £10.00 I would receive a 500% first deposit bonus, a free £15.00 and a free 50 spins on the game gold factory. Sounds brilliant – or so I thought! I signed up, deposited £10.00 through Paypal and noticed my bingo bonus balance was £30.00 and my cash of £10.00, I knew going into one of the bingo rooms would trigger the free £15.00 ( you can get this without depositing but is pointless as you can’t withdraw from the site without depositing a certain amount of money anyway), but the site advertised 500% and free game spins so I clicked live help, waited what seemed like forever and explained my problem – the chat helper very quickly added the 200% and free spins without advising about any wagering I might have to do etc. I noticed this extra bonus went into the casino bonus. Okay I thought, I loaded up gold factory and the free spins were there, anything won would add onto the casino bonus, I won around £7.00 bonus. When you play you use your own cash first, not a problem this is more than fair. So I start playing with my own £10.00 and did very well for a first timer, I got up to around £60.00. I had the casino bonus on top which made my total £87.00 I read from other reviews that you have to wait 14 days after you sign up to withdraw and do various account checks- bit tedious but it is important to have verification. I opened another live chat and asked how to go about a withdrawal when the time comes around and was told the procedure, how it was a minimum of £20.00 and how I would be contacted about verifying when I withdrew, very helpful live helper. Awesome I thought, seems straightforward, I opened up the banking page just to see exactly how much I had to withdraw and to my surprise it said ‘Unable to make a withdrawal as you have bonus on your account’, I was rather confused, I hadn’t touched a single bonus as I was playing with my own money. I had already read the terms and conditions and it does say you need to wager the bonuses you have before withdrawing but it does NOT say if you win on your own money that you cannot withdraw whilst there is a bonus on your account. Very flawed. I think it is fully fair to have to wager bonuses on bingo sites obviously as that’s how bonuses work but to have to wager .. wait for it over £1200 (x50 of the bonus amount) whilst playing with my OWN money was a joke! I was not told about this, no one would deposit their own money knowing they would have to wager over £1200 for the sake of a measly £27.00 bonus, it just wasn’t made clear. I was told in the live chat earlier on that bingo bonus was completely separate and apparently you had to wager your original bet and x 2 the bonus you received so that would make (£45.00 bingo bonus = £90.00 and then an extra 20, my 10 doubled making £110.00 total) I was pretty deflated at this point, but I was happy to have another chance to win at least, I had a little hope. I opened up the bingo lobby and saw three rooms, yes three rooms. I ended up spending more on tickets than the actual pot was worth (a lot of players too) great I thought, little to no chance I’ll be wagering my money. A fair few games in I won a line which was £0.84p, even though I spent more on the tickets I was happy for a win … but to my absolute horror the winnings had gone to my casino balance!! I was utterly shocked, why would that even happen. I opened live chat and asked why this is and was basically told I still had to wager the casino balance.. by this point I thought the site was totally backwards.. I had already used the £27.00 casino balance it was gone yet I was still told if I ever wanted to withdraw I would have to wager another £800.000. I was so stunned, I didn’t even bother using the rest of the money – x 2 was having high hopes but to wager £800.00 on my bingo bonus was a joke. This just annoyed me further as I don’t see why I had to wager something which wasn’t even there anymore. No site has ever done this. Usually if you use a bonus and lose it, that’s it, what ever comes after will not be tied to a past bonus. The site is very similar to dream bingo which I also had problems with(perhaps they’re linked/same games/same rooms names), I don’t know if their site is exactly the same as this one but I found this site utterly dismal. In the next live chat(yes another) I was told I should have been advised about the wagering and that I had to wager the casino bonus x30 then they said sorry I meant x50 – obviously don’t know what they are doing. Avoid this site, if you do want to experience the worst site in history I suggest do not deposit knowing a casino bonus could be added, it is a bingo death sentence – Good points – the live chat are friendly even though slow they do listen and try to offer advice – I wasn’t in the bingo rooms long but the CMS offered me welcomes and were very friendly – the site design is nice and a good layout. However, i do not recommend at all, bingo is meant to be fun not stressful and it was an experience from hell!

Bingo On The Box User Name: disappointed
User Rating:
Thursday July 18th, 2013

I found this site very boring. They don’t stop the game when someone wins the 1 or 2 lines, the only way you know someone has won is it makes a noise and a name comes up in the corner. The only time it counts down is when it the full house and that’s from 5tg. I would not recommend this site.

Bingo On The Box User Name: Gizmo1958
User Rating:
Monday May 13th, 2013

Bingo on the box is a total rip off…I won 130 on the bingo after depositing £20…but it seems you cannot draw your winnings out..I was told I can’t withdraw until I have meet the wagering requirements on the casino side…to do this I have to spend £300…not ideal for a BINGO site.

Bingo On The Box User Name: drewbert73
User Rating:
Monday February 11th, 2013

Really enjoyed using my no deposit bonus at Bingo on the Box, easy to use and a good site all round, quick and easy.

Bingo On The Box User Name: BobCat
User Rating:
Wednesday January 23rd, 2013

I’ve been playing on Bingo on the Box for abotu a year now and have really been enjoying the chat rooms and the games.

Bingo On The Box User Name: rw5340
User Rating:
Wednesday January 30th, 2013

Have you won anything and withdrawn without jumping through hoops and waiting for weeks?

Bingo On The Box User Name: o9angela63
User Rating:
Tuesday December 18th, 2012

Signed up to Bingo on the box. It stated sign up and get £15.00 to play no deposit required. Yet when you sign up it tells you you will receive your free £15.00 when you first top up, so I think what they are saying is a bit misleading.

Bingo On The Box User Name: natjayk
User Rating:
Sunday October 21st, 2012

Bingo on the Box is just the same as Dream bingo, boring….. 3 bingo rooms on the site. Defo not enough going on for me to deposit on there.

Bingo On The Box User Name: Loubylou42
User Rating:
Tuesday April 17th, 2012

Bingo on the Box gives you a bonus, but it looks like you have to wager 30 x bonus – so if you get £10 bonus = £300 wager before you can withdraw any winnings.

Bingo On The Box User Name: Gizmo1958
User Rating:
Monday May 13th, 2013

Yes I got caught out by the £300 wager you can’t get your bingo winnings unless you play £300 on the casino side…rip off…

Ms Bingo
Bingo On The Box User Name: Ms Bingo
User Rating:
Wednesday April 18th, 2012

always a good idea to read the reviews here before depositing your hard earned dosh. If there is an overwhelming thumbs down, then there is a reason for that.

WhichBingo Anita
Bingo On The Box User Name: WhichBingo Anita
User Rating:
Wednesday April 18th, 2012

This is what I could find regarding wagering at Bingo on the Box – ‘Wagering Requirements’ = twice the value of deposit plus the cash balance on the account prior to that deposit to be wagered on bingo.
This makes sense as it means that players that have not made a deposit cannot win on free money and then just make a deposit when they win and walk away with the winnings. My understanding is that by depositing the maximum £20 first deposit to get the 300% first deposit bonus you end up with £95 to play thanks to the £15 no deposit bonus also available and withdrawals should be possible within site limits after £40 in cash has been spent – made up of the deposit and winnings.

Thank you for your review!