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Bingo Stars Review

Put Bingo in Your Stars with Cheap Tickets

18+ | Please Gamble Responsibly | T&Cs Apply |
  • 7 bingo rooms to suit varying gaming preferences
  • Bingo card prices ranging from £0.01 to £0.50
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Live Chat: Available 24/7

Support Email: Via web contact form

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A Quick Look at Bingo Stars

The site provides a selection of bingo rooms that cater to different gaming preferences from free bingo to games with large jackpots. Chat games are available all day long and the chat moderators here are well-trained at keeping the conversation flowing. However, the site could do with more banking options and frequent special events to make the experience here a rewarding one.

Ongoing Specials & VIP Program

Bingo Stars has a promotions page on their website where you can find out what events you can take part in. However, there are no ongoing specials at the moment. The site does offer a VIP programm and constantly monitors every account. The VIP team will reach out to you if you qualify for a VIP account. However, everything is rather hush hush about this exclusive program since even customer support couldn’t provide more information on what are the extras you could get as a VIP.





UK Gambling Commission and Alderney GCC

Games & Software

There aren’t a huge number of bingo rooms at Bingo Stars casino with only 7 rooms to choose from which run either 90-ball or 75-ball games. However, each room offers something a bit different and which one is best for you depends on how you like to play bingo. For example, new players who want to hone their gaming skills could join in the daily free bingo room while seasoned players might prefer the Weekly Pre-Buy room for a chance to grab some big cash rewards. For some fast and furious fun, check out the Rush Hour games at the Speed Bingo room.

Slots & Casinos

How to Deposit & Cash Out


The only way to make a deposit at Bingo Stars is by using your Visa or MasterCard to pay. The minimum allowable deposit is £10 per transaction.

Cashing out

All withdrawals will take the site two calendar days to finish processing and once your funds are released, it will take a further two to five days for them to turn up on your account. The site doesn’t charge a fee for withdrawals and the minimum you can cash out is £10.

Although our banking experience was smooth, the banking options here is very limited, especially compared to most other bingo sites that offer e-wallets on top of card payments.

The Community

Bingo Stars UK has a fabulous community at the site where you can play chat games with other roomies all day long and even grab yourself some nice rewards while socialising. Not only that, but you can also follow the site’s Twitter account for the latest updates, but the account only makes about one post a month. Although the website advertises a Facebook page, it seems like that account has been disabled.

Take Bingo Stars with You

The Bingo Stars mobile experience fantastic and lets you access all bingo rooms available on the site anywhere you are. By using either your Android or iOS mobile smartphone or tablet, you can play games, chat with other roomies, and carry out banking transactions while on the go. You simply need to navigate to the mobile site on your device’s web browser and all functions as well as games will be available on your fingertips. There’s absolutely no need to download any Bingo Stars app to game at this instant-play platform which loads quickly on your mobile web browser.

Our Take on Bingo Stars

While there are some advantages to playing at Bingo Stars like high security, 24/7 chat games, and a variety of bingo rooms available, we feel that there’s much room for improvement. For example, there could definitely be more banking options available, a higher number of bingo rooms, and more frequent special events. While the community is great on the site itself, its social media accounts need to be more active. Therefore, we give the site a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

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We hope that you find our Bingo Stars review helpful and do let us know what you think about it. Share your thoughts on the comments section below along with your own personal experience at the site to help out other players too.

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2.04 /5
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Thursday June 22nd, 2017
User Rating:

Earnt £141.34 from the free £10 and when hit wagering, kapput – my balance went to £20. stay well clear!

Sunday February 26th, 2017
User Rating:

Can u tell me the names of sites plays same games as bingostar pls

WhichBingo Anita
Monday February 27th, 2017

Hi Jilly2016. You can visit the Bede software page from the tabs at the top of the page, but they are Health Bingo and STV Bingo and Bingo Godz is similar, but not identical.

Tuesday September 27th, 2016
User Rating:

Not happy at all. Was playing my using my bonus credit had £67 and met wagering required and they took all that away and left me with £25 credit and when I went to withdraw they asked for 3 forms of Id. well I’m not going to give information after already signing up and give my bank details. well I’ve played bingo sites before and never had to do this.

Thursday January 28th, 2016
User Rating:

Well what can i say? When i joined bingo stars some cms were great, but one in paticluar was very rude – she was head cm on there free site when it was open, she was rude then and thought she was something else. when i read reviews about her i had to write another keep ur money safe and play on another site. mind u bingo stars got another site so be careful of them try gala bingo or other well known bingo sites and stear clear of bingo stars. Waste of money.

Saturday January 16th, 2016
User Rating:

Dont waste ur money on bingo stars go to well known sites, it rubbish. i joined once and thas it but cancelled me debit card so they dont take money. They used to run another free site woohoo, but deney it.

Saturday November 21st, 2015
User Rating:

At Bingo Stars new players to have a room of there own to try out the site and an 80s bingo room would be good. Take away roomie of the week it seems to have stopped ev1 chatting in the chat rooms as players can only win it once a month. Cutting tickets down to 24 max instead of 108 would be good too.
Moan over – hope it works and brings in more players. I’ve played stars roughly since it opened so im not new to the site xxx

Wednesday September 30th, 2015
User Rating:

i agree with that this site picks n choose who it wants been playing for 2 years and they close account with no reason given. mainly same winners day in day out quite a shame as some cms are good just a shame about the manegment being very ignorant so stay away as they will con you.

Saturday August 29th, 2015
User Rating:

I would not recommend this site. After 2 year of playing I got my account suspended cause apparently I was playing free game when they was technical problem. I never did this and they didn’t email or have evidence to show this!! Wouldent waste another penny on this site, be ware and stay clear!! couldent fault the cm tho, shame about the rest of their staff!!

Monday June 8th, 2015
User Rating:

Waste of time. id been a member and my wife for nearly 2 years only to get banned for nothing. they said someone was playing our accounts. no way not in a million years – someone dreamt that one up, so they can do one. i hope it closes down just like one of there other sites they dont deserve the custom, not now or never.

Wednesday March 18th, 2015
User Rating:

Bingo Stars is a terrible site with misleading promotions, the same winners and some CMs that are bullying players. They can take weeks to pay out (if you’re lucky) I would NOT recommend this site to anyone. Reporting them to the Gambling Commission because of grave concerns. Never known a site like it.

agnes conner
Sunday October 26th, 2014
User Rating:

I love Bingo Stars cause people are so friendly and cm are great. They do a great job and the fact you only need to deposit every 2 weeks to get free bingo is a good idea. So would recommend you try this site. Also you get a 50% bonus on any deposit you make and you can withdraw 20 pounds without depositing.

Monday September 15th, 2014
User Rating:

I play free bingo on Bingo Stars which includes double and triple freebie hours (every little helps) lol, which is great, but the banter with the cms is just brilliant. Worth going into just for that. They are pleasant, friendly helpful bunch and great listeners if ur feeling a bit on the downside.

Wednesday August 6th, 2014
User Rating:

Don’t like playing bingo here as same winners. Worse than most sites. Had offer to play Jurassic Park slot with 100% bonus. Beware its 25x wagering and impossible to wager. You would think that as they are promoting it they would boost wins a bit, but NO. 300 spins @ 30p i won back 72.75 not much when you need to wager to withdraw. Best win was 9.20. Free spins appeared once and wild bonus twice. Stick to Immortal Romance i think.

Friday April 18th, 2014
User Rating:

Spent £120 on this site. The slots are so greedy, bingo is same winners. Total rip off , stay away. Wish I had. Worst site I have been on.
The playboy slot was the worst of all. Just spin and spin but no win. I think it needs checked by somebody.

Sue Denholm
Tuesday December 17th, 2013
User Rating:

Something VERY fishy about this site. Seems to be the same winners constantly, day in, day out. Players constantly mither for chat games and whinge when they don’t win them. That includes the games. CMs are pretty unfriendly, and the manager is rude. Sorry but it seems a bit amateurish and not worth depositing on.

Monday November 11th, 2013
User Rating:

This is a really dodgy site with just a few players, never over 25, but still the same winners. Don’t think anyone can be that lucky. I think someone should be looking into this site as I have been playing bingo for some time and never come across one like it.

Friday November 15th, 2013

This site defies the laws of probability. Just try the free ten pounds and look for yourself and you can see the same four players winning every game in every room. There is one in each room 24 hours a day, and I’m not joking. I randomly went on at 6am and the four were on there and then again at 11pm and again they were there winning.

Saturday October 19th, 2013
User Rating:

Been playing on bingo stars for a while now, but after playing a slot game at 30p a spin and 400 spins without a Board Bonus feature, I thought very odd, so i got in touch with live help to pass on my concerns. They explained that slots were ramdon etc which I agreed with, but still found it odd that i did not get 1 Board Bonus in 400 spins!!! This is my reasons for thumbs down!

Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

I have 8lennon0. Don’t mind losing, but this was a joke!!

Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

£120 without a bonus feature,,,get off it if i were you.

Sunday September 22nd, 2013
User Rating:

Waste of time playing on here cos it keeps crashing every few games and this is the most rubbish site i’ve ever found and all the ch say its your browser. That’s rubbish cos i’ve been on other sites more then six hours and other sites don’t crash. So don’t go on this site called bingo stars people.

Friday October 25th, 2013

I have the same trouble. i can’t play one whole game without it crashing, then being told to logout n log back in, try another browser or clear browsing history. I’m sorry but none of it works. I still can’t play a full game, due to this i only use the site for the daily free pound, without this trouble i would deposit as i like the site.

Monday September 9th, 2013
User Rating:

Really good site, a little complicated with the bonus wagering requirements – found it easier to not accept them, but the staff are all lovely and really helpful. Payment wise had no issue. Nice range of simple games, not too many. Ignore the people saying about the same winners, its chance! I know, I use the site loads. Really lovely chat staff and users.

leanne johnson
Saturday August 24th, 2013
User Rating:

I think Bingo Stars is really good and has lots to offer. It’s new so there’s not going to be loads of people playing, but since i have joined there’s a lot more joined and also they do big money bingo games. I love the slots they’re really good, so good luck for the future bingostars 🙂 and trust me people, i have been on a lot of bingo sites to know which is good and which is bad!! And this is good and also there is 24hour free bingo! 🙂

Sue Denholm
Friday August 23rd, 2013
User Rating:

Joined Bingo Stars today after seeing T.V advert.Total rubbish! Site is full of moaners and the hosts are useless. Constantly same winners and A 100x wager on the bonus! I asked a CM for help, I’m still waiting on an answer. Looks amateurish, IS amateurish! Won’t be back

Friday August 16th, 2013
User Rating:

Not very good site as it’s same site owned by Woohoo even though they deny it. I wouldn’t go back as site is rubbish and CM not very helpful. As for live help – no help. Give it a miss.

Friday August 16th, 2013
User Rating:

Another site offering great bonus, but yet again wagering way too high! As for the slots on your 1st try of these they let you win up £30 if your lucky then after 1st try forget it, slots just swallow your money. See same winners in bingo and slots gets very boring. Well they had £30 out of me no more, so guys don’t waste your time & money!!!

Jimmy MacJimmy
Monday August 5th, 2013
User Rating:

I rather like it. Good free bonus for joining and a decent deposit bonus. Bingo Stars has a free room which is good and open to all – also a penny room for when money is running low. And the CM team is very friendly and helpful. Can’t fault it really.

Sunday July 14th, 2013
User Rating:

God these sites just keep getting worse. I know this site is new, but i deposited 80 pounds first deposit 40 pounds so got 40 free, or so i thought. Quickly lost my cash in the slots i mean these slots paid zero and there is not many of them, so selection is not good so a total of 80 pounds i put in the slots. I was so angry when i went on the bingo the pots were so poor. Maxed each time, but could not win a bingo and then it happened. I won. Wait for it – 2.60 and that did not turn to cash went on to bb. I don’t mind losing. A gamble is a gamble after all, but i had no chance of wining my money back, there was nothing to win. I’m going to stick to cassava sites from now on, they give you a bonus no restrictions on how many cards you can buy like some sites do and when you win a bingo it goes to cash. I think cassava are fair to the customers.

Saturday August 17th, 2013

Didnt think 2 sites could have same support number and live help so Bingo Stars must be linked with pink Maybe wrong, but seems strange same support numbers.

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